I visited one of my favorite sites the other day called Little Green Notebook, and she had these AMAZING charts with how much fabric you need for upholstering certain types of furniture. I get a lot of questions about this, and since I am fairly new to upholstering myself, I had never seen such charts before.

I thought you readers would be interested to see how approximately how many yards of fabric is needed for reupholstering furniture.

Image found at Little Green Notebook.

Image found at Little Green Notebook.

Image found at Little Green Notebook.

Image found at Little Green Notebook.

Remember that when you are upholstering with a fabric with a pattern, you may need more fabric because of the repeat.

Thank you Jenny over at Little Green Notebook for compiling the above charts.


  1. says

    this post came at the perfect time because i have an awesome chair from my grandma's basement I want to recover and I had NO idea how much fabric to buy!

  2. says

    I LOVE this blog!! Have a question though… I have looked ALL over for ocean breeze spray paint. We have 2 Walmarts in Logan and neither of them carry it!

  3. says

    Thanks Brooke :) I will email you some pics of my dumpster chair when I get it finished! It could be awhile though, its my first attempt 😉

    • Chuck Gunther says

      The chart is based on upholstery fabric which is normal 54″ in width, with some as wide as 60″.

  4. says

    I LOVE love LOVE your website! I am SOOO addicted! My house went from no decor hardly at all, because my hubby doesn't like me to spend lots of money on it, to being almost complete thanks to your thrifty ideas! You are a saint!

  5. says

    This is wonderful! I work at a fabric store and you wouldn't believe the number of people who come in and say "I have a couch I want to recover. How much material do I need?" How would I know?! I've never even seen their couch!! :) I may print this and take it to work…just in case. :)

  6. Kenzie says


    I need help and ideas for my apartment! I just got married so we are BROKE and I have had bare white walls for over a month now! it’s getting depressing!

    we’re not allowed to paint which I though would be an easy cheap solution to our decorating problem..
    any ideas that make a statement but are super cheap?
    I love learning how to do new things, just got an old chair at a garage sale, and i’m using your page to help recover it!


  7. Andrea says

    hello over from fifty shades of dre! i pinned this post a couple weeks ago because my friend and i were going to reupholster my chair. i linked your website on my blog post about reupholstering. great post!

  8. Rebecca says

    I purchased the antique pieces, found the fabrics combination (on-line), this morning and found myself pondering how to measure the fabric needed and wah-la! This pin appeared! TY, TY, TY!


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