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I get quite a few questions about spray paint, and I thought the most useful way for all of my readers would be to answer those questions publicly. So here it goes.


Why do you use spray paint!?!
I choose to use spray paint because I want my furniture to look like I bought it from a store instead of a refinishing project gone array. I have learned this the hard way. I have a lot of gallons of paint, and believe me, it is TEMPTING to use those. But, I have come to the conclusion that spray paint leaves a much more professional finish than brushing the paint on. I have brushed it on before….a LOT….I don’t do it anymore. Not even occasionally. Spray painting is much more time effective and my furniture ends up looking store bought.

Sidenote: If I had a super nice paint sprayer…I would definitely try using gallon paint, but brushing paint onto projects is long in my past. I hate the brush marks it leaves.

It is “thrifty-er” (is that even a word?…I think I made it up) to brush paint on because of the price of the spray paint. Why do you waste money on spray paint?
In my opinion this is a HUGE “no way” because for me time is money. Brushing paint on takes hours…ok lets be honest…DAYS. For me, I do projects all the time. If I had to wait for a project to dry several hours between coats instead of 10 minutes I would go crazy, and would get 5% of the projects done that I started. I simply use spray paint because of the time efficiency and the professional finish like I discussed above.

Rust-Oleum Coral Spray Paint


What brands do you suggest?

I love several brands of spray paint. Lately, Rust-Oleum has my heart. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X coverage rocks. I’ve tested it myself and it truly does cover twice as well as other brands. 

I use Krylon at times too, sometimes the brand that I use is solely determined by the color that I’m looking for.

Have I used other brands? Yes, I have.

But, you have to have a “play it by ear” attitude when dealing with other brands. DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP $1.00 a can stuff. They tend to dry slower, and sometimes they don’t coat as well.  You will end up spending more money than if you buy less of the more expensive stuff. (Speaking from experience here). If you want to know what brand I absolutely HATE, check out this post. 


What sheen of spray paint should I buy? 

This depends on what I’m spray painting. If I’m painting a piece of furniture that will take a lot of wear and tear, like a piano or a kitchen table, I always buy gloss (not high gloss). 

I’ve had a lot of people wonder if their project is going to look too shiny when they get done. For these high traffic furniture pieces, priming is not optional. After you prime your project with KILZ, the sheen will not look overly glossy. I know that sounds weird, but that is what I have found. My projects seem to always end up looking more like a satin finish when they get done. PLUS, I want to be able to wipe off a project if my kids spill anything on them. If you use flat paint, you will not be able to wipe it off (again speaking from experience here).

Do you always prime your projects? 
Yes, in fact, I would say 95% of the time I prime my projects. I have found that the KILZ spray paint primer is by far the best. If you prime your project, the KILZ will seal it. It will help your project to have a better sheen and finish as a result.

Why does KILZ spray primer leave a sand-papery finish sometimes? 
I’m not sure. I have had several people tell me that if you shake the can for longer than two minutes than the sand papery finish doesn’t happen. I just take a high grit sand paper (220 grit) after I have primed a project and hand sand it quickly. It takes it right off very quickly.

I painted a project and the paint didn’t stick, do you know why?
Number 1: did you prime it? Number 2: was it metal or plastic, or some sort of material that the spray paint can did not say it was ok to paint it with? I bet it was either of these reasons…maybe both that made your paint so fragile and peel off.

Why do some colors cover better than others?
I wish I had a magic answer for this one. But, what I have found is that some colors are simply more translucent than others. A few of the translucent colors I have used are RED, NAVY BLUE, LIME GREEN, and ORANGE. These colors are going to need a LOT more coats than some of the more covering colors like: Ivory, Black, Blue Ocean Breeze (Krylon), Smoke Gray (Krylon), White, and Bauhaus Gold (Krylon). So, if you are painting a project with the more translucent colors described above, plan to buy at least twice as much paint.

After spraying a project do you seal it with a polyurethane after?

It simply depends if I think it needs to be protected. For example on all the dining room tables I have redone, I have sealed the top. I have used a poly-acrylic (or polycrylic I’ve seen it called both) because it is water based instead of oil based. This protects the projects that will have constant use and wear. Buy a small can of the polycrylic and buy a specific application tool sold specifically for it (a cloth or brush). Just make sure that you follow the directions  (on the bottle) on how to apply it.If you want more details, check out this post on when to seal furniture and when it isn’t necessary.

Update July 2015: I’ve recently come across a new product that seems to be amazing so far. It’s called Triple Thick by Varathane, and it’s freaking awesome! It’s like doing three coats of sealer in one. It’s water based so it cleans up with soap and water. I like the satin finish the best, but other finishes work great too. I don’t think I will buy polycrylic anymore because of how much time the triple thick saves me. 

Varathane Triple Thick
How do you prevent the spray paint from dripping?
I use thin coats of spray paint and try hard not to get too much paint on the project. If you spray too much, this will cause it to drip.  I am not perfect, and sometimes I have a drip here and there. I simply let it dry,  sand it off with a high grit sand paper and put another few coats of the spray paint to cover it.

How do you prevent your projects from looking stripey? 
The project will look stripey while you add the coats of spray paint. Keep spraying coats until the stripey look disappears. I think the best bit of advice here is to make sure you have enough spray paint to cover the entire project completely. Make sure you start your spraying off the project and continue across and end off the other side, then continue back across until you go back off the project. Your painting will look better if you do it this way. Glazing a project is also a great way to hide stripes. :)

How do you spray paint in your garage? Doesn’t this cause over spray to get all over your garage?
Spraying in my garage is the only way I can do projects during certain times of the year, and I try hard to make sure the entire area is covered with a drop cloth or plastic. BUT…sometimes the over spray covers the floor and items that are near. So, make sure your car and items that you don’t want dusted with over spray are not near by. I’m lucky to have a pretty large garage, so I have plenty of room for projects.

What do you use to spray your projects on outside? 
I use old carpet remnants to spray most of my projects on. I sometimes use paint drop clothes, but I’ve found that if I’m spray painting on the side of my house (in the rocks) my projects are more stable if I use carpet.

Have you ever gotten a can of paint that does not have enough pressure to spray properly? 
Yes, it drives me crazy when this happens. I take it back to the store and ask for an exchange.  They will only do this if the can is mostly full, so don’t keep trying to use it if it is defective.

