Have you ever just simply been in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!?! My friend Jo, was lucky enough to do just that! It was a pretty funny phone call because she knew she wanted it, she knew she couldn’t walk away without it…but she was not sure what to do with it once she got it home! :)

This bad boy was only $8.00! Are you starting to believe me when I say that DECORATING can be INEXPENSIVE!?!?! I hope so, because this piece of furniture is a prime example of just that!

A few of you have contacted me with questions about paint chipping off of furniture. Jo’s furniture project had the same problem. My first concern with chipping paint is if it is lead based paint or not. Honestly, I’m not sure how to find out, but if your furniture is fairly old, you have a pretty darn good chance that it is lead based. So…you either need to:
1. Get it off with elbow grease (meaning…sand, sand, sand) or
2. Use a chemical stripper to get it off…or
3. Conceal it by using several coats of polycrylic or polyurethane.

Jo’s project started out like this. The paint was basically FALLING off of certain parts of the cabinet. (Don’t you agree…it has HUGE potential!)

It was pretty easy for the possy (Jo and her fabulous neighbors) to get off the paint in some spots. But, the fine detailed doors posed a much harder problem.

That’s when Jo decided to turn to a furniture stripper to help her get off the un-wanted/possible lead based paint.

Warning: If you use a product such as this, MAKE SURE you use gloves and a mask. The chemicals in this stuff will burn the heck out of your hands and lungs.

As you can see in the below picture…I did not follow my own advice…I was not using gloves. Do NOT try this at home.

But, as you can see, if you follow the directions of the stripper product, the paint wipes right off with spackle knife.

We also used steel wool in certain spots and a tooth brush to try and get as much paint off as possible in the detailed areas. As you can see, we did not get ALL the paint off. This is ok. We were just trying to get enough off to have a smooth pallet for her new coats of primer and paint to go on.

She was documented the entire process. The pictures are numbered going down and then left to right.

The primed the bad boy with KILZ primer, and used Krylon Ocean Breeze to spray it the cool blue color I love so dearly!

Next, she glazed it to make the lovely details pop right out!
Sidenote: I got to help with making the pillows on her couch too. :) Check out that previous post HERE.

It looks stinkin’ awesome!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous time getting ready for Christmas this week! If you are like me, you are staying up until 1am in the morning because you procrastinated BADLY. I hope for your sake, that is not the case. Unfortunately, procrastination has always been my middle name. (My WORST quality in my opinion). All of you “got it together” Moms who have been done with their shopping for months ARE. MY. HERO.

So, when did we start to make a Barbie House for my two darling daughters? Last night. Yep. I’m. An. Idiot. (Cross your fingers for us!) Stay tuned for pictures.


  1. says

    Absolutely gorgeous piece! I probably would have given up with that much chippy paint.

    As for procrastination, I think this is the first year where I won't be staying up to watch the midnight mass while we assemble and wrap things… I mean, the first year since having kids, and I have a 17 year old! So don't feel bad. It happens. Good luck with the Barbie house! I know you'll make it amazing. :)

  2. says

    That is an AWESOME project. Love it!

    Not to be a kill joy but you should NEVER NEVER NEVER sand off paint that you suspect could be lead based. Sanding and heat removal techniques will release the dangerous lead into the air where it can be inhaled. You should use a special stripper for lead based paints, wear rubber gloves, disposable clothing (no kidding! Those paper jumpsuits, and a mask. And you can get a swab tester at Lowes Depot to know if the paint is lead based in the first place.
    *off soap box*

    Again, awesome project! I'd have bought it too!

  3. The Yoder's Four says

    I've been working my butt off for months and I'm still not ready for Christmas!! I've had a lot of late nights lately. At least I know I'm in good company. :)

    I can't wait to see that Barbie house!!

  4. says

    I have seen a lot of blue, teal and turquoise projects of late on blogs and although they are all very pretty. This one has that special wow factor for some reason. Has to be the details! What a beauty! Well done.

    @ Ms. Trisha, thanks for the information on the swab tester at Lowes! Good to know.


  5. says

    I am thinkin bout making a play kitchen out of a little dresser thing starting tomorrow! It is already stripped of paint and sanded tho! But still quite a project! I will see if I actually do it!

  6. Brooke @ www.allthingsthrifty.com says

    You heard her peeps. Listen to the expert about lead based paint…I have never dealt with it personally, and it sounds like Trish has. My advice is to take her advice. :)

  7. says

    The Barbie house project will turn out fabulously! Belive me, we did one for our daughter 2 years ago and started on Christmas Eve eve and it all worked out…. thanks to the propane heaters to help dry the paint in a freezing garage!

  8. says

    I started painting a red end table that I'm making into a lego table for my oldest son last night, too!

    With the lead check, you can buy a stick that checks for lead in broken paint at Lowes or Home Depot. I think it's in the cleaning isle, but I just asked an employee when I needed to get one. I got a two pack and you just rub it on. If the stick turns pink, it's got lead. Lovely coffee table!

  9. kelly says

    turned out beautifully. there are test kits at home hardware stores that you can test for lead paint.
    love the glaze i need a tutorial for glazing!

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