Welcome to All Things Thrifty! To those that may not know me, my name is Brooke, and I’m a decorating ADDICT! I love to share my thrifty ideas, and my main goal is to prove to my readers that DECORATING CAN BE INEXPENSIVE!  I am so honored to be part of the online parade of homes sponsored by Poppies at Play.

If you are a seasoned reader, hopefully you won’t mind seeing some repeats from previous projects. If you are new, thank you for visiting! My husband and I bought our home 10 months ago, and it has been a DREAM come true for me to decorate it. If you would like to enlarge any of the pictures, please feel free to do so by clicking on the images.

I’ll start with my master bedroom! The color scheme in this room is a dark gray, light gray, white, black, and yellow. This room has been a work in progress for awhile here on All Things Thrifty. I made the decorative wall art, and if you look close, you can see that it is three dimensional. My cute hubby cut it out for me with a jigsaw!

For detailed instructions on how to make this project, go here.

The headboard was a HUGE project that was soooo much fun. I wish you could see this in person because pictures of this BIG, bad, boy, do not give it justice. It’s huge! The best part about this headboard is that it only cost me around $80.00 For more details on how I made the headboard, go here.

The yellow nightstands were so much fun to redo, if you’d like to see that process, go here.

Next, I’ll show you my family room area. The hutch was $35.00 on Craigslist, and I refinished her to fit the TV. The orange repeating design behind the tv was a stencil that I made for $4.00!

I love how open my home is. I’m super lucky to have 15 foot vaulted ceilings in my downstairs.

The window valance was a fun project, and my cute hubby helped me build it for only $29.00.

As you can see, orange is a big part of my color scheme in my home. :) The next area is my kitchen/dining room area. My dining room has mismatched dining room chairs that I found at thrift stores and refinished.

 The double wingback chair was definitely one of my favorite additions to this room.

I wanted a focal wall in my kitchen, and I wanted red, but red is quite popular, so I went for orange. :) I was so excited when it was done! For more details on how I painted the decorative swirls, go here.

Next is the guest room. We live in an area of Utah that is a pretty fun vacation destination. We LOVE having visitors!

  Would you like to see my office? I had so much fun designing this office! I used painter’s tape to create my own stencil! For details, go here.

As you can imagine, because of All Things Thrifty, I spend a LOT of time in this room!

Now onto my girls’room!

Here are my three kids! Oaklyn is six. Connelly is five, and Londyn is two! These pictures hang down the hallway. For details on how I created these pictures go here.

The next area in my home is my kids’ reading/play area. One of my favorite additions in this room was our rain gutter bookshelves.

I love this quote by Dr. Seuss, so I put it up with vinyl in the reading room.

Can’t have a play room without the toys (and a place to hide them). :) Gotta love IKEA storage bins!

Now that you’ve seen my house, hop on over to Silver Lining, the number 8 participant!


  1. says

    I LOVE so many things about your home! What fun ideas!! Thanks for giving so many links to your projects. I am shocked that the orange patterned wall is a stencil. I really thought it was wallpaper and I was trying to figure out where you bought it! Really great projects! Your dining area is my favorite. I love that large bench in there.

    Too fun!

  2. says

    Love all the color in your house! I am a color person too… my daughter is on this tour too(#4). We love quirky and color, and your house fits the bill. I love your dining room bench! My kitchen is orange too and I love your onange stenciled wall! Great , warm home.

  3. says

    so very cute! i actually found your blog just a few days ago and was inspired to paint my coffee table and end tables. They are solid wood but dont match any of the other wood so I thought I would just make them a fun color. I primed them with the kilz and its not very even, should I sand it or something? Im so confused! Im so NOT crafty or what you would call a painter. its just thick and I have a lot of drip spots. any advice for fixing that or and advice for avoiding that next time =)

  4. says

    Wow you are so artistic! Luv all the colors! Those pics of your kids are great. Where did you order those from? or did you print them? I would luv to do something like that.

  5. Robyn says

    I keep scrolling up to take another look. I am in awe of what you've done to your home. It looks marvelous. I am having a sort of obsession with yellow and avacado green. I would love for you to see my $3.00 curtains from Goodwill. I think you would like them…I just may post them in the next couple days. Love everything you've done.

  6. says

    I must say you have an AHHH-MAZING home!! I love everything that you have done and I'm glad your on the tour. I wouldn't have had the chance of meeting you if not! I'm now a faithful follower!!

  7. says

    This house tour thing is so awesome. Love everything about your unique home (such good ideas!), but I have to say that I love your hair the most! Maybe I'll have to show my hairdresser and see if she can work in some fantastic colour like yours. Thanks for sharing.

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