Here is the before picture. I thought she had instant potential.
I painted her Krylon Cherry Red, changed the back to my beloved hounds tooth, and with my Hubby’s help, reattached the back.
She turned out better than I expected. :)
If I had room for her, I would keep her. BUT….I’m guessing one of you will have room for her! E-mail me at for information about buying her. HUSBANDS: This could be a belated Valentine’s gift!

I thought I’d accessorize her just for fun!
P.S. Aren’t those roses beautiful that my Hubsters got for me?!!?


  1. says

    OH I would love to know how much you sold it for if thats not inappropriate to ask. I just listed my first 2 painted furniture items on Craigslist and after one week… still have them. I'm so discouraged!!!!

    This is sooooo cute!

  2. ashley says

    That is so cute. i'd buy it but I already have one I'm trying to figure out how to paint. I wish you were closer Brooke. I am redoing my ENTIRE house right now. So far I've painted the family room and eating area. I am so torn on what to paint my kitchen cabinets. i so wish I had your eye. I'm trying to decide if I'm brave enough to go black.

  3. says

    Wow, that is gorgeous. I love the color. I have to get brave and incorporate more color into my home. Here's a strange question for you, I'm sure…but, where does one find burlap? Can you get it at fabric stores?

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