Candy Corn Halloween Wreath

Sep 29th, 2010

Women’s Day magazine had an amazing candy corn wreath project this month, and one of you amazing readers sent me your rendition. I loved the idea, so I had to share it! It reminded me of my Lima bean wreath project from awhile back.

I have bought a couple of magazines this month! Since I have a halloween party every year, I love to get new ideas. I don’t have this particular one, but this is the current cover of the magazine in case you want to buy it.

Here are the items you need for this project:

Begin by wrapping the wreath with duct tape.

Then start gluing on your candy corns with hot glue. Be careful not to burn yourself. When I made my Lima bean wreath, I burned myself a lot!

  Look how cute the round one is!

Just keep going around the entire thing until you have completely covered the wreath. This project took about 2 hours.

What a fun and affordable idea for a Halloween wreath! 

I love both styles!

Thank you to Mary Malie and Rachel Black for sending me their project pictures! Great job ladies!

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