Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas for Less than $5.00

Sep 27th, 2010

As I told you before, Halloween is a big deal around here, and the decorating process for Halloween will most likely continue until our annual Halloween party at the end of Oct. A few months ago, I got the “itch” to change my IKEA mirror. I got some amazing suggestions! I just couldn’t decide what to do.

So, the other day, I got an idea. Why not make a temporary change for Halloween!?! So, my brain started coming up with ideas. Lots and lots of ideas, but I had to make sure that whatever I chose would be completely reversible. In other words, I would NOT want a Halloween mirror year round. Are you surprised? :)

So, I got on Photoshop and started to play. I started with a few cobwebs…and that turned into this:

After consulting the experts (my sister Natalie and my friend Jo), we decided that paper would be a better option than vinyl lettering. I loved the idea of vinyl, but it was a lot more pricey than paper. So, Jo let me borrow her Cricut machine (which I have never used before) to cut the letters. To all of those Cricut owners, I was in awe at how fast and efficient that machine did the job.

I bought the card stock at the local Robert’s crafts store with a 40% coupon. Here’s a tip, if you go to buy paper, make sure you buy it in the large pack of 25 sheets. That way, you will get the discount on the entire lot of paper. For 25 12X12 sheets, the price was $6.99 but I used a coupon. So, it came to $4.45 after tax. But, I also have a bunch of paper left over.

After I got done cutting the letters, I found that I couldn’t fit them all on exactly as I designed, so I improvised a bit. I stuck them on using “removable” double sided tap.

Here is the end result:

I think it is the perfect “temporary” and thrifty indoor Halloween decor. It doesn’t look cheesy, and yet it still says Halloween. I think decorating for a holiday like Halloween can be a challenge.

You could use this idea on a plain black piece of MDF and it would be darling too. I love the different levels of the words and there are sooo many possiblities. There were a few street names that I wished I could have fit that I didn’t have room for: Ghost Lane, Slim Cir, and Skeleton St. :)

Now, I just need to put the table back and gussy it up a bit with some Halloween items too. Stay tuned!

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