I am a total freak, and I cannot WAIT for Twilight Eclipse that is coming out Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. Whenever I see the trailers, I get cold chills! Can you say NERD!?!? It’s ok…I embrace my nerdi-ness.

Since I love my readers :), I thought it would be fun to feature some more t-shirt designs for this coming Twilight Eclipse event. My friend Natasha, who is multi-talented and VERY creative, designed these fun new t-shirt designs for a party we are having this Tuesday night. We’ll be attending the movie at midnight, and I CANNOT wait! Check out her photography site HERE. If you are in the Southern Utah area, she is a fantastic photographer.

For those of you who have never made t-shirts before, you need to buy t-shirt transfers. I got mine at Wal-Mart. Important: You need to buy the ones for WHITE t-shirts, and when it says white, it means ONLY white. I tried it on a gray shirt once and it was a huge disaster. Then, when you print out your transfers, you need to print the MIRRORED image so that when you iron on the design it is facing the correct way.

One last tip: use an INK JET printer, a laser printer will not work.

This is the brand I have:

Also, it helps to trim around the design with scissors before you iron it on. I trim along the edges of the design as close as possible.

Get ready to see some stinkin’ cute t-shirt designs, and because I love you, and because Natasha rocks, we are giving you the designs for FREE!

I think this one is my favorite of her designs. It is pretty funny because the last time I posted about t-shirts I had a lot of comments about me being on TEAM JACOB. The funny thing is that I am actually on Team Edward. BUT…Taylor Lautner was so stinkin’ hot in the last movie that I can’t help but be excited to see him without his shirt again! :)

Here is the mirrored image

I love this one…Ok, just to be clear though, this one is TWO designs. If you print it off, you will need to cut it apart with scissors. I don’t want anyone to be confused.

Mirrored Image

For those that might like a little more subtle design, here are both family crests: cut them apart for two separate designs.

Mirrored (which I’m not sure if it needs to be the mirrored image on this one, but I’ll give it to you anyway.)

Love this one!

Mirrored image:

And of course another one

Mirrored image:

I love this one too!

Mirrored Image!

I wouldn’t punch him either.

Mirrored image:

Another color for ya!

Mirrored image:

And last but not least:

Mirrored image:

If you missed the first four sets of FREE twilight t-shirt designs go HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!

Thanks Natasha for designing some stinking CUTE t-shirts!


  1. Dave and Natasha says

    Oh, and don't forget, if your program gives you the option when you print, to select "t-shirt transfer" as a type of paper to print on, it may already flip the design over for you, so you might want to test print so that you don't print all the reversed images and then go to iron them on and realize it reversed them for you so they are now backwards! I printed one and found that out!

  2. says

    Sooo… not a Twilight Fan. What about some 'modern' patriotic designs that we could iron on for 4th of July? Love your stuff!


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