Today I’d like to show you a bunch of reader’s projects that have been sent in to All Things Thrifty. I honestly LOVE to see your projects it serves as a HUGE reward for me. 
I have to show these projects off to all of you. 
This first project comes from Nikki Sherriff.  I loved her glazing job, and it looks absolutely amazing. You can visit Nikki HERE! Hop on over and show her some love ?. 


The next project comes from Danielle Phillipp. I about DIED when I saw her transformation. What an amazing job! To check out her post and to give her some love? go HERE.
AFTER!!! I love this fabric choice.

This last feature is by Lindsie. I don’t have her blog address so I can’t link to her. :( But, I thought her rendition of making a stencil out of painter’s tape was absolutely DARLING in her little girl’s room!

Thank you to all of you readers of All Things Thrifty! Don’t forget to go over and vote at SYTYCD before 10:00 pm Utah time tonight! If you missed this week’s post you can find it HERE. Remember you can only vote for 1 project this week!


  1. says

    LOVE ALL THE TRANSFORMATIONS!! I am always inspired coming to this site.
    I am working on painting my headboard following your "how to" posts. The color is coming out great, but the texture is not smooth. Do I just not have enough coats of paint yet, or is this just how it is with spray paint?
    Also, I am going with Ivory/gloss and was curious if I should use sandpaper and distress the edges a bit before I glaze, or just glaze. I didn't see any posts about sanding and then glazing…

    Thank you for all the advice and great ideas!!

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