I thought it would be fun to show you a bunch of ideas of how to refinish dining room chairs! For most readers I think it helps to actually “see” what a project will turn out like. So, this week will focus on showing you a few different ideas of colors and fabric choices for dining room chairs.

DAY #1

Day 1 features a chair painted in Krylon Bauhaus Gold with a yellow fabric found at JoAnn’s Fabrics.

Isn’t the knobby legs on this chair just to die for!?!?! I absolutely loved it!


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    I am getting really frustrated because I can't find pretty spray paint colors!! At Home Depot and Lowes they seem to lack pretty colors in satin! Do you have a good red you recommend and what sheen do you typically use? And do you ever use a can of paint? Sorry- I totally bombarded you with a lot of questions!!

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    YES, love the knobby legs! Ugh, where do you find all these great pieces?! I'm always checking out thrift stores, but I never seem to find the "treasure" items that have good architecture and design… so jealous! Looks seriously adorable. =) Great job!

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    Love the chair! Ok, so you and Danielle have inspired me to glaze! So I just glazed a mirror and side table! I'm so in love with them! Thankyou so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the world! I don't know how to send you a picture via blog- but if you want to just click on my blog, I just posted it.


    and then my regular blog is
    http://amykissesmike.blogspot.com/ and on there I just posted 2 chairs I recovered. Thanks for inspiring all of us! We love you!

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    I can only say fabulous:)

    Color can make a huge different to your home decor. I am sure my wife will love these chairs & the gold color.

    Jay Chua
    Publisher, PorchSwingSets.com

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