Isn’t she a beauty!?! I saw immediate potential in her when my friend Amber brought her to my house. She picked her up at the local thrift store for only $12.00.

Amber picked out the fabric, which I totally LOVED, but I have to admit, we both struggled with choosing a fabric for this chair. We kept going back and forth between a printed fabric and a solid color. We were worried that choosing a patterned fabric would be too busy, but at the same time we didn’t want the result to be BOR-ING. So, Amber made the ultimate decision to go BOLD. This is my advice for you also. If you are a regular reader here at All Things Thrifty, you will see that being BOLD is what I prefer. I love making a statement and creating a focal point with my projects. I’d much rather have a BOLD chair than otherwise. So, go BOLD…if you dare! :)

Next, we carefully stripped off the pink madness. The padding was in great shape underneath.

Next, we laid the pink fabric out to use as a pattern for the new fabric. This particular chair only needed about 3 yards of fabric. Reupholstering is a challenge, and there are soooo many ways to do it. Every chair that I have done or even helped friends with have all been different. So, like I said in my earlier “Reupholstering 101” post, you need to pay attention to how the chair was constructed as you de-construct it. This will most likely give you the easiest way to re-construct it. :)

We got busy putting the new fabric on. You’ll notice that the tufting began with black buttons. After sleeping on it, we both agreed that the black was too much, so we changed them to the regular fabric. For instructions on how to do tufting, check out THIS POST.

So, after we got half done with the tufting, we started over with the other buttons. It’s better to stop half way through a project and fix what is bothering you. Otherwise, it will still bother you when you get finished and the result won’t be worth it in the end. So, we cut out the buttons and re-did them. I’m sooooo glad.

Here is the end result!

I’m thrilled at how great it is turning out!

Here is another angle.

I only wish this chair was for me….it would go perfectly in my office!!! The blue is stunning and with the black legs on the chair it makes it look BRAND-SPANKIN’ NEW!! The only thing we have left is to finish the back.


  1. Melissa says

    I'm new to your blog and am just in awe of the georgous work! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. This chair blows my mind!!

  2. Sally Hamilton says

    You know, that's a great philosophy .. when in doubt, go bold! The chair looks fabulous.

  3. Beautiful Handmade says

    I am still amazed at how an ugly out-of-touch piece of furniture can be TRANSFORMED with just new fabric and some paint! You did a great job!

  4. says

    I do need to get inspired by you and start working on my chair. I already got the new fabric, just need to find a time to do it.
    Your chair looks great!!!

  5. says

    you make this look so simple, love the color and glad you redid the buttons take pics of how you do the back please.

  6. says

    I'm LOVING your blog! Thanks for doing this for all of us uncreative people! I am curious where you find your fabrics. What are your favorite stores to buy fabric at?


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