Does it hurt your hand or finger after spraying a large project? 
Yes, in fact, it hurts pretty darn bad after you have held a spray paint can in spraying position for several hours. So, I have found that buying the store-bought triggers (that clip to the top of the can) can be helpful. Other than that, I’m not sure if there is a magic solution to this one either. I have just learned to be tough and grit my teeth.
Why does spray paint bubble at times?
I have been getting this question a lot lately. I can only guess why the paint is bubbling based on why it has bubbled for me in the past. These are the reasons why I have had problems with this in my experience:

1. It is too cold. You need to spray paint between about 60 degrees and 85 degrees. Especially if it is “freezing” weather, your paint could literally freeze when it hits the cold air. I have seen this on many occasions.

2. It is too hot. If the weather is too hot, then the paint tends to dry too fast. If this is the case, it can bubble up also. Do not spray paint directly in the beating sun (especially in the summer) or your paint will bubble right up.

3. Your coats are too thick. If there is too much paint on the furniture, when it dries, it will cause it to bubble.

4. You are using a “cheap” spray paint (around $1.00 a can). This type of spray paint is much more apt to bubble.

5. Your piece is not clean and dry. If you have dirt on your furniture, you can expect the paint to do funky things. Same goes to wet furniture. So if you wipe off your furniture with soap and water and then you don’t wait enough time for it to dry, you will be sorry, and it can cause bubbling. 


What do I do if the paint bubbles?

Do NOT panic! :) Simply get a high grit sand paper (220) and lightly sand the bubbling after it is dry, and go over the area again with paint (no need to prime again).


Can you spray paint in extreme weather temperatures?

In my experience as described above in the bubbling section, it is best if you spray in an environment that is between 60-85 degrees. I don’t have this luxury a lot because of the climate I live in. In the summer, it can get to 120 degrees outside. The winter is much milder, but I have to have a “play it by ear” mentality with this. I still do projects in the garage in the winter, and I still spray paint in hot weather. I just stand the risk of the paint bubbling if I choose to spray paint outside of my recommended degree allotment. :)


How do you protect your lungs from the spray paint?
I always spray in a well ventilated area, and I hold my breath. I have tried masks in the past, but they drive me crazy. I try to spray paint outside in the fresh air as much as the weather allows.

Where do you buy your spray paint?
I buy as much as possible at Home Depot and Wal-Mart because the price is the best. Do NOT buy a can of spray paint at a craft store for $8.99 a can. Holy cow…that is a major RIP off. Krylon spray paint is $3.47 at my local Wal-Mart. Home Depot will also meet and beat competitor’s prices.

I’ll keep adding to this post if other items come up, but these are the most common questions I get on a daily basis. The main thing I’d suggest, is that you will get better at spraying your projects with practice. Practice helps you to experience the same problems that I have come across, and you will soon be an expert also!

spray painting furniture

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  1. says

    Thanks…this is very helpful! I just have one more Q. Have you ever tried to spray paint over a veneer finish? Does it work, or would the paint just peel off since it's shiny?

    • jamie says

      I realize this is 3 years later than your original question but I’m about to spraypaint a veneer piece and am wondering the same thing….did yours work out?

      • Brooke says

        YES! It works great as long as you prime first with KILZ, sand with 220 after the primer is dry, and then spray paint after that! Good luck!

        • Stephanie says

          Hello! I am currently painting my table and chairs. Had a quick question. If you prime with the kilz you do not have to sand it before you prime right? The kilz will stick to unsanded furniture?

          • Brooke says

            Hi Stephanie,
            I would sand lightly if I was completely honest. It will help the primer adhere better. But, most the time I skip this step out of laziness. So…how’s that to confuse you more! :) xoxo.

          • Stephanie says

            Hahaha! I totally understand. I normally brush paint but wanted to try the spray paint. I always use Valspar primer that is made to stick to glossy surfaces with no sanding required and I have never had a problem with it not sticking. My table and chairs are done and look great. Thanks for the idea of using spray paint!! Love your blog! I am painting my tv stand next and will do the kilz spray primer with that.

  2. says

    I'd like to know if you have any suggestions for safety when using spray paint. In the spring I did several projects on consecutive days, using a mask each time, but my chest/lungs started to feel strange. I haven't done any spray painting since. I'm concerned that I could damage my health. Any thoughts?

    • Goof says

      Hey Karen! if you’re using a thin mask, the fumes if the propellant can still get in your lungs, and some masks available at hardware stores can actually trap the fumes from the paint! that’s not safe!!! try a mask that is specifically designed for spray paint, you can find them by googling Spray Paint Respirator. in addition, be sure to use spray paint in a well ventilated area!! happy painting ?

  3. says

    Love your site! I have a metal lamp base I want to spray paint–any tips on the type of paint to use or something I need to do to prep it first? This will be my first ever project, so I'm a total newbie to this.

  4. says

    These are great tips! I do like the even finish spray paint can provide. But once in awhile, I kinda like seeing brushmarks for a more cottage-y look.
    I have the same question as Karen – what do you do for safety? Do you wear a mask etc?

  5. says

    I love all the tips because I have been painting a new table and chairs and reupholstering and these are some of the best answers and well needed…Don't worry pictures to come soon!

  6. says

    I have been wanting to spray paint my washer and dryer a butter yellow color. I bought Rust-oleum brand Painters Touch, but am nervous to use it. Do I need some sort of special appliance paint because of the slick metal?

    • Taryn Sapp says

      I was wondering if you used the Painter’s Touch paint and how well it worked if you did. I am considering using it now, and am concerned about it being safe on my dryer.

  7. says

    Thanks for the tips. Im about to spray paint a dresser and was thinking about brush painting it but now you have helped me to decide. Love your site!! Always helpful, Great ideas, and always inspiring! Keep up the good work.

  8. Rebecca says

    Thanks for these tips. I'm just now starting to use spray paint so it's nice to have a little "inside" knowledge!

  9. The Yoder's Four says

    You're awesome, Brooke! I've got spray painting on my list of stuff to do today. My husband and I LOVE the Rust-oleum Painters Touch 2X coverage you mentioned. I just wish it came in more colors!

  10. says

    What kind of polycrylic do you use to seal your tables? Im going to be refinsihing mine soon so it would be good to know what kinds work. Thanks :)

  11. Dave and Natasha says

    Awesome tips! I'm sure this will help lots of first timers or even ones who need a refresher on painting! I learned some new things too!

    Oh, and as for polyurethane- did you know you can buy it really cheap at the restore place? I got a gallon can for $15 which is how much a pint usually is and it was nice kind that didn't smell much at all, which was nice after doing our table top and immediately putting it into our house! Anyone who has one of those in their city HAS to check them out! They are so worth it! Love the Restore!

