Refinishing a Dining Room Hutch by Brooke at Crafting Chicks!

Sep 17th, 2010

Today’s feature Friday makes me giddy inside. Today I am featuring Brooke…how fun….Brooke featuring…Brooke. :) Cute name huh! First of all, Brooke and I have been friends for nine years. She grew up with my hubby, and she is one of those “good at everything people.” Do you know a few of these!?! Well, she is definitely in that category.

She is part of the Crafting Chicks, and they have great stuff. This group of ladies are MEGA-TALENTED. Well, Brooke sent me a picture of her Dining Room Hutch Transformation, and I was instantly in love with it.

She even mentioned that All Things Thrifty had a small part in the technique/inspiration of this project and it made me super proud.

So check this out! I loved the design of the hutch from the get-go.

She primed her like a painting pro!

And painted her next

I know you all want to know the details of the colors she used.

She then needed a little bit of a “push” to glaze the hutch. This is the part that seems to make people nervous. I’m not sure why. Honestly, glazing is a cinch once you learn. It simply gives such a subtle, but AMAZING difference in furniture. I think it can make your furniture transformation look store-bought.

After she took the plunge, of course she glazed it like a pro too!

The glaze adds sooo much in my opinion. Here it is before the glaze went on:

And here she is after a little love from glaze:

Do you see what I mean!?! It changes your project from looking a bit homely to a piece you would find in an upscale furniture store. I love the fabric she used on the back. She also sprayed the hardware.

Viola! This hutch is something I would LOVE in my home.

Now, head over to give Brooke some love ? over at the Crafting Chicks!

By the way, I see hutches like this on Craigslist ALL THE TIME for less than $100.00. :) Just in case you wanted to know.


  1. What a beauty!!!

  2. I'm glad to see something red! Now I'm not so nervous about the dresser and headboard I plan to do for my son's surfer room.

  3. Wow that's gorgeous!!

  4. Wow that's gorgeous!!

  5. What a beautiful transformation! I have a question: Do you apply the glaze to the whole piece or only to the nooks and cranies? Thank you!

  6. I recently blogged about 2 dressers I found at the thrift store in this style. And the same day those came into the store, THIS hutch came in! I may be heading back over to get it for my sewing studio. This is gorgeous!

  7. oh its just gorgeous! she did a great job… and you cant find that stuff over here :-(

  8. I agree with you totally about the glaze….but has she put the handles back on upside down?

  9. Oooh, I love it! The red with the fabric is perfect!

  10. Oh my goodness that is amazing! I want to do something like that for our tv stand. Thanks for the cute idea and hinters!

  11. Brooke. Thanks for this generous feature!!! :) You are the best. But I think that you are the QUEEN of the "good at everything" category!! For reals. Thanks again for your sweet words. xoxoxoxo

    Brooke @ The Crafting Chicks

  12. Dan and Sara says:

    I am in love with it!! Beautifully done!!

  13. I does look great! What type of glaze do you recommend? I need to vamp up an old dresser and love looking at your site for ideas!

  14. yeah, I think they're upside down! But the entire thing looks so much better than before!!

  15. Turned out so cute! Check out my oval mirror inspired by and made with instructions 100% from you:

  16. Turned out so cute! Check out my oval mirror inspired by and made with instructions 100% from you:

  17. I LOVE IT!!! I haven't thought I ever wanted a hutch until I saw her RED one…gotta have one now!! Great job! Thanks for posting!

  18. I say watch the free section of craigslist. I have one of these I got for free when a military family moved. I knew I wanted a hutch and I spent a week stalking the ads on my local list. I'm debating painting it still. I'm a little intimidated by the glass and the fact that only the middle opens. Not sure hot to do it without making a huge mess and lots of work.

    This one is beautiful! makes me want to make that mess anyway.

  19. Did you have to sand the piece at all before priming it? Have a similar hutch and thinking about attempting myself. Thanks for sharing!

  20. kellie_dayton says:

    Love it! But I am confused. Did you use spray paint? And the antiquing? Sprayed on? I dont get it. Love it though!!

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