There once was a lady who wanted a HUTCH…

I had been searching for a hutch for quite awhile and had even given up temporarily because I hadn’t found something that I liked.

The hutch process began in November. Do you remember when I wrote the post The Hutch that Makes me Crazy?” Well, after I wrote that post I realized that I didn’t have a wall in my home that could even fit a hutch. I got some flack about that from the Hubsters. It’s true though. I’m such a “visual” person that I tend to overlook the fine details at times. That is why we are such a good team together.

So, I decided that I would look for a hutch to fit the television (a.k.a the ONLY wall in the house that WOULD fit a hutch).

1st challenge…my hubby got a 50 INCH flatscreen. UMMMM only hutches on steroids will fit the giant thing. Instantly, the television took the “focal point” spot in the room. I was not ok with that.

2nd Challenge: I had just bought this media cabinet on Craigslist, and since I had given up on finding a hutch I even dressed up the media cabinet. Do you remember THIS post?

Then the I found her. She was beautiful….well at least my vision of her was.
Yep. both pieces of her were exactly what I was searching for.
The top needed some alterations. Luckily I have a handy-man named Dan for a hubby. He took off the doors built me some cubbyholes for the electrical stuff, filled a ton of holes with wood puddy, and added a few molding pieces to finish her off.

Then the painting process began. Yes I always prime first. I use KILZ spray primer. At Wal-Mart these bad boys are $4.44 a can, and YES it is worth every penny.

After a the primer was dry, I sprayed her with Krylon Ivory in gloss sheen. I had originally planned to have a turquoise hutch, but after I did the STENCIL on the wall, I decided to go with something a little less bold.

I sprayed the hardware an oil-rubbed bronze color. Here they are before:
This is how she looked before the glaze went on.

If you need instructions on how to glaze go to previous posts found HERE or HERE. The glaze makes the details just POP right out!

Here is the end result.
The details turned out exactly how I planned.

The picture wouldn’t be accurate if it didn’t include the Disney channel. :)

This find cost me $35.00 on Craigslist. All the supplies to paint her were about $15.00. So, the total cost for my hutch was right around $50.00. Doesn’t she look more expensive than that!?!? Now that’s THRIFTY!


  1. says

    Holy Moly! That thing is beautiful and PERFECT for your TV. What a great job! Question…did you sand the piece first or was the primer enough so you don't have paint chipping?

  2. says

    It turned out gorgeous! I love it. Do you find a lot of stuff on the Las Vegas Craigslist? Do you have to make a lot of trips down there. I don't usually find what I want on the St. George craigs list, so I was just wondering.

  3. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Really awesome job! I'm currently on the search for a hutch/china cabinet myself… I just haven't been able to find one I like either! Maybe I should look for a dresser with a hutch too!

  4. says

    I know I am repeating other's comments, but, I love love love it too!! I want to do the glaze thing on one of my pieces. I also really love your mustard tables too!! I cant wait until the weather breaks so I can tackle some painting on furniture.

  5. says

    THAT looks amazing!!! I often find things like this on Craigslist, but fail to see their potential!!! not to mention we don't own anything to haul them away with! I would love to try to glaze something though…

  6. KjO says

    Well, you all here at All Things Thrifty are definitely spreading the gospel of thrifty. And my wife and I are converts. Currently we are on our own tv stand hunt. Last weekend we hit 4 different goodwill stores. Alas the force was not with us that day, but our hunt continues. As soon as we find and remake the tv stand we will let you know. Here's to hoping it turns out as good as yours.

    This Olsen Life

  7. says

    WOWOWOWOWOW. i have to say, i showed my mom the original post and said "look at this crap!" i knew you could do something with it, but i had NO idea it would look this good and this expensive! and i LOVE the open back with your awesome stenciling showing through.

    just found you all recently. love love love your stuff and i'm totally inspired. i bought 2 mirrors today for $10 and can't wait to get painting and glazing! :) and brooke, gina has inspired me that i CAN paint those crappy laminate bookcases of mine while i wait for the right ones to show up. :)

    thanks SO MUCH. life long follower here. :)

  8. says

    please come to upstate NY and go shopping with me?? i have found 2 hutches – as i'm dying to alter one for my daughter's room for toys and schtuff… i just need to make sure my vision is spot on. you ladies have inspired me beyond recognition… i'm just scared to take the first step!!!

  9. Sarah says

    I've said it before, but I HAVE to say it again…. you are AMAZING!! HOW do you do it? I just spent $450 on a media hutch and now I am totally regretting it. Oh how I wish I had talent like yours…. sittin' jealous over here 😉

  10. Merideth says

    would love to know if you sanded that piece as well! I've got hand-me-down bedroom furniture and would LOVE to paint it, but I'm skeered! LOL

  11. Leah says

    Wow! That is totally amazing. I am shocked and amazed at the things some people do. I never would have thought of doing that with a china hutch. I am envious!


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