  12. says

    Hi- I love your site and read it all the time. I have just refinished a cabinet and want to do some glazing over the details. I've seen your 101 and have even tried it but I can't get mine to look as nice as yours. Do you need to wipe only in one direction? Should I use just a touch of glaze or a ton? Do I need a clean bit or rag for each wipe or does it matter? Really I'm mostly concerened about it looking like my 3 year old did it instead of a professional, so any advice would be awesome!!

  13. says

    Brooke – love the tips! I always follow your advice :) Have you ever spayed anything glass or ceramic?? I have a lamp I'd love to re-do but nervous about if spray paint will stick?? Thanks, you are da bomb!

  14. says

    I'm new to the spray painting thing, and I bought one of those cheapy triggers..big mistake, it just caught paint and dripped it all over my project! Love your tips though!

  15. says

    These were the most helpful and genuine spray painting answers one can get from a pro like you.. I am thinking of spray painting sth myself now.. :)feeling more conofident.. thinking i might be able to pull it off..

  16. Jen says

    Brooke- have you ever had a problem with paint crackling? I am working on a headboard bought on Craigslist (think it has been painted several times) and it continues to crack in spots. Help!
    Thank for all the great posts! We love you!!!

  17. says

    Sorry, I thought of a question for you! Where do you like to buy your spray paint? Home Depot doesn't have Kryon, craft stores are too expensive and Walmart doesn't seem to have all the colors?! Where do you go?

  18. says

    I have an answer to why some colors cover better than others. It is because of the size of the colorant molecules. Red and bright yellow have large molecules allowing more space to show through and more coats needed. Blue and black and white have small molecules and therefore less space. You can always prime in a similar color to cut down on all the coats.
    Love your post!

  19. says


    I have a question about primer. I tried to do my own artwork and I am not happy with the colors. I painted on canvas using acrylic paint. Can I use primer to cover it and start over?

  20. says

    Brooke I love your blog. I'm also from St. George and love to re-invent the old stuff! Whenever I have someone ask about paint, I send them a link to this great info on spraypaint. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! Sharley

  21. says

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I linked to this post today from the new Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. :) My hope is to share many of the fabulous projects I see everyday with the vast CG audience. I hope you will not only stop by and subscribe to CG, but will tell your friends about the new category! Hope you see some traffic from it!

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  22. The Johnson's says

    I love your blog and have done several projects that you have featured. Thanks for the spray painting tips 101, they are very helpful, but one Q I have is, have you ever spray painted metal door handles? If so do you have any tips on what the best way is of doing it? Please email me back when possible at

  23. says

    Thanks so MUCH for this tutorial! I loved it. I LOVE this blog! You do absolutely AMAZING work. I love reading your friendly and EASY-TO-FOLLOW posts! I will definitely begin spread the word to my friends! Thanks again!!

  24. says

    P.S. — I meant to ask you, Can you spray paint a veneer finish? I bought a little end table yesterday to try your tips out on, and wasn't sure if veneer will cause problems or not. (also, any suggestions on where to find more color choices from Krylon or Rustoleum?) my email is THANKS~

  25. says

    Is there a temperature that is too low for spray painting? I have a dresser that I'm trying to finish, but it keeps crackling it spots and I had to sand it down and start over so I needed to know if it's crackling because it's too cold. My email is THanks a lot! I love this website!

  26. says

    Wow thank you for all of this information. I'm just getting into the spray painting area, but not on furniture, on smaller unfinished wood pieces I turn into mixed media art.
    I didn't know there were things to keep the spray going to save your finger a little bit. I hate that pain you get after spraying a while.

    Thanks again!


  27. says

    What a great post! I'm literally heading out the door to buy my first spray paint. I have an old, fairly ugly tall candle stick that I'd love to paint white. Your tips will definitely come in handy today! Thanks so much.

  28. says

    Same question as someone above . . . I want to refinish a used crib I have but I want to make sure spray paint is safe. I could paint the crib in a week or two and then still have about 3 months until I have my baby. Thoughts?

  29. says

    I just finished painting a 6 foot dresser! It took about 6 cans of Krylon to cover the whole thing! I primed with Kilz and sanded with 220 before I painted it and now that it's dry, it feels gritty. :( If I sand and paint it again, won't it just be gritty again? I'm confused and discouraged. Can you help?

  30. Brooke @ says

    To answer the questions above about painting a crib. Yes, I would paint a crib. Do I consider myself the absolute expert about this? Nope. But, I would paint a crib if it were me, in fact I have touched up my black crib several times.

  31. Brooke @ says

    Just sand it lightly to remove the gritty feel. If you don't push too hard, you will remove the grit and not much of the paint. After you sand it, wash it off with a wet wash cloth, wait for it to dry and if it needs another coat of paint at that point, spray it one more time. That should work.

  32. says

    I have been inspired by your site to paint and I have had so much fun and made a lot of things in my house look so much better. My husband, family and friends are so impressed. Getting the right weather is a challenge. My brother bought me the trigger thing that pops on the top of the can. This has saved my hands from being permanently cramped.

  33. says

    With the translucent colors you may want to try painting it white first. Not sure if it would work the same with spray paint, but I have to do that with acrylic paint a lot, and it takers fewer coats & covers better that way. Worth a try!

  34. says

    So glad I found this! Do you have any pointers or tips on painting IKEA furniture? I want to paint a black-brown Hemnes 8 drawer dresser (64" wide!) into a navy-ish color or something appropriate for a little boy's room. It will be my first spray painting attempt! Any tips? Or suggestions on colors? Or idea how much paint to buy?! THANKS!!

  35. Brooke @ says

    Lightly sand it with 220 grit sand paper before you begin to make sure the spray paint will adhere. Don't forget to prime. As for the Navy…you are going to need A LOT of paint. I have painted Navy before and we went back to the store twice because it doesn't cover very well. I would probably prime with Gray rustoleum primer if it were me since you are painting it a dark color. Good luck!

  36. says

    Hi just wanted throw a few things out there on "Why does spray paint bubble at times?" I dont actually know at all about spray canning furniture – but will hopefully in future. But in my experience of automotive refinishing and airbrushing i would think that the bubbles could be a similar reactions to> 1. previous contaminants on the surface comming through the paint – use oil and grease remover b4 painting and beaware of touching the surface with your hands during prep and leaving an oily residue, or 2. not waiting long enough for paint to dry between coats so all the chemicals evaporating off from preveious layers are rising up causing bubbles. Thanks so much for the great blog :)

  37. says

    I need help!!! I guess im confused! I have spray painted my furniture and im looking for extra protection. Can i use a oil base and or a water based polyurethane .. does it matter? And do they come in a spray can?

