Just for kicks, I thought it might be fun to give you a tiny glimpse into my life. My husband Dan is one of the biggest water ski fans I’ve ever seen. It is in his blood. Who else would get up at 5:30am just to be the only boat on the lake? I guess only die-hard water ski fans. Well, these are the pictures that returned on my camera after a recent boating run with his buddies. It seems that I need to chaperone these events from here on out…don’t ya think?
Meet Nacho Libre the water skier…A.K.A. my husband Dan. 


 Can’t you just hear Nacho saying, “Get that corn out of my face!?!”

I can’t even look at these pictures without cracking up.


  1. Holly @ Roller Coaster Life says

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! This is so great!!! What an amazing sense of humor!!! I bet its fun to be married to him!

  2. says

    Those picts are hilarious!!…it was nice to meet you yesterday. Owen was sad when I told him that your daughter went to another school. They seemed to get along. I will be calling soon to get some babysitters! Thanks!

  3. says


    Ok, you had me going. At first I was like, "Ok, bikers wear some colourful gear, so maybe pro waterskiers do too. I'll go into this with an open mind here but oy that is one 'unique' outfit goin' on…"

    Yup. LOL!!


  4. The Yoder's Four says

    WOOOO! Go Dan!! Never knew you had that in you! Hahahahahaha!! Luke's swim trunks have Lucha Libre masks on them. We love Nacho. 😀

  5. says

    My husband is named Dan and also LOOVES Nacho Libre! He's also been known to yell 'get that corn outta my face'! I thought he was the only one! Haha :)

  6. says

    That is hilarious! My hubby's parents brought him a luchador mask from Mexico this year (not Nacho Libre – some real Mexican wrestler) and he's been planning on doing this same thing only wakeboarding. I think he's planning on being "Aqua Libre". LOL!

  7. says

    Love that! I can relate. I skied with a party hat and party horn to welcome my grandbaby to the lake! Evidently we're crazy like that about our boats and skis (and costumes :)

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