If you missed my post about how to make a $3.00 stencil don’t forget to check it out!
Or if you want to know how to make a stencil with a Silhouette machine {super easy} check it out too!

I’ve been searching for some new stencil designs, and every since I bought my stencil cutter, making stencils is a CINCH!

If you missed my tutorial on how to make your own stencil, check it out HERE. 

Here are a few stencil images that I have saved in my “inspiration” folder! I don’t have the source of most of the images…darn it.

Of course you could buy super expensive wallpaper, but when you can make a stencil to create a similar look for only $3.00, why?!?!

I love this one! I wish I could remember where this one came from.

This picture was where my stencil wall inspiration came from. I found it at Whitewall and Co.

I love the turquoise in this one.

LOVE this too!

When I first started looking into recreating a wallpaper look with a stencil, I thought about using vinyl wall decals to make the look. I came to the conclusion that vinyl is SUPER expensive, especially when I wanted to do an entire wall. So, to those that are thinking about it, it is a definite possibility, but for me, my pocketbook can’t handle that. :) I’d rather spend $20.00 total on the stencil and the paint instead of $75.00 or higher on the vinyl. My thrifty core just won’t let me!

Can you picture a wall done with one of the patterns I gave you above? I sure can!


  1. says

    Hey Brooke! You dont know this but we were separated at birth! Weird right? I love your ideas and actually used this tutorial to make my own stencil… you can see my post at: http://www.vintagerevivals.blogspot.com also I live in St. George too! We should be friends I know we would get along so great! Let me know if you want to meet for lunch (my treat if its at Durango's)
    Talk to you later!

    ps I'm not a stalker I promise!!

  2. Dave and Natasha says

    Those are awesome, I especially love the turquoise one and that first one. Wish I could paint my walls…

  3. says

    Wow what a great job … I absolutely love all the inspiration pics that you save .. especially the turquoise … you should definitely sell stencils … I totally want one!

  4. Esplin 5 says

    Thank you for being so creative! I also live in St. George and wondered if you would be willing to cut me a stencil. I would pay you of course. Please let me know either way, I have been looking at very expensive wall paper and this would be sooo much better, you've opened my eyes to a new world. My email is andrea.esplin@yahoo.com. Let me know, thanks so much!

  5. says

    I love these! I am so going to do this at my place. Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration. I also plan to paint and re-uphoslter my first chair and paint a dresser all with ideas inspired by your awesome web site! Thanks again.

  6. says

    Thank you so much for sharing these! They are wonderful! I'm going to print them off and frame them and put above our bed when we make over our bedroom! I love them! Thanks again! :)

  7. says

    How did you do that compass/paisley design on your outside wall? Do you have a stencil for that? I just love it. Two of my fav designs Mariners Compass and Paisley! Love your blog.


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