Women’s Day magazine had an amazing candy corn wreath project this month, and one of you amazing readers sent me your rendition. I loved the idea, so I had to share it! It reminded me of my Lima bean wreath project from awhile back.

I have bought a couple of magazines this month! Since I have a halloween party every year, I love to get new ideas. I don’t have this particular one, but this is the current cover of the magazine in case you want to buy it.

Here are the items you need for this project:

Begin by wrapping the wreath with duct tape.

Then start gluing on your candy corns with hot glue. Be careful not to burn yourself. When I made my Lima bean wreath, I burned myself a lot!

  Look how cute the round one is!

Just keep going around the entire thing until you have completely covered the wreath. This project took about 2 hours.

What a fun and affordable idea for a Halloween wreath! 

I love both styles!

Thank you to Mary Malie and Rachel Black for sending me their project pictures! Great job ladies!


  1. says

    I've been following your blog for a while now and have searched back through the archives to see the incredible projects.

    You have inspired me to start a blog, too. I certainly don't have the kind of talent you have, so my blog is a little different.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. says

    I saw this as well and am going to make it. Do you think that you could keep this for use year after year if you spray it with some sort of sealer? Any suggestions of a sealer?

  3. Candy (Mama Lion) says

    Omg I love this. I'm going to have to attempt this! It's the perfect filler for a spot in my entryway I wanted to do something with. Thank u!

  4. Amber says

    I made one yesterday, looked at it today and my little candy corns seem to be semi melting?! Is there a good sealant to use for this so I can use it year after year?

  5. says

    ok, I love this, but I am afraid that the squirrels I have around my house would find SOME way to eat this! They ate my Christmas lights right off of the strand for dang sake!

  6. says

    Saw this yesterday and went out and bought the stuff and it is now hanging on my door. The 2 wreaths I've made in my life are the lima bean one and now this one. Love the look of the little pieces! Thanks for providing us with thrifty amazing projects!

  7. Brett And Tiffani says

    I actually bought this the other day thinking of the one you made with the Lima beans! I want to do this! I also liked the costume ideas in the magazine too!

  8. says

    I just saw this! i will definately be doing this for halloween this year.. its my favorite holiday! Any i will be adding a "V" in the center, not sure what ill be using, but i will probably paint it yellow/orange since my door is white!

  9. says

    Is there a reason you used the tape rather than just painting the wreath black? I'm also wondering if we need to put some sort of sealant to prevent melting and to preserve it so it will last more than one year. Thanks, it's super cute!


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