I cannot believe that it has already been a week since I had this darling little cutie! The last week is a blur. “Tired” is an understatement…”exhausted” may not even be strong enough. I had a friend tell me that she was thinking about getting the words “I’m tired” tattooed to her forehead after she had her fourth child. I now know what she was talking about! How do people survive with more kids than 4? All I know is that I have been SPOILED. ROTTEN. this week. I haven’t had to cook a thing, and my Mom and Dad were here for most of it. My Mom did all my laundry, cleaned her heart out, and watched my kiddos. So, when I have to start cooking myself, and doing the laundry again. I’m in for it.

I couldn’t resist showing you an updated picture I snapped of the babe. I know I’m biased, but I think he’s the most handsome baby I’ve ever seen (at least since my last one was born). :)


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    Oh my gosh, he is ADORABLE!!! Zombie mode is the hardest thing ever. Hang in there! It's great that you've had so much help, that makes a big difference when you get a running start in the beginning. OH! And I just found out that you were friends and visiting teaching companion with my cousin Melissa! It's such a small world! And I linked to your awesome blog in my post at natsprat.blogspot.com. You're my hero. :)

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    He is adorable! I love it when they are all wrinkly and look like little old men :) And I only have 2 and feel crazy a lot of the time, so cheers to you for 4!

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    He is so handsome– did I hear you named him Creed? That is my 8 year old son's name :) We love it! Congrats & I looove your blog-you & I are so much alike- I love fun projects that are "thrifty"
    Best wishes with sleep girl

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    I love his rolly, wrinkly skin!! What a cutie! I just had my 4th before Christmas and I totally feel ya! It is exhausting… my mom did all my laundry too and I still haven't been able to catch up since… someday I'll get it together!!

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    Oh, he really IS a beautiful baby!! Love all those wrinkles. So cute!! I just found out today that my 3rd is a girl. I'm nervous about adding a 3rd! I don't know how people do it with so many kids either.

  6. Angie Williams says

    I'm not sure if you'll remember me… but my husband and I lived in Pine Valley, so we knew Dan well! And we ran into him picking up a table for you at a yard sale a while back – and that's how I found out about your blog! Anyway – congrats on the little one! He looks just like Dan. We're happy for you guys!

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    I just had my fourth a few months ago, and it is kicking my trash!! :) My kids are 5, 4, 3 and 6 month old. Because of #4 I just barely read this post that was put up over a month ago! And I used to check your blog a couple of times a day just to see if there was something new up! haha. So I hear ya on the busy thing. I hope it's getting easier for you. Good luck and hang in there! He is adorable, so that makes it all worth it, right? :)

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