Do you know what your personal decorating style is? If you are one that doesn’t know which style you prefer, don’t worry you are NOT alone. In fact, a lot of people prefer a mix of styles, and that is totally ok. There are a few things that I would suggest for you who are decorating your home who cannot seem to commit to a specific style.

1st: Start saving pictures. Make a folder specifically for “home ideas” and start saving the pictures that you find great. Don’t just save the pictures that you “kind of” like. You should compile a folder of pictures that you absolutely love so that you can have a better idea of what items to start looking for to put in your own home.

2nd: Don’t stress about following a specific style to a T. You do not have to jump with both feet in when you like something. Just because I like some of what Pottery Barn has to offer doesn’t mean that I will decorate my entire home with their ideas. I do take some of their ideas, and I sometimes tweek them for myself, but I have rarely shopped there. I’d rather spend the money on something more practical. Hmmmm $4000 on a bedroom set or….decorate my WHOLE house with that budget? I’d rather pass on the expensive furniture and accessories. It is VERY possible to obtain the Pottery Barn look without stepping in their store.

3rd: Pick a color scheme. When you are trying to decide on what to decorate with in your home, it really helps if you have a color scheme in mind. When you pick the scheme, you can search for items in a much more efficient way. Don’t be afraid to use color. My style is full of color, but everyone has different preferences. Some prefer to paint walls to accent with color, and some prefer to keep their walls neutral and accent with accessories. Both is just fine, but you should always have a color scheme that is clear throughout your space.

4th: Order some free catalogs to look at. I love it when my new Anthropoligie magazine comes. I love their stuff (looking from afar…never actually purchasing…goes back to the “thrifty” core)! You can go to many websites and order a free catalog. A few catalogs that I look forward to getting are: Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Ballard Designs, and IKEA (not sure if you can order one, but they are free if you go into their store and get one).

Do you have a free catalog that you look forward to getting? Tell me in a comment. :)

5th: Take a design quiz. We’ve posted about this before, but it is so fun to take the “What’s your style?” quiz over at Ethan Allen. If you have never taken this quiz, it is pretty fun to see what you prefer!
I’ll even give you the link: :)  What’s your style Quiz

What was your result?


  1. says

    there is a great style quiz at as well. i took it and it was awesome. i cut out idea pages from all my magazines and have an inspiration binder organized by room that i put the clippings in. when we finally buy a house i will be prepared. :)

  2. says

    Yay! I just got done ordering a bunch of catalogs! Mine said "Metro". I like so many different style categories and I drool over your blog often!
    P.S. Oops paint and I are best friends…thanks for introducing us!

  3. Nadia and Jeremy says

    It's not a catalog, but I LOVE ReadyMade magazine…they usually feature a unique home in each issue, and we've gotten a lot of ideas from those articles. Plus you get a lot of DIY projects. And every month on the last page of the magazine they have a "challenge" or how to turn something random (like an old Encyclopedia Britanica) into something new and useful.

  4. Nadia and Jeremy says

    Curly: Yes! I remember seeing that one in the magazine. Isn't it great? Thomas Wold, the man who wrote the article, does wood projects for the magazine. He's had some really neat ideas. And if you're ever interested in getting the magazine, they often have good offers, like buy a subscription for a friend, get a year free for yourself. And originally I got three years for the price of one. I've always considered it worth my money. Whenever I get ReadyMade in my mailbox I usually put a movie on for the kids and hide myself away in a corner.

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