Feature Friday: I LOVE YELLOW!

Apr 22nd, 2010
Today the Feature Friday post is all about Amy. Amy found this beauty at a thrift store for FIVE DOLLARS. She even had to stand by it while another lady tried to convince her that she needed it more than Amy did. :) Gotta love that…and I love that Amy said, “it just made me want it more!”

 Here’s another BEFORE:  Gotta love the paint splatters!

Amy saw the post about Yellow furniture here at All Things Thrifty awhile back, so she painted her desk the Bauhaus Gold Krylon color that I LOVE so much.

She is still searching for the right knobs. :)

She even put fabric inside the drawers. What attention to detail!

 Amy’s blog can be found HERE. Hop on over and leave her a comment, show her some love ?. You know you want to. :)

I am having a love affair with YELLOW lately, which I’m sure all of you have probably noticed. I’ll share a few random pictures that I have saved in my “inspiration” folder just for kicks!

I sure wish I could remember where all of these photos came from. I’ve had most of them in my file for months and months. Needless to say, you might get a glimpse of why I chose the colors YELLOW, GRAY, BLACK, and WHITE for my master bedroom!

Yes, I am aware that I am a FREAK, and NO, this is not even close to all the pictures I have saved in that folder. 

Here is a reminder of how my yellow nightstands turned out if you missed that post. :)

Have you painted something yellow? If so, leave a link to your post, I want to see! :)


  1. Hey Brooke, I'm totally with you on the yellow thing! I linked up to my springy yellow house number flower pots. I've got plans to paint our bathroom chandy yellow too, so I'll be sure to post that one when it's done!

  2. I love that gold color. Looking forward to seeing what hardware you choose.

  3. I haven't yet PAINTED anything yellow, but I had to giggle because everyone thought we were so silly for using yellow in our master bedroom the way we did…and I LOVE IT! http://www.containchaos.com/?p=122

  4. your yellow night-stands are still one of my favorite redos of all blog projects i've ever seen, no joke.
    and that desk of amy's? gorgeous. i would have totally fought with someone else over that, so much potential there, and she did a great job! now the pressure is on for some great knobs.

  5. I am in love with that desk!!! Gorgeous! I love the bauhaus yellow as well. I'm just waiting for the perfect thing to come along to bravely go where few have gone before. ;)

  6. I LOVE YELLOW! I have been searching our "craig's list" type sites for potentially gorgeous pieces people are trying to get rid of. I've redone a few pieces now, but I am wanted to do MORE!!
    Here are my projects. (They just happen to be aqua, like yours. I was introduced to your blog AFTER I finished them! I can't believe how similar the bench looks to your side table!)


  7. Awe! What a treasure find. It looks awesome that is painted. Good thing she guarded it with all her might. LOL! Great one!

  8. Erin @ The Impatient Gardener says:

    I've got a yellow fettish going too! Not sure what has caused it because a few years ago I was so sick of yellow I removed all the yellow flowers from my garden and swore another yellow flower would never grow there again. Now I'm planning on redoing the guest bedroom in a fresh yellow, white and light gray scheme!

  9. hooray for yellow!! amy's desk is beautiful – can't believe it was only five dollars!

  10. I love the color yellow and use it as accents in my home. My favorite school pic is one of me in a yellow dress!

  11. I don't make it a habit to visit blogs of people I don't personally know, let alone comment, but I couldn't resist! I love your style and your concept! I'm a new fan. Keep up the great work…

  12. I'm glad she got the desk…I might've had to wrestle someone over it had I gotten to it first! LOL I have got to post the curtains I got from Goodwill the other day…they have huge yellow & green flowers in them…totally retro…I LOVE THEM!! The best part…they cost $1.50 pr panel! woowoo!

  13. Not a big fan of yellow..but after this post you might have changed my mind!! I want a piece of yellow furniture in my home now lol :) I already have the black and gray color scheme in my home thanks to my husband, but I think adding yellow would make it more lively in here!

  14. Please tell me the method to lining drawers.


  15. I just finished a yellow chair :D You can see it here http://blog.chavahkinloch.com/art/update-on-the-yellow-chair/ I've been so obsessed with the colour for the past year.

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