How to create patterned walls with painters tape.

Apr 2nd, 2010

Adding paint to your walls is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your home your own. When we moved into our house, every wall was tan. I felt like I was drowning in T.A.N. Don’t get me wrong, I love tan to a certain extent, but I needed a little variety. Below is a picture of my office. Do you want to know how to create this wall in your home? Creating a wall like this is much easier than you may think, and it only cost me around $12.00! Don’t believe me? Keep reading! :)

Items needed: Painter’s tape, scissors, wax paper, paint in the color of your choice, and a little paintable caulk. (Click on image to enlarge).

Step 1: Cover a sheet of wax paper with painter’s tape. (see above image)
Step 2: Cut out leaves in varying sizes, and peel off the wax paper.
Step 3: Stick the painter’s tape leaves on the wall where you want them (see below image…we were not quite done yet when I took this picture). You want to make sure that the edges of the tape are pressed firmly against the wall.

Painting tip: If you use a small amount of paintable caulk along the edge of the tape and let it dry before you paint over it, it will seal the edge and prevent bleeding. Doing this will you give you a nice clean, crisp line with no touch ups needed when you peel the tape off. (See illustration in the collage above).

Step 4: Paint the wall.

Sidenote: I ALWAYS check for “OOPS” paint when I go to Home Depot. These are paints that didn’t get mixed quite right, and Home Depot sells them for $5.00 a gallon. I lucked out and found a scrupulous blue Ralph Lauren gallon of metallic paint. And if you plan to only paint one wall…why pay full price when you will only need 1/2 a gallon anyway!?!?

Total Cost: $6.00 for painter’s tape, $5.00 for a gallon of oops paint, $1.00 for paintable caulk=$12.00!

I was thrilled with the end result. Don’t be afraid to paint your walls. This is definitely a crowd stopper in our home. Visitors love it! There are SO many ways you can use this concept. A reader wrote in and said she traced flowers off her little girls bed spread and painted those on the wall…truly, the possibilities are endless.

This project is part of SYTYCD, click on the picture below to check it out! Voting for this project ends Friday April 9th at 10:00 Utah time.


  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I've been drying to figure out how to use painters tape to block out rounded shapes for some various projects I'm doing, and this wax paper trick is what is going to save me! Thanks! I would have never thought of that!

  2. These are just beautiful! But I have the admit the caulk thing confuses me. Tried it. And wound up with tape caulked to the wall. WHAT am I doing wrong?

  3. AMAZING project. You girls always do something that KAPOWS me. The blue is an incredible statement in that room and then you added those over the top embelishments. It's gorgeous! Love how you created your own stencils. How you did that was super clever!


  4. That's A-MAZE-ING! Love it!

  5. That looks amazing! I'm curious if your walls are textured? I'm wanting to do something similar but really don't want to sand the wall down first!

  6. Michelle "Chaos Caretaker" says:

    What a smart alternative to vinyl wall embelishments. I love that the design options are endless!

  7. This turned out so stinking good! Pretty sure you guys will get #1 again!


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  8. What a GREAT tip!!! Lisa

  9. This is awesome! I am featuring it at

  10. This is the most amazing wall and pics are going straight to my 'one day in my own house' folder!

    Found you through someday crafts.

  11. Very Creative! It looks Amazing too! What a great idea and thanks for sharing.

  12. LOVE that fabulous design! I'll be sending my readers this way!!

  13. Wow-sesss!!!


  14. That is so awesome! Definately have to try it out!

  15. oh my gosh, putting the room into a photo program to play with that is genies!

  16. This is absolutely FANTASTIC!

  17. What? This is absolutely amazing!! Love it.

  18. Soooo, Cute. Now to figure out which room to use it one!

  19. ooooh I like! I've been thinking of painting our room with bamboo silhouettes and this is the ticket! Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. I had this bookmarked so I just came back to actually read it (when I left my first comment I had just looked at the pictures) and now I realize that the blue images are tape, not a photo program mock up LOL. But it would be a great idea to play with your placement on photoshop first!

  21. I LOVE this! Can you tell me what colors you used for the paint? I have been trying to find just the right blue and the right tan and am horrible with colors…I love this combination!

  22. Do you have a template to do this? Are the leaves actually attached to the stem or does it just look like that? How was the stem made?

  23. LOVE IT! What a great color to find in an oops can…and you put it to such great use! I featured this project on my blog today: Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hi! I'm trying this design in my kitchen right now and I also had a question about the caulk. What type of caulk did you use and how did you remove it from the walls once you were done painting? Love this look! Hope mine turns out half as beautiful as yours.


  25. I LOVE this!!! but I don't fully understand the caulking part. more details on this part for us craft rookies would be much appreciated!

    you're awesome!

  26. Wow. As everyone said, WOW! It looks wonderful. My mind is realing with the possibilities. :)

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