Window treatments can really help to make your home feel decorated. I have a lot of people ask me questions like “what would you do with this wall…etc” and the FIRST thing I notice is that most of these homes don’t have curtains. Now, don’t take this statement to the extreme. I don’t have curtains on EVERY window in my house either. Curtains are however, a great way to introduce more color in your home, and that seems to be an overwhelming pattern that I see. Most everyone who asks for my advice has a set color scheme in mind, but they psych themselves out when it comes to taking the plunge. Curtains are a great first step.

Curtains are so much fun, and you may not think that you can make them. WRONG-O. The only way to make a window curtain is by YOUR-SELF. Seriously. Especially if you have discovered the $1.00 a yard fabrics at Home Fabrics. Curtains can be cheap, cheap, cheap. Ok, that kind of sounded like a little bird. Maybe it is all the Easter candy that I ate this weekend. :)

Here is a list of the items you need to make these bad boys:
Fabric of your choice
Sewing machine loaded with thread
Curtain Grommets found at local fabric store (I got mine at JoAnn’s see picture below)

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to make their own curtains. A lot of homes have windows that are too tall for store bought curtains. Don’t worry, making curtains is very easy. Even if your windows are standard height, I still think you should make yourself some custom curtains. Choosing the right fabric to add to your room is much easier than finding the perfect curtains. You do need to know how to sew in a straight line though. :)

I measured the windows, and decided that I wanted the curtains to hit the floor. I wanted them to bunch a tiny bit when they hit the ground, but this is merely personal preference, you can measure them precisely so they are even with your floor if you choose. Next, I hemmed all four sides of the fabric by folding the edge in 1/4 inch twice and them sewing along the hem. I folded the hem twice to hide the raw edge of the fabric. You can see the hem in some of the pictures below if you need to.

Here is my before picture. This wall was was soooo boring. It needed color desperately.

The grommets come with GREAT instructions, and they only cost $10.99 (but of COURSE you should use a 40% coupon if possible). You are going to freak when you see how easy this is! Sidenote: These grommets are plastic. I’ve heard horror stories about the metal ones, so I went with the easy road.

Step 1: Trace a circle using the template provided in the grommet package (Thank you to my husband for being my hand model.)

Step 2: Cut out the circle
Step 3: Snap your grommets together by catching the sides of your circle between the two sides of the grommet.
Step 4: Hang your curtain
Here is the end result!
Total Cost: 5.5 yards of fabric ($1.00 a yard)=$5.50 + $6.59 for a package of grommets= roughly $12.00 for custom curtains!

If you would like to know how to make this window valance, go HERE.
If you would like a cheap alternative to expensive curtain rods, go HERE.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!



  1. says

    I agree, I love making my own curtains. Seriously, curtains are one of those things that are TOTALLY overpriced! Thanks for the tutorial on grommets, and the info about homefabrics. I had not heard of them since I don't live in a state where they are, but I was excited to see you can order online. Great prices for home decor fabric-way cheaper than JoAnn's. Thanks!

  2. says

    They look great. Now if I could just figure out what to do with my weird bow window in the dining room. I made some beautiful roman shades using old blinds (Didn't hold up to the kids). So they are bare again. Should I build a window seat? Put up a valance? Lots of pillows. Ugh. Aren't you glad I asked you? HA! (No worries I am just babbling)

  3. says

    Your curtains look great. I have used a rectangle table cloth for curtains in two of my bedrooms. I used a spring rod to cover the blinds then made a simple hem in one side and I had a nice curtain to keep out the sun that sneeks in between those blinds. I think the table cloths were on clearance at Target for $4.00.

  4. says

    I've been staring at my living room window envisioning what you've done. I'm slowly building up the courage to try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Sharps says

    okay you pumped me up! i am going to do it. I am taking my pillows to joannes to find some fabric tomorrow. yesssssssssss.

  6. says

    I L.O.V.E all of your projects and ideas. But I have a super dumb question. Are you physically going into the Home Fabric store or ordering online?

  7. JoEllen says

    The curtains really turned out beautifully!! I love the grommets – I guess I didn't realize how easy they are to install yourself. Excellent tutorial!

  8. says

    My, my, my! I recently discovered your blog and I must say I'm hooked!! I've learned soooo much in such short space of time. I had no idea grommets were sold seperately for DIY's. Thanks a million!! ****Delia

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