Janet over at Cul-de-sac Chic sent me her Halloween decor project that was inspired by Martha Stewart. I have the Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook, and this project is inside. I spotted the project about a month ago, and I really want it in my yard!

This project is super cheap, and is an absolutely darling Halloween decoration idea! I’ll let you check out most of the project over at Janet’s blog but I’ll give you a condensed version to entice you to check her out.

Her hubby cut out the designs on ply wood. Don’t forget that ply wood is super duper cheap…less than $20.00 for an entire sheet!

Martha gives you the great templates in her tutorial HERE to make them…or you could use a projector to trace them on (probably what I would do since I’m obsessed with using a projector).

With a little paint and hardware to stake them into her lawn, she created an absolutely adorable and CHEAP Halloween decoration!

Here it is when it is getting dark! I love it!

Great job to Janet over at Cul-de-sac Chic!


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    I saw this on Martha last year and I LOVED IT! I just wish I had a yard to put it in LOL! I cannot wait to purchase! Looks great in ur yard! How luck are you to have a helping hubby to do the cutting!

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    being honest, i normally don't care for holiday lawn decorations because 9 times out of 10, they're tacky and cheesy. but THIS? wow – it's almost like a work of art!! it turned out truly stunning. even i would put this in my yard 😉

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    I made one last year… She is amazing… I put her closer to the house and put a green flood on her and put a cauldron next to her too. She looks really spooky at night and i get the added shadow of her on my house. This is one of the best Martha projects I've seen. I love yours! I didn't do the cats… I saved them for this year. If you go to my blog and search Halloween you should come up with the photos.

    Happy Halloweeeeeen

  4. Katie @ Not Just Decorating says

    These turned out nice :) I also wanted to tell you that I added you to my blogroll. Have a great day!

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    Thanks for sharing my halloween decorations with everyone. I was so excited when I heard you posted this. We honestly had so much fun making them. Plus it was super cheap we paid 5.97 for the 4 x 8 OSB. I had the black paint leftover. The hardest part was cutting them out.

    A projector is on my wish list. I would do it that way too if I had one.

    Thanks Again,

    Janet Cul-de-Sac Chic

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