Refinishing Furniture is EASY!

Sep 9th, 2010

I am finished with the desk that I posted about a few days ago. I am honestly having the hardest time deciding if I should sell it or keep it. :( I want it. In fact…it would go perfectly in my spare bedroom. It matches so well!! So, I think I’ll hold onto it for now. SHHHH… try not to spill the beans to my hubby. :)

Here is a reminder of the “before” picture. This desk was given to me by a friend. It is a great piece of furniture and is well made. It has been in a garage for a few months, waiting for some love, affection, and attention. 

Here she is AFTER ! Really, refinishing furniture is super easy. All you need is a little paint, patience, and perseverance. The three P’s. :)

Here are the details of her transformation:
I took the drawers out and primed and painted them. I used KILZ spray primer (as usual) and used Krylon Ivory gloss for the paint.

I decided that the drawers were a little too plain for me, so I got out my paintable wall paper that I bought at LOWES a while back. I used it on my Window Valance project, and I have a TON left. With some precise measuring and cutting with my OLFA cutter, the wall paper created a GREAT result! After the wall paper dried, I painted it with the same ivory gloss Krylon spray paint, and then glazed it when it was dry.

The inside of the drawers had a picture that someone had drawn, so I decided to put some fabric on the drawers to cover up the sketches. I used spray adhesive to glue down the fabric.

I also sprayed the top of the desk with Chalkboard paint that I picked up at Home Depot. Yes…chalk board paint comes in the SPRAY can! :) I then sprayed the GREAT pink hardware with my trusty oil rubbed bronze spray paint, and VIOLA, she looks brand, spankin’ new!

I decided to write a to do list on the top to give her a try. I LOVE doodling, and “to do” lists are a MUST in this household. This is when I fell in too deep to sell her.

 Doesn’t she look GREAT!?!?

I can already picture all of my sewing stuff in her drawers. :) What do you think? Should I keep her, or sell her?


  1. She's a beauty…I don't think I could let her go if I had room for her :)

  2. I say sell it! It will give you an excuse to get another dresser and refinish it! Projects = <3

  3. Sell it…to me!! I have no place for it but I am in LOVE!!

  4. Adorable! just adorable!

  5. i love this desk!! you do such amazing work! i am going to attempt my first refinish tonight using your spray paint and glaze techniques. i am re-doing two frames. wish me luck! (i'll need it! ha)

  6. Keep her! She is too beautiful to let go of. The paintable wall paper is an excellent touch. I am still a novice at glazing and would be afraid to glaze it after attaching it to the piece of furniture. Would it be possible to do it before?

  7. If this was facebook, I'd "like" this :D It looks wonderful!

  8. This is a great furniture rehab. I love the paintable wallpaper. It adds such a chic touch! I featured you on my blog today. great work. :)

  9. It looks great! I am looking for a desk to redo at the moment. That is at the top of my to-do list. I used chalkboard paint to do a backsplash in my kitchen and LOVE it!

  10. The desk looks awesome! Hopefully, my husband and I will be looking into getting our own home soon and I've been trying to find blogs of people who do things like this. Your site is awesome!!

  11. if you sell it your always wish you kept it…

  12. it looks great! that wall paper is the perfect touch! i think you should give her to me ;-) wink hehehe
    btw, i like that you remind yourself to shower! LOL

  13. sell her to husband and i just got our first place and the only furniture we have is our bed, and we are trying to save up to buy furniture. but i'm definitely going to try the DI out here because of you! thanks for all the inspiration and tutorials!

  14. I think if you sold it, you would regret it every time you saw these pictures – it is just a great looking desk – looks Ballard'ish or Pier One-ish – really simple lines but just enough pizzazz to make it unique and have some funky flair to it. Love the B&W; – it is a piece that you could refinish over and over as your life and likes changed… KEEPER in my book.

  15. You always amaze me! That desk is beautiful! When I saw the picture I said "That is Awesome!" Great job!

  16. You always amaze me! That desk is beautiful! When I saw the picture I said "That is Awesome!" Great job!

  17. OMG I am in love with this piece. You are amazing….love the chalkboard top, the fabric drawers and especially the wall paper thing. Could you elaborate on how you did this in a future post, pretty please!?

  18. It's so cute! Keep it! You might regret it if you don't and you can always sell it later…

  19. it's a KEEPER. for snippity snap sure. seriously, you must keep it. perhaps one of my favorite pieces you've done. great job!

  20. Keep her! You put so much work and creativity into it. I did the same thing – bought a chest of drawers to repaint, distress, and then sell and kept it for myself!

  21. You should keep her but if you don't want her anymore I will defiantly take it off your hands and buy it from you!

  22. GORGEOUS! I love the wall paper on the drawers! Now I will have to find something and copy you! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  23. If I were you I would keep it. But then it would be awesome to have a desk like that in my home as well.
    Beautiful job as always!