  38. says

    This is so awesome! Thank you! I have a question, and if it has already been answered I apologize. I was wanting to spray paint a metal filing cabinet. Do you have any tips on how to ensure the paint sticks, or can I just go a head and clean it, prime it and paint it?


  39. says

    I was curious if you could tell me if I have to do any extra preparation for spraying a metal filing cabinet to ensure it adheres? Or is it as simple as cleaning, priming and painting (with paint meant for metal)?


  40. says

    Spray paint can change your whole world. I love to decorate and I love to constantly chg things in my house. Also love to re-purpose thrifty finds.
    Great tips.

  41. says

    What an awesome post. I agree with you, spray paint does produce the very best finish. The only point I disagree with you is not wearing a respirator mask. MSA Safety Works 817663 Multi-Purpose Respirator on Amazon has been the best one I have found. I am a painter as well, and learned the lesson of not protecting my lungs. It caused me to gasp for breath for several months for not protecting my lungs. It felt as though I was under water, almost out of breath 18 hours a day. It was the most horrible experience of my life. Don't underestimate the chemicals you are breathing in! I look forward to reading your blog! Huge Blessings! Meranda

  42. says

    So I took your advice and followed it to a T. However my table top looks glossy in some sections but not others. I took my time and the rest of the project looks phenomenal. If I clear coat it will it make it more of a uniform finish?

  43. Jessica says

    Do you have to use spray paint formulated for plastic when spray painting plastic…the color choices are just so limited! Thanks so much!

  44. Paper Dolls says

    If you will use a gray primer under the red. orange, etc. it will help with the translucence. I am not sure about the green but I have used reds, berry reds and they always tell you to use a gray undercoat…

  45. OneChatty Bird says

    SUCH a great post! TY for sharing! I'm in the middle of a spray paint furniture project and was looking for info and stumbled across your blog! I LOVE this! Thanks again!

  46. says

    I'm looking to paint a few cherry pieces white on the bottom and black on the tops. Should I use a different kind of primer for the black top and which one?

    Also, do you sand pieces before you spray? My pieces have a bit of a glossy finish and are stained.



  47. says

    I love your blog and am looking for some tips if you have time. I have a hutch that is horribly old, and has many small details. I really would love to paint it but don't exactly know where to start, the paint has chipped mostly off and it is now showing bare wood with only paint in the creases of the detail. Would it be horrible to just primer over all the old and then paint it, or do I need to sand everything down and get all the old paint off?

    Thanks so much for any advise!

  48. says

    I dont see any answers about the veneer :-( I'm guessing you emailed them the answer…can you please let me know about the subject? Will it stick to veneer? Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer my comment!! :->

  49. says

    I'm spray painting a hutch black. I primed it with Kilz, but now it's taking about 6 coats of the black paint to get even coverage. Do you suggest using a different primer when painting furniture black? I'm about 8 cans of black paint into the project, and I think I'll need at least 8 more. Yikes!

  50. says

    I did not know I had to prime or sand to spray paint furniture and did so without either. The further was a smooth surface and now I am fearful the paint will scratch off. If I put polycrylic or polyurethane over it will it prevent this from happening or do I need to do something different?

  51. says

    I love your blog! I have it booked marked on my phone so I'm never without it. I have been spray painting furniture and nick nacks lately and I keep getting the same issue: the furniture is sticky. I prime with Kilz, use Krylon, and try to light, thin coats but many of my projects are still tacky days after. Have you, or anyone else, encountered this problem?

  52. says

    I started spray painting my nightstand, thanks to this informative post! Do you ever use a sealant? I'm just wondering for the future when I'll need to clean it…I don't know if wood polish or something will strip the paint. Thanks!

  53. says


    I brush painted a metal chair in a shade of white (after rubbing it down with sandpaper), however, I do not like the finish now.Do I need to sand it completely? (to remove the coat of paint)and prime before this can be painted again?

  54. says

    Love your tips. My Mom just started this last year with spray paint. I started a crib with paint and was so upset with it. I got spray paint and did it right it turned out so good.
    I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on doing spray paint on outlets. When we painted out apartment some of the light switches got painted. I wanted to maybe paint them to match the walls but the paint looks so bad. Maybe spray paint them I thought?

  55. says

    hi – I paint glass bottles and have been using a primer coat first then chalkboard a section, and then paint the rest. I then use a sealer over the area without the chalkboard. Do I need all those steps? With the way I am spending $$ on paint I will never recoupe my costs (I sell these at craft shows). Is there a better paint to use on glass?

  56. says


    Ugh, black is for sure a hard one to use (so is navy blue) because you do need a lot of coats for perfect coverage. I have in the past used a gray primer (Rust-oleum is a good brand) when painting black and it does seem to help lessen the amount of coats needed. Hope this helps!!

  57. says


    When painting black, I recommend using a gray primer. I like Rust-oleums brand. Obviously with white, you'd use a white primer. Also with black, use a satin finish and not glossy. It seems to cover better.

    I wouldn't sand them first either. I would prime them really good and THEN lightly sand with 220 to get rid of the gritty feeling. Then paint away. I'd love to see the end result!

  58. Anna says

    I agree about the Krylon. I painted a rocking chair for my daughter and love how it turned out! (I used valspar "the perfect finish" from Lowes) i also used a rustoleum Universal metallic oil rubber bronze on a gold lamp. the any surface any angle spray can was worth the extra money, i really was sad that the job was done! I am sure these products are new since the original post thanks to peeps like us! I have a wooden hope chest given to me on my 18th birthday. By Great Danes bed was next to it and obviously she suffers from restless legs syndrome! I have moved her bed, she now runs on the wall! I'm torn between painting it black and red. After reading this my trigger finger is twitchy! Ha ha! Thank you for all the great info!

  59. says

    I read all your posts and did not see an answer about the project crackling. Is there a way to avoid this? And now that it has crackled how do I take the paint off and start over again? Thanks, Kelli

  60. says

    I had the same results as Kelli Webb! I primed the picture frames and had this random crackling in spots. Hubs said I sprayed too much paint. I said oh well, and sanded with 220 grit sand paper and sprayed again…same results! It is more prevalent with the Pewter color than the white. Plus when I sanded the piece, the paint just peels off…even primed, the paint seemed not to adhere.

