Piano Refinishing Complete!

Aug 15th, 2010

About a week ago, I posted about Piano Refinishing 101, and with the help of the hubsters this weekend, we are finally completely done with the piano! I am in love with the end result, and I hope you like it too.

As a reminder here is what the $50.00 (off of Craigslist) piano looked like before:

 In the Piano Refinishing 101 post, you will find instructions on how to get this far. It involves an in depth deconstruction prior to painting, and I tried really hard to take a bunch of pictures along the way to document the process. Here she is with the painting complete. You will see in the previous post that I added a wood scroll to the front to add some detail.

Voila! With a little glaze, the detail POPS right out! I’m in love with how great it looks! As you can see, I also upholstered the seat. If you look close on the above picture, the seat had a little warped area. Because of the warping, I decided to buy some 1″ foam and some fabric to make the seat nice and comfy (and hide the warping at the same time.) If you need instructions on how to upholster chairs or benches, go here or here.
Since I know I will get questions on the name and SKU of this fabric…it is called FC Baretta Seaside and the SKU is: 400092151381 (I got the fabric at JoAnn’s). The piano is going in my office, so I thought it would compliment that room nicely.

Here is another angle of the final result!

Want another reminder of the before…here you go. :)

I sprayed the hardware and pedals with oil rubbed bronze spray paint (the same as I used in this previous post) to update the look. After the oil rubbed bronze spray paint dried, we sprayed them with a poly-acrylic clear spray paint to protect them.

You will see that the transformation of the bench was quite dramatic.

Here is a better before and after shot of the bench and the pedals.

I used the same technique of glazing that I explain in my Glazing 101 post, but I took some pictures along the way to share with you. As you can see, I covered the entire wood scroll with glaze. I used a brush to make sure that the glaze covered all the nooks and crannies. Then, I used a damp cloth and wiped off the glaze around the scroll.

Now I need to decide where I want it in the room for sure. I’m kind of thinking it would look amazing against my blue wall …but that would involve moving my computer desk.
Here is a reminder what my blue wall looks like in  my office…

 HMMMM. Decisions-decisions! The piano is getting tuned on Wednesday, so it will need to be in its final spot by then. I’ll let you know what I decide!

UPDATE: Aug 23, 2010 The piano is placed on the blue wall! Check it out HERE!

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