I saved this picture from Pottery Barn awhile ago because I think they are so fun, and I love the bright colors.

I started by cutting a piece of MDF into slats. I used about 1/4 of the MDF sheet. So the total cost for this project was right around $5.00. I painted the boards with spray paint that I had on hand.
I didn’t get a picture of this step, but I did GLAZE the boards. I wanted the boards to look old and weathered, so if you want instructions on how to glaze, go to previous posts found HERE or HERE.

Then, I painted on the words with good ‘ol craft paint.
After the craft paint dried, I took sand paper and roughed up the letters.
I thought they turned out pretty fun.

And here they are in my dining room. :)
Total Cost: $5.00!


  1. stymied says

    I've been going through your blog for a few days now, and I am amazed at how beautiful your pieces are – and at your "vision" for them. I am seeing so many things in a new light! You are super-talented!

    Ok, I didn't mean to gush:) but couldn't help it… I came on the comments to ask, can you use a stencil to do the letters on these boards? Would that work as well? I am not very good at freehand..


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