Yesterday I told you about designing some great kid’s decor focal points for Benson’s room. Today, I will share the Batman design. We used the exact same technique as the Superman Wall Art described HERE.

We cut them out of 1/2 inch MDF.

It looked like this.

Then we painted them with bright yellow spray paint.

Then I upholstered the back with black felt…I debated whether this was necessary since the board was already black, but ultimately I wanted the inside to have the same dull sheen as the others.

I love the dimension!

This one is Benson’s favorite one!

How fun!!!

Update: Look how cute all three super hero projects look together!! I love them! Click here for the captain america sign and click here for the superman sign tutorial!

Super Hero Wall Art


  1. DesignWorks says

    Just did a Superman logo for my nephew and then ready to start a Batman for another and was looking for Batman logos when I found this post. Funny how close we are on design! Superman
    I'm thinking on the Batman that it might have a removable insert for color changes of the bat.

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