  61. says

    I am new to spray painting. I found a great cut-glass (might be crystal, can't tell) lamp base at the Habitat Re-Store that I want to paint. I know I need to prime and paint, but do I need to seal it after if it's glass? In case you need to know, I plan to paint the lamp a glossy white.

  62. says

    I am new to spray painting. I found a great cut glass (might be crystal, I can't tell) lamp base at the Habitat Re-Store. I know I need to prime and paint, but do I need to seal it after if it's glass? In case you need to know, I plan to paint the lamp base a glossy white.

  63. says

    I spray everything… This was very helpful. Ill be trying Krylon from now on. I've never used a primer, and I buy the cheap stuff. Still comes out great! Taking your advice now though… =)

  64. pmaynes says

    It is way too cold outside right now for me to paint in my garage. If I'm lucky I should be able to do it sometime in April. I have a few things that I really want to finish. Is it safe to spray paint in my unfinished basement? There is a door at the top of the stairs but I'm sure some fumes can get through. Do you think it would be OK or do I just need to wait until spring?

  65. says

    @pmaynes I sometimes spray in my garage but you for sure have to wait a little longer in between coats and let the room air out. I would for sure use caution and your best judgement. Maybe start with something small and see how that goes. I'm totally not saying "Yes, it's ok", I'm just saying be careful. Ha! I'm totally impatient and want to get stuff done right away too so it would also be hard for me to wait. Good luck!

  66. says

    You are a true diva when it comes to do anything with painting. So generous in sharing your hard-earned knowledge for the benefit of others. You deserve a medal. There's another blogger who I admire for selflessly sharing information – the graphic fairy. More power to you both. The world is reading your blog and greatly benefitted by it. Thank you.

  67. Tanya says

    I have a large black square coffee table I want to redo with cream and antiquing. This whole spray paint idea really appeals haha! soo I’m thinking sanding at least the top down, prime the whole thing, then spray paint antique white. How would I go about distressing some of the edges? Any tips? Thanks so much!!!!

  68. Kell Bell says

    Thanks so much for this! I found this through Pinterest… I’ve recently become very interested in fixing up furniture for my new house. I have not done so yet, since I have not yet moved in, but when I do I will need to buy inexpensively. Reading this has made me more excited than I was before about revamping furniture. Very helpful!

  69. Robyn says

    Hi there,

    Firstly, let me say that I found this whole post VERY helpful, I have neglected painting all kinds of things because of the time it takes to sand/prime etc. So the every spray tip including priming is great.

    I was wondering – since you seem to be a bit of an expert – do you know if painting laminate furniture can be done in the same way (spray prime, then spray paint)? Do you have any tips specifically for this?


    • Brooke says

      Yes, you can spray laminate furniture the same way. Just make sure that you use KILZ primer. It makes a difference in brand. Good luck!

  70. Lindsay says

    Love, love all your tips and tidbits! My husband grew up remodeling homes and isn’t convinced about spray painting, but I’m hoping to convince him :) Quick question: I have a gallon of kilz and was wondering if I’ll get the same quality paint job with this as I would with the spray version. Any ideas? My plan is to roll it on, sand with 220 grit, spray it white, and then antique with black-tinted glaze.

    • Brooke says

      I have never done it that way, so it’s uncharted territory in my eyes. So, if you do it, please report back so that we can learn from your experience. I avoid rolling and brushing on paint like the plague because I loath brush marks. But, I recognize that is just my opinion and others may not mind them at all.

  71. Paige says

    i have spay painted flower pots and now i want to decorate them. what type of paint can I use. not to fully paint over but to add too, like strips or flowers. I cant find this anwser anywhere!

  72. MiMi says

    Can I use gloss spray paint on regular printing paper to add a shine or seal it over a DIY cardboard project I am making?

    • Brooke says

      If you are careful not to over saturate the paper then yes you can spray paint it. I’ve only sprayed cardstock before and it worked great!

    • Brooke says

      Every time I use spray poly I am disappointed with the result. It ends up looking stripey. So I brush it on 9 times out of 10.

  73. corissa says

    I am started a project and i am going to spray paint it brown and put spray paint yellow letters on it, do you think the yellow will show up?

  74. says

    I stumbled across your blog while scouring the web for the answer to my question… and still am in need of help. I have 2 projects underway, the first is spray painting black letters to be a nice chocolate brown… do I need to primer them with white (which is what I already have for my 2nd project) first before going from black to brown? Or will the brown just show up if I do it straight on the black? Or do I buy another primer color to do under the brown? (I have krylon spray paint) – I tend to ask A LOT of questions, but need help with this since I am beginning a DIY journey for our home.

    Also, 2nd project is turning black bookshelves to white. If I spray paint white primer then do a white semi-gloss, will this give the desired white paint look? Or will I need to sand it?

    Thanks in advance!! :)

    • Brooke says

      For a small project like your letters, I would use a product with primer already in the spray paint. Krylon Dual works great for this. I would also suggest to use satin sheen so that they aren’t overly glossy, unless that is what you want.

      With your bookshelves, yes you need to prime them. In fact, I would do at least 2 coats of primer so that mostly all of the black is covered up before you start painting. After you have primed the shelves, sand off the gritty texture with 220 grit sand paper and then begin painting. You will need a lot of paint to go from black to white just an FYI. Good luck!

  75. natalie says

    I have been looking for a pink color of spraypaint but all of the ones I find are bubble gum or neon. The picture at the top of this page has some pink paints that would work for what I am trying to do. do you know what brand those are and where I can get them? also if you do know what they are can they be used on metal? thank you :)

    • Brooke says

      Have you looked at Krylon Watermelon or Krylon ballet slipper? I’m not sure what color of pink you are looking for, but I use those two colors all the time. They carry Krylon at Walmart.

    • Sylvia says

      The pink you are looking for is from Montana Gold spray paint. It’s a professional spray paint that is from Germany. If you are in a state where an Aaron Brothers is located, try them. Also you can buy a pack of caps, for a variety of spray widths. Great spray paint, hands down the best.

      • Joanna Williamson says

        Totally agree!! Montana Gold is the best spray paint if colour and coverage is important. (And you beat me to it, I recognized those cans instantly :) ) They are densely pigmented so you get amazing coverage on the first coat. They also come in luscious colours. I was able to find them at our local artists supply store out here in Hawaii. They aren’t cheap though, about $13.00 a can. But the quality is hard to beat. Changing the nozzle size gives greater control and minimizes loss of paint into the air. (This is starting to sound like an ad, I don’t work for the company!) I just refinished a bamboo desk in Montana Gold’s Shocking Green and couldn’t be happier.

