After I posted about this great fabric a few weeks ago, I have had multiple e-mails asking for the SKU for it. The fabric is called Mary Jane Confetti, and I found it at JoAnn’s. I bought the fabric so long ago that I no longer have the receipt.

I’m hoping that one of you readers may have the SKU. I have received 4 e-mails just this week requesting it. If you have the receipt, the JoAnn’s people said the SKU will be on it.

If you have bought this fabric, your fellow readers are dying to know the SKU. Leave me a comment if you have it by chance. :)


  1. says

    FYI- Just back from the store ordering this fabric. If it isn't in stock (like mine) you can still use a coupon & they don't charge shipping for it being a special order.
    Thanks again for the SKU# :O)

  2. says

    Thank you so much for the SKU — I'm in Northern Utah and this fabric is completely SOLD OUT and they said that even the warehouse is out! They wouldn't even let us order some. Those of you who were able to get some are super lucky ladies 😀

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    I've looked in 5 stores throughout Utah and Idaho, and no luck at ANY. I have a couple more options before I'm out of luck, but hopefully if I turn up empty I'll be able to use the SKU to order. Thanks soooo much for posting this! It's KILLING ME that I can't find this awesome fabric!!

  4. Korbi says

    I just had some shipped from a little store in Clarkston, Washington, and it was on-sale!!! Whoo hoo! I only got about 2.5 yards, but I'll take anything that I can get. The SKU helped immensely! Thank you!!! What is the name of the fabric on your turqoise chairs? The grey, red, torqoise flowers? I found it in Spokane and then sent my sister to Tri-cities to buy it and she can't find it. argh! Y'all are awesome, keep the inspiration coming!

  5. Lois@frugaldecormom says

    Just went to Joann's today (thanks so much for the sku#!!!) and they also didn't have any in stock. They contacted a store in Houston and they did have some! So, I got the fabric. I'm so excited. My project would not have been the same without it. I've been looking all over for a fabric I love and had such a hard time finding any until I happened upon this blog. So thrilled and can't wait to get it!

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    I'm so glad someone had the SKU! My store in Spokane had the Mary Jane Sorbet, but not the Confetti. It's kind of strange that they can't look it up by name, but at least we all have a number now. When I discovered it wasn't in stock, I was wishing there weren't so many people reading your blog. (Kidding!;)

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I'm actually addicted to it and have used MANY of your fun ideas on my own projects!!! WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATIONS!!! My store doesn't have the Confetti either (here in Salt Lake City) so thank you for the SKU number. I did buy some of the Mary Jane Sorbet, but I haven't found a use for it yet, I want the Confetti!

  8. The Brinkerhoffs says

    Just placed a special order through JoAnn's from their Ohio warehouse (CS told me they had thousands of yards) unfortunately it is now on sale for $6.99 so you can't use a coupon on it anymore. So excited to get it in and get working with it! Thank you so much! I have just recently become aquainted with your blog and cant stop reading it!

  9. says

    Brooke you are the best!! Thank you for sending out the SOS and thank you to all the readers who helped with the SKU!!! I am off to find me some!

  10. says

    Brooke, I was asked to paint a couple of benches for Weber State University Cat Bash – a Scholarship fund raiser for the Athletes. I stewed over how to paint it and what fabric to use. I decided if Brooke used this paint and fabric, then it would be perfect for this bench! Thanks for your wonderful blog and sharing your talent, it helped make my life easier! Here is the bench if you want to check it out-

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