If you missed our posts about Home Fabrics and their $1.00 a yard fabric sales, then you may not realize how inexpensive you can make a duvet cover. To make a king size duvet cover, my best guess is that you will need 12 yards of fabric (depending on the width of the fabric). If you fabric cost 5.99 a yard (which is pretty cheap) it would still cost you around $72.00 to make your own duvet cover. But, if you can get your fabric for $1.00 a yard…then that cuts your costs significantly.

I’m not an expert seamstress, but making a duvet was pretty darn easy. We had a queen size comforter (86 inches by 86 inches), and I found several online tutorials. Some of them seemed a little too complicated for my beginner brain. :) So, my friend Jo and I basically did our own thing, but used some of the advice that we found online.

The first thing that we did was add 2 and 5/8 inches to the bottom (86+2 5/8) = 88 5/8 inches
Then we added 1 1/4 inches to the top (86+1 1/4) =87 1/4

This extra small amount of fabric allows for seams and for the button flap on one side of the top.

Next, we seamed the top together. I used Option 1 below. Since fabric is generally not wide enough, you will need to piece together the fabric to make your panels for both the top and bottom of your duvet. As you can see, fabric in option 1 goes horizontally across the duvet. The reason why I chose this option, is because the fabric we were using was all one color, and we did not have to worry about continuing a pattern. I am going to tackle a duvet here in a few days using the option #2 pattern below. We’ll see how that goes…cross your fingers for me.

Here is Jo pinning the duvet. :)
Before we sewed the top panel to the bottom panel, I hemmed one side of each panel, to prepare for the buttons. After those sides were hemmed, we laid them on top of each other (ride side in), and began sewing around the edge. We then left the majority of the hemmed edge open for the buttons.

We decided to use sew-on snaps to finish the edge.

This is what they looked like after we got done. (I shouldn’t tell you this, but I will..we sewed them on the WRONG SIDE the first time….duh…I’m an idiot.)
After we got done, we decided to make some VERA WANG look-a-like pillows. Go to our previous post for instructions on how to make them. I thought they turned out DARLING! The small picture below is Vera’s version…the only picture I can find, sorry it is TINY!
Here is our version…felt is my best friend.

The duvet turned out better than I expected since I had never made one before. I came the conclusion that it was like making a HUGE pillow. :)

All for right around oh maybe $20.00 (10.00 for the fabric (approx) and 10.00 for the pillow filler)….that is pretty darn THRIFTY!


  1. says

    Looks great! I love the pillow. I made a duvet cover a few months ago too. I got my fabric from Home Fabrics for $3 a yard and it cost me $30 to make! I used snaps as well, but found they didn't hold very well. When we would sleep at night, they would come unsnapped. However, I didn't follow a pattern either, and ended up putting my snaps further down on the duvet, rather than closer to the top. I sewed a few on the wrong way too. :) Here's a link to my duvet cover-I also made pillow shams and a throw pillow, all with fabric for $3 a yard from Home Fabrics. http://rachelphelansblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/throw-pillow-and-anna-pictures.html
    I love your blog!

  2. says

    I just barely found your blog and so I unfortunately missed your post about Home Fabrics and their $1 sale. I've been looking for a deal like that to make my own duvet cover just as you did!!! I'm now following so I don't miss it again!

  3. Erin @ The Impatient Gardener says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm looking to update our bedroom a bit and I keep thinking that I'm not happy with the duvets I've seen around and I was thinking I didn't want to pay to have one custom made. But duh … you're right … it's just a big pillow!

    Bookmarking this post!

  4. KjO says

    Great now I have to buy a sewing machine. Speaking of machine…I think you are one. How do you keep up the production pace? My guess is you have a secret factory in India.

    This Olsen Life

  5. says

    I love duvets, and I really love the $1/yard fabric. I made a duvet for my room when I was about 16 and used the same basic idea but just used a flat sheet that we found on clearance for the backing on the duvet which made it very easy and cheap. We didn't have $1/yard fabric sales though…

  6. says

    I make all my duvet covers out of two flat sheets. I have a full size bed so I buy 2 Queen size sheets in whatever color/pattern I want (or dye them, add ribbon stripes, whatever) sew 3 sides with the 'right' sides together, flip it right side out and either add ribbon ties or buttons. Easy peasy! and super cheap.

  7. says

    An easy tip for sewing fabric option 2: sew the two fabrics together lengthwise, both sides, leaving the ends open so you have a giant tube. Refold the tube so that sewn seam of what will be your middle panel is down the middle of the fabric as you lay it out on the floor. Take a pair of scissors and slice up one length of the non sewn fold, in effect cutting the "end" panels in half creating the option 2 fabric layout. This way you sew and cut once instead of two pieces of fabrics. Hope that made sense.

    Loved the pillow!

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