I picked up this table at the local D.I. a few months ago for $5.00. Yep, I said $5.00. I thought it had great potential since the details were so ornate. It was a little beat up, but that just gives it more character.
It caught my eye because a glazing technique would look great on a piece of furniture like this. She has been in my garage since January. (So many projects, too little time!)
I did NOT sand it down, but I did spray prime it with KILZ. I would not suggest any other brand of primer. Every other brand I have ever tried does not work as well, trust me.

Then I sprayed it with Krylon Ocean Breeze.
I love the color, but it is not done yet!

If you need to click on the below image please do. I think some may be intimidated by the glazing process. Glazing is VERY easy, and is simply trial by error. I use a damp cloth and use the technique that we’ve explained in several previous posts. Go to our Glazing 101 post for the simple directions.

We do NOT use stain for this process. We have had several inquiries regarding stain. This is NOT stain. It is a water-based glaze.

The table has a new home…MINE! Now I have something to set my Diet Coke on. :)


  1. says

    What a fabulous find! I have been looking for the perfect desk at consignment shops and was planning on painting it blue as well! So happy I stumbled upon your blog for all the great tips!

    Cant wait to start following daily!

  2. says

    Ohhhh there is NOTHING like Blue Ocean Breeze on a piece with a lot of nooks and crannies for glorious glaze, and you picked the perfect piece! Such a great job!!

  3. Erin says

    This is my 2nd time peeking in at your blog! Love it and LOVE the table. I love D.I. too, but we don't have one in Arizona. Great job, by the way.

  4. Nicole Kingsbury says

    Awesome! I need a house so I can start painting lots of good finds at the DI!!! I'm so glad you introduced me to glazing…I just bought a can of black and brown! P.S. I just love the peice that is above your curtains! I hope there will be a tutorial on that one :)

  5. says

    I agree with Dawn, Blue Ocean Breeze is a rad color, and mixed with some glaze, it's bliss…really. :) Your little table looks like it wants to be friends with my chair (one of our first posts about a month ago.) Maybe you need to road trip to AZ and pick her up? :)

  6. says

    I had to go back downstairs to see if mine were still there I have two almost just like that, guess I need to hang on to them now after seeing what you have done, thank you for the idea.

  7. says

    I can't wait to do mine… I am on Vacation right now… But when I get home I'm going to do my "Yellow furniture" project… Hummmm… but now thinking perhaps I'll try that blue! LOVE IT!

    Thanks for the inspiration on vacation!

  8. says

    Love that table! I wanted to let you know that you guys have inspired me with black glazing. I've never been adventurous enough to try it before now. I just finished glazing a nightstand for my loft this morning. I chose orange for my nightstand because I loved your brightly colored furniture too. Thanks for the ideas! I blogged about it at allthingscreativeaz.blogspot.com

  9. Julie K says

    Doesn't this match the pedestal table you did in a post months ago? That design around the edge sure looks familiar!

  10. says

    I almost bought that very shade of paint yesterday for a gossip bench I'm painting, but I talked myself out of it thinking it was a bit too bright for the area where it will sit.

    Now that I see it glazed, I've changed my mind back again. What perfect timing! Love it!

  11. says

    I love that glaze. I am keeping my eyes open for a great piece of furniture at the thrift shop so I can try it out.

    thanks for all the great info!

  12. says

    Hi there! I have looked and admired this blog for a while now, I finally bought a coffee table from DI and now I am stuck,,what now?? I see that the finish on it has crusted off in some places, should I just prime it? Or should i sand it down? I did try to sand some but Hi i realize if I do it will be heckofa project, can you please email at madridgiselle@yahoo.com

    Sorry, I need more step by step directions…

  13. Thoughts says

    This is beautiful….also was the work for your daughter's room…Ahh I am so charged to make something new out of junk myself…I do watch these things on TV but seeing someone post their blogs with this stuff is amazing!! Seriously, this kinda stuff gives some kinda satisfaction!! Thankuu…will soon do something new and share it with u..thanks for the inspiration!!Lotsa Love!

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