All Things Thrifty’s definition of junk: Any item that someone no longer wants. 
All four of these items were “junk” before I got my hands on them!

My list of junk consisted of: a broken vanity top, a broken sewing table, an old shelf stand, and an old dining room chair. Total cost of the junk: $23.00.

Doesn’t this junk look great after the process of a face lift!?! The vanity became a cork board to display school items for my first grader, and the other items were perfect in the space. The table was just the right size to fit in the tight space, the chair added character, and the shelf provided just the right amount of storage for lip gloss, jewelry, and all the “girly” items that need a home.  To see details on how I transformed the broken vanity top, click THIS POST!

I loved the knobby legs on the chair. To check out details on how I transformed the chair, go to THIS POST. The table needed a little work; but with a few alterations, the $8.00 table became a perfect table for the girls’ room. We added a piece of wood to the top to replace the junky existing top. The front of the table was also broken, so we added a new piece of wood across the front to make the table seem new! For details on how we transformed the table, go to THIS POST.

The fabric used on the mirror and chair consisted of a duvet cover that I obtained a few years back on massive clearance. I love buying duvet covers on clearance because of the amount of fabric you get for such a CHEAP price!

The polka dot art is made out of embroidery hoops. :) Thrift stores are crawling with junky, old embroidery hoops! I loved how the hoops created a three dimensional effect. For a more detailed explanation on how to make the embroidery art, click THIS POST.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure…I LOVE other people’s JUNK.

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  1. The Yoder's Four says

    LOVE this!! Everything is so perfect for the girl's room! I am always amazed at the potential you see in different pieces and how you manage to pull everything together like that. It looks so cheerful and bright.

  2. says

    Embroidery hoops and Duvet covers, what AMAZING tips! I've been scrolling through your posts and I LOVE your blog! I'll be a regular reader from this day forward. =)

  3. Nikki says

    Brooke, I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I am on a mission to find me some furniture so I can make one for my kiddos room! Thanks for sharing this!!!!

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