  24. Brooke! I love it. The wallpaper added SO MUCH> so cute.

  25. darlenemc817 says:

    Oh, I'd definitely have to keep her. She's a beauty. I have a similar style desk that I'm trying to get up enough nerve to redo. You have inspired me!

  26. Keep her! It's adorable!!!
    This post is great timing b/c my mom is bringing over an old desk for my first grader, so now I can copy this technique. Whoo-hoo!

  27. You have to keep it. What a great piece.

  28. I love this desk! From the houndstooth fabric to the glazed wallpaper, this desk is fabulous. Great job, it's adorable.

  29. You put the subject of this post as "… is easy"!! It has not been easy for me! I bought a huge dresser for $13 at Goodwill and it is amazing. However, I primed it then rolled the paint on (way too big to spray paint). It looked horrible. SO I am going to sand and brush the paint on. So you my friend have a talent for this stuff! Cuz it sure doesn't come easy to me! The desk is beautiful!

  30. I painted my first project this week and it turned out pretty good. The dresser is pretty plain, but thanks for all the awesome tips!

  31. sweet!!

  32. W.O.W….I can hardly believe that it is the same desk! Brooke, you have an AMAZING talent for seeing the potential in any piece of furniture/wood/project/item/room/can-o-spray paint! I {heart} this desk, I am sure that if it was mine I would struggle mightily with selling a piece with SUCH personality!!! :) Love it!

  33. Page@ThriftyNiftyWise says:

    I love this! I'm a new follower and I've been so impressed. This looks really great, thanks for sharing :)

  34. My five year old son just told me he wants it for his legos!

  35. Janeal @ decorative deals says:

    Absolutely darling…I love it!!! You know you should keep it! :)

  36. Keep it! Love the details and the chalkboard top!

  37. Sell it!!! It would be perfect in my house. I'll come pick it up today!! No seriously, if you think about selling it, I'm first in line. Really. :)

  38. LOVE it! I'd keep it if I were you! How'd you paint the wallpaper just on the raised parts? That is sooo cute!

  39. that is a fantastic redo, and i L.O.V.E the chalkboard paint!

  40. LOVE! Seriously. What a great idea using paintable wall paper in those little spaces. She's a beauty!

  41. I am a new follower and love your blog! This dresser is so cute and I am now excited to play with wallpaper more! I do all types of crafts and have recently decided to add furniture rehab to my skills. After reading so many great blogs like yours I decided to even start one of my own to share my projects with friends and family.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  42. The Yoder's Four says:

    LOVE IT!!!! I would totally keep it if I were you. The drawers are fabulous. Since someone gave it to you for free, it's not like you would lose out on $$. Great job, as always! Move your sewing stuff in there before you have a chance to change your mind!!

  43. I LOVE that you have "don't forget to shower!" on the to-do list! ha ha. so me.

  44. ooooh, pretty! She does go perfectly in the guest room!

  45. I love the paintable wallpaper! Wonderful touch. I would sell her, you can always make another one, right?

  46. I love the paintable wallpaper! Great touch. I would sell her, you can always make another one right?

  47. This turned out to be a beautiful piece!! I think you should keep it, it would be so hard to let go…

    I can not believe your result with the paintable wall paper. It is truly amazing!!

  48. fabulous! and my favorite touch is the houndstooth lining…..awesome project!

  49. When you refinish furniture, is it necessary to sand it, or can you always just use primer??

  50. Keep, Keep, Keep! If it is that dear to your heart, don't dare sell it! I wouldn't!

  51. I don't think I could let it go. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing this, I'll be linking.

  52. LOVE this! I am linking it to my latest post which is all about CHALKBOARD PAINT PROJECTS! Check it out:

    Thanks for sharing! BEAUTIFUL!

  53. sell! sell! sell! i would buy it from you myself :)


  54. This desk is amazing! I have had fun looking through your blog this morning. Also picked up helpful tips on spray painting furniture. Follow me @ :)

  55. So pretty! Keep it! I'd personally use it near the entryway or hallway as we could leave speedy notes to one another as we are always on the go. If I used it for anything other I'd prob get chalk all over my arms lol! Beautiful work and great blog to inspire!

  56. I love it! It's so much like the one I have. I am just itching to paint mine. How did you paint the wall paper?

    Love it!
    Hope you don't mind I put a pic of your desk on my blog. :o)


  57. I found you through Pinterest. This is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you ended up keeping it, at least for awhile :p

  58. Hey I was really wondering how much and where you could get the chalkboard spray paint? My mom and I want to make our own little chalkboards using picture frames. If I could get some feedback ASAP it’d be great! Thanks! (:


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