Do you remember the posts I have done about my little friend Chase!?! Well, today, I’m going to showcase his completed room. Chase was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on July 22, 2010. Chase’s Mom Dani and I are great friends.  
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We painted his shelves, I made him some unique artwork, painted his headboard, and introduced him with a Meet Chase post.

Dani has done an amazing job finishing Chase’s room! I love the end result, and I had to show you!!! This entire family has been through so much, and I honestly sit back in awe at how strong they are. 
I can’t believe that she even had time to finish this room with all they ahve been through over the past couple of months. They have been traveling back and forth up to Salt Lake City to Primary Children’s weekly for Chase’s treatments. Dani also has a WEEK old baby. So, I’m pretty sure Dani get’s the SUPER STAR of the month award here at All Things Thrifty! 
Ok, now down to the details….Dani showed me these darling tin pictures that she picked up at Tai Pan, a home decorating store here in Utah. They were only $1.50 each. I thought it would be cool to mount them on some MDF so that the artwork was an inch or so thick. I thought they needed a little dimension to them, and Dani got right on it. In fact, I think she had them completely done within a day or so! :) She went to Lowes and bought a sheet of MDF (a 4X8 foot sheet is only about $20.00 or so) and she asked the Lowe’s employee to cut the board for her. He cut them exactly the correct sizes! All Dani had to do was paint the edges of the MDF gray, and then mount the artwork onto the boards. If you look real close you can see the four nails that she put into the artwork on each corner.

This artwork makes a huge statement and takes up the entire wall in his room. I love how it turned out!

See how they stick off the wall to create more dimension.

I love the old fashioned cars on the artwork!

She also hung an adorable vinyl car above his bed. The artwork of Chase is a one of a kind made by Modern Bird Studios.

I was so excited when Modern Bird Studios offered to make this artwork for Chase. I love how it turned out! The great thing about their artwork is that they make it from your photographs. So, I sent them a picture of Chase.

I got to pick the color, and I thought orange would be soooo cute in his room, and VIOLA! It was so much fun surprising Dani with the artwork yesterday! Thank you Modern Bird Studios for doing this for Chaser!

Chase’s room is now complete! I think it looks absolutely DARLING!!!

I have had quite a few readers contact me about how they can help Chase and his family. Here are some ways you can help:
If you live in the St. George Area,
Spoon Me Frozen Yogurt is sponsoring Chase for the month of September. So if you go to Spoon Me, a portion of your yogurt cost will go to Chase. What better way to support little Chase, than enjoying a delicious yogurt!!! 
Spoon Me is located at:

2376 Red Cliffs Drive Suite 309
St. George, UT 84790
(435) 674-0900

Also, a fantastic opportunity to help Chase is in the works from Sione and Felipe from Biggest Loser Season 7!

If you don’t live in the Southern Utah area (or even if you do and would like to donate)
There is a website set up on behalf of Chase and from there you can donate to Chaser’s fund. Click on the button below:


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