A few days ago, I posted about a window valance idea. I have to share another idea of what you could do with a window valance. First of all, window valances are a great way to add some dimension to a wall with only windows. That is how my wall was. Because of the windows, I couldn’t hang any art, and I didn’t want to paint the wall. (In my case, there was plenty of color on the other walls in the room.)

Here is a picture of the first post about window valances:

Here is an illustration of my “vision” for the second idea:

This valance is intended to be 9 feet long, but you could change the dimensions easily (each square represents 12 inches.)

I’ve had these decorative tin tiles laying around for the last two years. I actually like them brown, but I decided that I have enough brown for the moment and so I decided to paint them cream. I can ALWAYS recreate the brown by paining over them again. :) These tiles cost $2.54 cents each when I bought them at a local store called Krumpets. I actually went back in to see if they still carried them, but they don’t. I did a little digging to find some similar tiles for those of you who might want to do a similar project. There is a listing on Ebay right now to buy four 12″ square tiles for a starting bid of $12.99. That’s pretty darn cheap in my opinion. The listing can be found HERE.

I had a little bit of Krylon Ivory laying around, so I painted them.

Here they are cream as can be.

But, most the time, I love to add a glaze to make the details “pop” right out. If you missed the post about Glazing 101, check out how easy glazing really is!
I brushed on the glaze to make sure it got into all the nooks and crannies of the detail, and then simply wiped off the portion that I didn’t want with a damp cloth.

I repeated the glazing process until I obtained the look I was going for.

Wouldn’t a cream valance made out of those decorative tiles look smashing in this vintage baby girl’s room? I think it would fit perfectly! If you would like more details about the vintage baby girl’s nursery, click HERE.


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