Painting your interior walls is a super duper cheap way to change the look of your home. However, one of my biggest pet peeves in decorating is when the lines are not straight in a room. When you tape off your area, it is easy to do it sloppily (believe me, I’ve learned this personally).

How do you get a crisp straight line with painter’s tape?
#1 way: Use the right products. Yes, you will notice that when you go to buy painter’s tape, there are a million different types you can buy. But, my number one advice is to buy the “no bleeding” type of painter’s tape. And yes, it can be expensive. Is it worth it in my opinion? Yes!

#2: If you already own a bunch of the old painter’s tape (which I do) then you can seal the edge of the painter’s tape with paintable caulk. When you run the caulk along the edge, simply rub it with your finger along the edge to smooth it down and seal the edge of the painter’s tape to the wall. Then you need to wait for it to dry, and then paint your wall normally. This will also result in crisp straight lines.

#3: Even the best products and execution will probably end up with some discrepancies. This is the part that seems to be forgotten at times (at least around here). When you get done, simply take a small paint brush and touch up along the edge of your line where it needs it. Sometimes when I get to this point of the project I want to delay the touch up with internal excuses like, “Oh I’ll touch it up later,” or “It doesn’t look that bad,” (can anyone relate?). This is the inner laziness I have. But honestly, I have learned that a quick touch up immediately after the project is done is much more likely to happen than one “later.” I think the main reason is because after the project is over and the paint is put away, getting the paint back out seems much more of a pain than spending 15 minutes during the initial paint project.

We used two different painter’s tape products. I’ll show you the exact item using Amazon. I’ve learned that showing you this way is much easier to show you the exact product.


I have also heard GREAT things about Frog tape:

Here is the hubsters doing a fab job taping off the entry way.

The color I choose was a serene turquoise. :) The color, however, is not from one of BEHR’s original color swatches. I had it color matched from a piece of wall paper that I loved. Below I give you a picture of the label of the color just in case you’d like the same color.

After the space was taped off, Dan and I cut in the edges with a small roller and a paint brush. This helps get the edges of your wall done so that when you start rolling, you will not get paint on your ceiling, baseboards, or door trims.

This is a better picture of the wall after we completed the edges.

Here is the paint color as promised. :)

And here are a few photos of entryway after the painting was complete.

I love how crisp and clean the lines look!

Stay tuned…it is not done yet!


  1. says

    I LOVE IT! I did my entry way wall a very similar color but I used Ralph Lauren suede texture paint. I love the look of it-everyone touches it when they come in because it really looks like suede. LOL.

  2. Rachel says

    I love the color! You're right about it showing more of your personality- just that one little gallon of paint and it totally looks more fun and creative. I hope that last picture is a hint of something else that you did to the ceiling…I need some ideas for ours!

    We just repainted our house from an orangey neutral to a nice blue-gray. (Martha Stewart Slipstream) It totally changed the look of the house, and made me feel like it was more "me"- a lot like what you are doing with your entryway! ( if you want to see it.)

  3. The Yoder's Four says

    I have been wanting to go aqua blue and green in my house. This makes me want to take the plunge and paint!

  4. says

    Loving the color and the entryway…. Since I am not too accomplished in painting a room, tell me what I paint first, the white woodwork and then the walls or the walls and then the woodwork. (crown molding, baseboards, etc).


  5. Tiffany says

    I love the color you chose for the wall! Have you considered sanding and painting or staining the front door? It seems to really stand out from all the white doors and trim.

  6. Brooke @ says

    I would tape off the trim first and paint the walls. After the walls are dry then I would tape off the walls and paint the trim.

  7. says

    Love it. Thanks for the tutorial! We just bought a home and I'm looking forward to painting in the upcoming weeks. The tip on the bloc it tape came at the perfect time!

  8. says

    Just an FYI the edger that can be purchased at walmart for $5 is the best it really works. NO more taping. and it is cheapier then having to purchase tape. Just thought you might want to know

  9. Mrs BC says

    We have almost the exact same colour in our hallway! We had to custom mix,too. Our inspiration was the inside of a wave – very calm :)
    I am about to hang 34 black box frames in this hall to create a 'family gallery'.

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