Has it been 1 week already?

Jan 30th, 2011

I cannot believe that it has already been a week since I had this darling little cutie! The last week is a blur. “Tired” is an understatement…”exhausted” may not even be strong enough. I had a friend tell me that she was thinking about getting the words “I’m tired” tattooed to her forehead after she had her fourth child. I now know what she was talking about! How do people survive with more kids than 4? All I know is that I have been SPOILED. ROTTEN. this week. I haven’t had to cook a thing, and my Mom and Dad were here for most of it. My Mom did all my laundry, cleaned her heart out, and watched my kiddos. So, when I have to start cooking myself, and doing the laundry again. I’m in for it.

I couldn’t resist showing you an updated picture I snapped of the babe. I know I’m biased, but I think he’s the most handsome baby I’ve ever seen (at least since my last one was born). :)

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