        I still use Krylon on other projects because the Montana Gold is too pricey for me to use all the time!

  76. Katie says

    OK, so I’m totally on board with you about using spray paint instead of painting for real (and my father gets on me all the time about painting wood, I tell him I only paint “ugly” wood!) Anyway, you mentioned that you like the dry time of 10 minutes in between coats and I completely relate….but my question is how long do you actually wait in order to functionally use an item? With most paints I have found that it has a cure date of at least 30 days…egads I REALLY don’t have the patience for that…so I start “using” stuff after just a couple days but try to take it easy on that item for the first month. What has been your experience with spray paint? There’s nothing quite so horrible as a sticky paint job!!! Thanks….

  77. Francie says

    I’ve been doing spray paint space art for a weeks now, but for some reason the colored spray paint below the black is starting to seep through to the top of the painting and come through all the black, anyone know why? It has never done this before

    • Brooke says

      Hi Francie,
      Send me a picture to allthingsthriftyassistant at gmail dot com, so I can see what you are talking about. I will try and help you!

    • Brooke says

      Hi Crysal,
      Yep you sure can! Just sand it off in spots to create that look, or you can glaze it too. Good luck!

  78. Jackie says

    I want to spray paint my daughters crib… it’ll be so it doesnt look “like a baby bed” is there a certain sealer or things i should do so it doesnt hurt her?

    • Brooke says

      I would to to Sherwin Williams and get their low VOC paint for a crib. I have never personally painted a crib, and I would play it safe and use a Low VOC product instead of spray paint if it were me.

  79. Christine says

    I just bought some older furniture I want to paint, do I need to sand it first or will it be okay if it is just primed?

    • Christine says

      One more thing :) I have it sitting in the garage and was planning to paint in there to avoid the rain but it has been very hot out lately and humid bc of the rain, will this affect spray painting?

      • Brooke says

        Yep! Humidity is definitely a factor. I would make sure to sand lightly before you start with the spray paint. Don’t forget to prime with KILZ. :) And then after the KILZ is dry, sand again with 220 to remove the gritty texture. Good luck!

    • Brooke says

      Yes, I would sand with 220 grit sand paper first. Especially in a humid area, this will help your KILZ primer to stick. Good luck!

  80. Linda says

    I have a large brass & glass curio cabinet that is like new. In my new house I have no brass, so any ideas? A brushed nickel finish would be perfect, but not sure how to get there…..or if I dare take it on.

  81. John says

    More of a question then a comment, I recently moved to a furnished place, that is owned by a elderly woman, she said when we move out she wants us to take the furniture with us, way in the future. She has lamps that are pink ceramic, can this be painted and should I use primer on the ceramic first? And what kind if paint can I buy is Acrylic okay to use? Funds are tight so I don’t want to go out and by new lamps yet.

  82. Marlena says

    Hi! If I am spray painting something that original black to a mambo pink krylon, what color of primer should I use?

  83. Jessica says

    Can you give us an estimate of a project that you completed with a number of spray paint cans used?

    Thank you!

    • Brooke says

      This one is tricky because you seriously never know. I’ve used 3 on one piece before and then 7 on another…. I do however, always buy more than I think I’m going to need with the intent to return any unused product. Make sure to check your stores return policy though, just in case! Hope this helps!

  84. Morgan Lesov says

    Great article, thank you. I’m about to spray paint my first item ever (!) and I have a question: I’m painting 2 high gloss dark blue ceramic plant pots. I just went to the hardware store and they suggested rustoleum primer (Zinsser Bullseye 123), which was $10. So I only bought that (in white) as I planned to paint a flat white finish anyways. The guy said that primer + paint doesn’t work very well.
    Did I get gouged or does this sound reasonable? Can I get away with primer only? They will be indoor plants.

    My next project will be picture frames….of all material…do you always prime? It really ups the price.

  85. says

    I know I’m kinda late to this post, but DANG is it helpful and thorough! I was just about to spray paint some smaller pieces for my office (metal curtain rod, metal lamp bases, and a big weird glass jug I found at a thrift store) so I appreciate the info. I’m gonna give them all a shot even if they turn out horribly; at least I know I had good info going in!

  86. Caitlin says

    Hey! I just bought my best friend a spray paint pic & it’s gorgeous! Only problem.. I accidentally bent it & now it has an ugly crease:/ I’ve been searching for answers & you seem like the best person to ask. Do you have any idea of how I could make that less noticeable? Thanks!

    • Brooke says

      I’m so sorry. I can’t think of any way to fix your spray paint pic. Darn it. You can try and sand it a bit, but I think it will still be noticeable. I wish I had a better answer for you!

  87. Carey Perkins says

    I apologize if you have already answered this question, but is there a particular spray paint you would use for fabric, or for jute rugs? I have a lightly stained jute rug that I would like to paint but am concerned that it might feel “crispy” when the paint dries. I’ve also read about spray painting an upholstered chair but again, would the paint dry hard?

  88. Jen says

    Hi Brooke!
    It appears I am a bit late to the game but I have just started to re-do some furniture. Nothing major but have hand painted them. I use spray cans for small little things like chandeliers and knobs…However, I have been dieing to get a sprayer and love using the smaller spray cans. This is probably a dumb question but do you use an actual sprayer or small cans and what do you recommend for sprayers?
    Thanks! Love your site!!!

    • Brooke says

      I use spray cans most of the time. I did use a sprayer for a bigger kitchen job though. I would only suggest an commercial grade sprayer at this point. Any small sprayers I have tried have been a disappointment.

  89. Robyn Levine says

    Need to repaint Adirondack chairs, never finished from years ago.Yeah, spray painting would be so much easier! Need to sand off old paint ,should I use a sander or do it my hand, 220 grit paper? Then use the Kilz primer in White? Just wondering about primer color because I gave the chairs, originally, so many coats of paint to accomplish getting the “red” paint true in color. Thank you!

    • Brooke says

      I wouldn’t sand off the paint unless it is chipping off. If it’s still in good shape, just prime with KILZ over the top of the red paint. You may need a few coats of primer. Sand in between coats of the primer with 220 and then sand again before you spray paint. What color are you going to spray them? I will tell you the brand of paint I suggest if you tell me what the color plan is. :} Good luck!

