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Jan 19th, 2011

Welcome to All Things Delicious [January Edition]
Share your Favorite Salad Recipe! 

Call me a minimalist if you’d like, but the honest to goodness truth is that the recipes that I use all the time, the ones that my kids will eat, are simple, simple, simple. So, I debated…should I share a recipe that I make once a year? Or should I share a recipe that I use ALL. THE. TIME. I chose to share the one that I make a lot. I got this recipe from my mother in law, and it only has three main ingredients! Gotta love that.  It isn’t a “healthy” salad recipe though, so forgive me for that. It is delicious though! :)

Cottage Cheese Fruit Salad

1 carton cottage cheese
1 3 oz. pkg. jello any flavor
1 9 oz. tub of cool whip

My kids favorite fruits to add to this are bananas and pineapple, but you can add all sorts of fruits.

Combine all ingredients into a bowl and stir until jello is dissolved.

Add fresh fruit of your choice.

Example: sliced bananas, crushed pineapple, strawberries…etc. Yum!  is a great place to find new recipes and to share your own.

Now it’s your turn to share your favorite salad recipe!


  1. Yummy!! I love all kinds of fruit salad.

    I'm on my phone, but was still able to link up my very favorite salad recipe from a past post I did. It's called Chopped Salad. It's always a huge hit with everyone.

  2. My family LOVES this salad. When I was a kid we ONLY made it on Thanksgiving… I don't know why. I make it on a somewhat more regular basis. Our standard is with sugar free orange jello, low fat cottage cheese, pineapple tidbits, bananas and mandrin oranges. Almost exactly the same as yours!

  3. ooh i like the sound of this! i think i'll try it with sugar free stuff and try it! Thanks for sharing

  4. I make this ALL THE TIME for my family. We've used so many different concoctions, but my families favorite is lime jell-o with crushed pineapple. Also, I always use sugar-free jell-o and fat free cottage cheese, and fat-free cool whip and I can't really tell a differnce and neither can the kids so I feel a lot better about it!:)

  5. I'm definitely going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome! One of my girls doesn't like cottage cheese, so we do a different fruit salad. :)

  7. Oh, this is one of my favorite fruit salads! Great idea and I think we will be making it tomorrow!!

  8. My mother use to make something very similar to this when I was little and I loved it! Thanks for posting! You never realize how much fruit salad is a Utah thing until you move out of Utah. lol!

  9. OMG – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cottage Cheese Salad. It is a huge favorite in my family, yet my husband thinks we are all crazy. I love orange jello with mandarin oranges or cherry jello with pineapple.

  10. We make a very similar recipe in our family but add marshmallows & nuts!

  11. Awesome! My fave too! It's almost exact but we put marshmallows in ours.

  12. I love this salad and we call it Mormon Fluffy Salad… because you always see it at a Mormon potluck!! I like to add the type of fruit to the salad that is the same as the jello… i.e. raspberries with raspberry jello..

  13. I just made this and it is DEEEElicious!!! Best part is, I used fat free cottage cheese, sugar free jello and light cool whip, so it totally fits in with my weight watchers plan and doesn't blow my points for a really yummy treat!!

  14. I grew up eating this salad, it's the BEST! We always had mandarin oranges and cut up grapes in ours. I especially love strawberries in it as well.

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