DIY Barbie House

Dec 29th, 2010

After searching and searching at the last minute for a Barbie House for my girls, we (when I say we I mean my cute hubby) decided to make one. It is HUGE, and my girls absolutely LOVE it!

All my kiddos have been home from school last week and will be home for the next week, and it is so hard to get anything done around here! :) Stay tuned for a tutorial as soon as I don’t have little eyes on me at all times. My seven year old daughter would be devastated if she saw pictures of her Daddy (instead of Santa’s elves) making her Barbie house.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

I was spoiled by my hubby. Don’t you love the “I’m not getting you hardly anything” talk? I honestly got him basically nothing, and he kept pulling gifts from under the tree for me. What a sweetie stinker.

My favorite gift from him? My orange and brown pillow from Target. :) Love it! It matches my style and decor perfectly.

I realized that I never took a picture of my Christmas tree as I was taking these pictures of my pillows! With the baby coming, I have been pretty preoccupied.

Here is my 2010 Christmas Tree! It is hard to tell how spunky it looks with all the sticks coming out the sides.

When do you start taking down Christmas decor at your house? Do you wait until after New Years or do you start the day after Christmas?


  1. Cool Barbie House! Can't wait to see your process. It turned out so cute. Your xmas tree is also beautiful! :)

  2. I wish I had a little girl to build that awesome barbie house for. Great job!! I was itching to pack away my decor by about 9pm Christmas night haha. We packed everything up Monday night though. I'm glad it's done though!

  3. Your tree looks so pretty! I love the size of it on the table! It really simplifies the look.
    I am ready to take my tree down today…maybe with the kids home I can put them to good use :)

    I usually leave the tree up until New Year's but this year I am done. I want to work on some other projects now!

  4. Absolutely awesome house! I would have loved that house as a kid.
    My Christmas decorations are mostly still up, but since it's rainy and cold here right now, I think I'll start taking them down today.

  5. That Barbie house is awesome!
    I was planning to keep the Christmas stuff up until New Year's, but I decided to start taking everything down today. I'm excited to move on to new accessories and decor so I'm taking Christmas away today!

  6. Love the tree. Usually we take everything down on New Years. Otherwise it might just stay there until Valentines or something. Love the Barbie house. I'll bet the girls can't get enough of playing with it!!

  7. Hi, i found you through poppies at play, just wanted to tell you that you can buy furniture for your doll house at and it's really cute too. Way Cute Doll House!

  8. The Yoder's Four says:

    Love the Barbie house! I can't wait to hear how thrifty it was. Love your tree, too. I took my Christmas decor down yesterday. Some years I am just burnt out on the holidays and ready to get back to normal life!

  9. That Barbie house is awesome. Growing up my sister and I had one my grandpa made for us and we got a million hours of play time out of it!!

  10. I leave my decorations up until at least January 6 (the 12th day of Christmas) so I can really enjoy them after all the Christmas hubbbub.

  11. I love the way you made the doll house and designed your Christmas tree. The office cleaning service (New York-based) recommended me to have it on my office's reception. I just felt like the office cleaning services (New York-based) are also into interiors. Well, they know well since they've been hopping to houses and offices.

  12. i usually wait until after new years day but this year i had a day and i just wanted to get it done so it's down!

  13. that's so very cool! Looking forward to the tutorial :)

  14. We actually just took down all of our Christmas decorations today. Everything is put away into the yucky crawl space until next year. I am so glad my son is not afraid of that dark little hole. Blech.

    That Barbie house is amazing! Good job Santa. :)

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  16. You inspired me with this, and when I found a dollhouse at the DI in July, I turned it into this… Come see!

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