  90. Heidi says

    Help! I need to get spray paint in black that has a crackle effect and can’t find it. The project I have in mind is too big for crackle paint so I need to go with the spray paint. Any ideas??

    • Brooke says

      I wish I had a better answer for you, but to my knowledge a product like this doesn’t exist! Every time I have tried to do a crackle finish with spray paint it doesn’t work!

      Try this on a scrap piece of wood. Spray paint it waaaaay too thick and dry it with the blow dryer too fast. Maybe it will crackle!?!? I’ve had spray paint crackle for me a few times, but I’ve never tried to get it to crackle on purpose! Good luck. I’ll think about it and report back if I think of any other options!

  91. jess says

    i love this post, and i do have a question.. i am about to spray paint an iron bookshelf.. i was wondering if the killz alone would do the job, or if i also need to sand it before?

    • Brooke says

      Kilz would do the job, but after you get done with the KILZ you may need to sand lightly with 220 grit sand paper to remove the gritty texture before you paint. Good luck!

  92. Dave says

    After many years of DIY projects I’ve encountered something I have no clue how to handle. My wife and I volunteered to help my daughter, who is a special education teacher, recondition her wooden chairs. They are the small, wooden chairs with after market seat belts added for her special needs kids. We sanded the chairs and wooded bases (added so the chairs couldn’t overturn easily). We used Kilz primer on the chairs and bases, then sprayed with Rustoleum paint. After an hour we checked the chairs only to find that the spray paint just brushed off as if it were dust! We checked again and confirmed that Kilz IS usable with enamel or latex paint. We then brought Krylon paint and applied after making sure all the Rustoleum had been removed. We got exactly same result. The spray paint turned into what appeared to be paint dust when cured and brushed off easily.
    I have no clue what’s going on here. We’ve checked online and have found absolutely nothing on this problem. Do you have any ideas?

    • Brooke says

      I’m at a loss of words. I’m guessing that maybe the paint is reacting to the wood in a weird way. Was there a glossy finish on the chairs? I’m wondering if they need to be de-glossed? I’m honestly guessing here because I have never heard of anything like this!

  93. Abby says

    This tutorial is a lifesaver!
    I had no idea how I was going to furnish my new apartment tastefully on my thrift-store college budget, but when I saw this I had no problem going out to shop. I have TONS left over now to re-colour everything.

    My question, though, is this:
    I have a set of 6 wooden dining chairs to match a sweet glass-top table I scored.
    They seem to have a bit of a glossy finish, but I’m hesitant to say they’re laminate. Should I sand with 220 before priming (obviously sanding after if the gritty feeling shows up) or go straight to the priming?
    I’m painting them black, and with six chairs to paint, previous comments seem like I’m going to be buying TONS of paint cans. What do you recommend to try and cut down on this? Grey Rustoleum Primer? Will that work as well as the KILZ? I do NOT want to have to repaint these due to paint chipping.
    And as for the black, satin finish or gloss finish? It’s not in my budget to put any sort of poly on afterward. (I have to redo the cushions as well)

    Thanks for all your help, and the great tutorial!!!!

    • Brooke says

      Use the rustoleum gray primer and no you don’t need to sand them before you prime. Just make sure they are clean and dry. If you live in a wet/humid climate then sanding first is always a good idea, but in my dry climate I never do.

      As for black paint…make sure you use SATIN. If you use any other sheen you will not like the results. Other black paint sheens leave tons of stripes. You might get some chipping off if you don’t poly them afterwards, but that’s up to you. :)

  94. Jay says

    Hey I was going to paint my wooden loft for my dorm room, I only need it to last for the school year. Do you think I should still prime and all that.

  95. Sherry says

    Thank you so much for sharing your spray painting expertise! I spray painted my first set of chairs today, recovered the seats and am thrilled with the results! I used Kilz and Ocean Breeze Krylon. They are beautiful and went from tacky 70’s to awesome. Couldn’t have done it without your advice. Love your site!

  96. Lynell says

    I am attempting to spray paint my daughter’s dresser WHITE. It is currently BLACK. Is this a failing idea? Or will the primer allow me to cover the black just fine? I’m a little nervous, but the price of a new dresser is more than I am willing to take on right now. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

  97. Stuart says

    Not a bad insight for beginners.. You might want to try quality paint instead of krylon, however. Krylon isn’t what it used to be.. That picture of cans you have looks to be “Montana gold” some of the best spray paint you can buy. As with buying acrylics you don’t want to skimp on quality.. At 5-7 dollars a can its def worth it. You can purchase many dif interchangable tips that can spray large to skinny lines. Also holding your breath isn’t the safest option especially when you paint large pieces or do large walls. The protection a respirator offers can’t be replaced or overlooked.

  98. Mirabelle says

    Do you know any good spray paint brands you can get in the UK? Apparently Krylon is banned here cause of its solvency :/

  99. Jennifer says

    The Photo is probably from Montana. It looks like a bunch of different Montana colors (Montana is an artist’s grade spray paint), and One of my FAVORITES for getting deep pigments.

  100. says

    I should mention preval sprayer. It is an aerosol canister that screws onto
    a glass storage container. You can put whatever paint you want and thin it until
    It’s like skim milk and spray. You can make Amy color by mixing and its a great way
    To use up those cans of paint. The aerosol sprayers are cheapest at the Depot. They apply paint kind of light but
    you get a better finish for the patience.

    • Brooke says

      I tape them off with painter’s tape and newspaper or masking paper. OR, if I’m feeling extra lazy, I do nothing and enjoy the over-spray for years to come. :)

  101. John Martin says

    On my 2nd coat of Rust-oleum Painters Touch 2X ULTRA COVER Paint & Print, which i put on 24 hours after the first coat, cracked!!!!! Not happy. Why not on the first coat? why on the 2nd? Is it because i did not wait 48 hours? What is the best remendy to fix it from here?

    Thank You Very Much,

    • Brooke says

      John, if you wait too long to re-coat it can crack. In my experience you should only wait 30-60 minutes before re-coating. If you wait too long then you will need to wait until the paint is fully set before coating again. Spray painting can be a pain in the rear sometimes. Don’t stress though, just sand off the cracks with 220 grit sandpaper and re-coat.

  102. Eilis says

    I want to paint a china cabinet that has class doors, what do you think is the best way to do that? Painters tape around the glass sounds like the best idea, but you know how that goes you do not get close enough to edges and then you have a crappy line on glass.


