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Thank you to all of you who voted for our mismatched chair post for week two.


One of our favorite quotes over at All Things Thrifty comes from Edward de Bono. He said, “Too many people believe that creativity is a talent with which some people are born and the rest of us can only envy. This is a negative attitude that is completely mistaken. Creativity is a skill that can be learned, developed and applied.”

Using creativity to transform old things into new takes courage, but ANYONE can do it. Teaching people how to do it is what All Things Thrifty is all about.

As you all know, the category this week was “OLD.” We love refinishing furniture, and we make old things new and hip by re-creating them. Isn’t it great to have a vision and exciting to get those creative juices flowing to discover how to accomplish that vision? These transformations are extremely rewarding, and before and after pictures are always fun in our book. Below are the “before” pictures of this week’s highlighted project. Click on the image to make it larger.

I had been searching for a hutch for awhile, but I had a large challenge (literally)…My hubby got a 50″ flat screen. UMMMM….only hutches on steroids would hold the giant thing. Instantly, the television took the focal point spot in the room. I was NOT ok with that. Then I found her. She was beautiful….well, at least my vision of her was. She was a whopping $35.00 on Craigslist.

With a little love and effort, we went for it. We made a few alterations by removing the doors, we built cubbyholes for the electronics, we painted the hutch, and, finally, we glazed it to give it an extra “pop.” For detailed instructions go to our Glazing 101 post found HERE.

Glazing furniture is a GREAT way to bring out the details of old furniture. This furniture has a LOT of character, and I love all the ornate details. I also sprayed the hardware an oil rubbed bronze color for contrast. We accomplished our next goal to make the family room area sizzle by incorporating some of our own personalities into the room. We made our own stencil for the wall behind the hutch out of plastic folders for only $4.00! I love how the stenciled wall turned out.

If you would like detailed instructions on how we made this stencil go to THIS post.

Here is the entire area with the stenciled wall and the hutch to share the spotlight.

We love making “old” things new!

I just love the sassy new look in our family room!


  1. says

    I love your blog!! Especially the before and after pics. And you guys completely inspired me with your yellow furniture post, so I re-did a desk with that same color. I'm in love with it!!Thanks for your creativity!

  2. says

    I found your blog last Wednesday morning when you were featured on Today's Creative Blog. Later that day I drove through Cedar City on my way to St. George for the weekend – luckily we missed the big stand-still from the 20 car pile-up on the freeway. I wish I'd had your address so I could stop by your house and gawk at all your wonderful stuff in person! Our tastes are totally different, but I can certainly admire your creativity and style!

  3. Anonymous says

    Great job! I love all of your ideas… you trully inspire me to be more creative and redecorate my house until I love it. I do however, have a question… If I wanted to add some dark glaze to my kitchen cabinets (to the corners etc.) would I need to do something to them before and/or after I put it on??? The color is fine for now I just want to give them more depth or something with glaze. Any info would be great, thanks. You can email me at jamie06hillathotmaildotcom or answer here… I can check back.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi I was just wondering what blue color did you used for your glazing furniture post 101 on that chair before you put the glaze on it? Very cute I love the color!!!

  5. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says

    I discovered you through last week's SYTYCD. Love your style and blog! That hutch turned out great. 50" is a super sized TV! Great compromise between electronics and cool display!

  6. says

    I just love what the glazing does to this piece and I love the hardware color. All your pieced look professionally painted! I just discovered your blog and have learned a lot of good painting tips.

  7. says

    Great work! I love your vision for both pieces! I wish I was that brave in making purchases! I love how the entire room fits together! I hope to keep learning though! :)

  8. says

    This one is truly jaw dropping! I can't believe the transformation! Well actually I can because its you! Especially after sitting in your living room just a few months ago and seeing the change now is truly astonishing! :) LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! :) I will be shocked if you don't win this week!

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