    • Brooke says

      I always take the class out of the hutch. Hopefully you have this option. If not just tape them really precisely with newspaper covering the glass and be careful when spraying around them. It is by far easier to remove the glass, spray the furniture and then put it back in after you are done painting. Good luck!

  103. Tay says

    I was just wanting to tell you the picture you have of the spray cans is a super nice brand of spray paint, really top quality stuff, thats called liquitex. It’s not cheap but its really worth it and they have every color imaginable

  104. sean t says

    Hi, great post, thanks! Additionally, I’ve found a major reason paint bubbles is recoating when you shouldn’t, I.e. if it says recoat within 2 hours or after 24 hours, don’t spray at 10 hours. It has to do with adhesion and the paint shrinking as it cures. :)

  105. Sylvia says

    The cans of spray paint you have pictured look like Montana spray point. I don’t know which level in Montana they come from. I use Montana Gold spray paint to paint my art canvas black instead of paying extra for already sprayed canvas. Hope this helps. You can buy Montana spray paint at a good art store or some of the online art websites i.e., Dick Blick, Jerry’s Artarama, Cheap Joe’s, ASW, etc. The Montana gold I use to spray canvas is awesome. The spray is fine, it never clogs. I have had problems with Krylon because it is so thin and runny.

  106. Rachel says

    I recently ordered some customs frames off Etsy and a couple got little scratched during shipping. I contacted the seller who provided me with the exact shade of spray paint she used. Is there a way to do a simple touch up over a small scratch rather than repainting the entire frame?

  107. says

    I am so pleased I’ve found your website, your tutorials are inspiring and are giving me the courage to try out a few ideas that were kicking around in my head.

  108. Jen says

    This blog has been super helpful as I attempt my own DIY projects. I have a wood coffee table that has a very very shiny clear finish on it that I want to pain over. Do I need to remove this somehow or do you think that I can I simply prime and spray paint over it?

    • Brooke says

      I would use a deglosser first. They have it at the home depot. It’s a liquid cream that you rub on it first. After it dries, then sand it lightly and then prime it. Let the primer dry. Sand lightly with 220, and then paint it! Good luck!

  109. Matt says

    I just started to poly over something I spray painted yesterday. I was using MNT94 spray paint and polycrylic. While the spray paint was dry to the touch, the poly seemed to rewet it and the colors started to smear. I’ve read about this being an issue when using different brands of spraypaint over each other, and the recommendation was to wait as long as a week for the spray paint to completely dry before putting a layer on top of it.

  110. Bryon says

    The spray paint in that lower picture appears to be liquitex spray paint I just picked some up from Michaels and trying to figure out how to make it last on a everyday carried item…

  111. Lindsay says

    Have you used Krylon H2O? I am thinking about spray painting a crib for our 3rd child, it’s not practical or in our budget to buy a new crib, and I would like to have a low VOC paint. Have you done this before? What product would you recommend for this?

  112. eliz says

    Hi, I hope you are able to answer this quickly because my bedroom is sealed off and I can’t sleep in it and cats can get into their int? I bought two kinds just in case. I have the gloss spray ultra cover gloss 2x by rustoleum and I also have a paint on kind from varathane called polyurethane. My paint is oil based. This is for a bright white dresser that has metallic gold drawers. The look is Modern Hollywood Glamour. 2. Question. I am next goiing to table kitchen cabinets. Not sure if kitchen is safe for spray paint or if that is a fire hazard. I was going to do them flat black spray and then either spray a sealant or else paint one on. Would love your opinion on both questions. The first one needs an answer asap so I appreciate any expediency you can provide. You are doing a great deed by answering all this time consuming posts. Thank you!! You can email me at

  113. says

    BTW – Metallic spray paint (i.e. chrome especially) takes a very long curing time. I am having to reapply after a third try. This time I am going to use a clear sealer, over the chrome paint.

    Additionally, whenever cleaning up a job, I always use WD-40. It’s much easier on the hands than paint thinner or turpentine, and if you get some on your clothes, or even carpet, it typically won’t bleach anything.

  114. Mira says

    I am trying to help my daughter spray paint (in many light coats for an even finish) a My Little pony figurine so she can design her own…it seems like the longer I let it dry, the more tacky it becomes. Can I seal it or what can I use so it is not tacky anymore. the pony is made of a matte plastic, not super hard plastic, very slightly bendable, you can push a fingernail into it but not far and the mark will disappear in a short time and go back to its natural shape.
    Please help, She is DYING to make her own custom ponies,
    Thanks forever,
    please e-mail me at

    • Brooke says

      Regular spray paint and plastic don’t mesh. I would get some acetone and remove the spray paint that you have used so far and go to the store and get some spray paint that is specifically for plastic. Read the labels closely. I had the same experience when I tried to paint a yoga ball a few years ago. Good luck!

  115. Pamela says

    I just came across your site and have a question. I have a metal/iron dish draining rack. It’s very decorative and bright red, and I will be using it for hand-washed dishes, flatware and pots. I’d like to spray paint it black. Do you know if it’s safe health-wise to spray paint it? Thank you!

    • Brooke says

      I would not use spray paint for something that needs to be food safe. If you love your dish drying rack that much, you need to have it powder coated. If not, I’m sorry to say, you need to throw it away and get a new one. Since they are normally pretty inexpensive, hopefully you can find a new one that you like for a fairly low price tag. xoxo

  116. says

    Holy Cow!!! THANK YOU!!!! I’ve recently become the home improvement expert in my house. (I’ve replaced all the flooring myself.) Now I want to re-do a few pieces of furniture that I love because they have great bones, but they’re just really outdated. This. Is. Awesome.

  117. says

    I ABSOLUTELY love your blog. I was searching for gifts for my job presentation and came across paper treats ( ) in a google search. They turned out fabulous and were a major hit, now I am getting requests to make them for many people (I will have to take a picture since I forgot to take a picture of the first set, but they can be seen all around my job). Then I was looking at DIY crafts for the house and came across your pink dresser that led me to this page. I must say that your blog is gorgeous. It is truly an inspiration. It’s like you have created a personality for the blog that keeps me interested and coming back and when I come on your blog, I am like a kid in a candy store looking for things to do and your instructions are so thorough and easily to follow. I will keep working on my blog and I think once I get to where I think you would enjoy visiting, I will invite you to stop by. I just wanted to stop by and truly thank you for your time that you put into this blog to make it one of the best I have seen and for assisting me with the push I needed with my blog.


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