My sister Natalie is on Studio Five today in Salt Lake City KSL Channel 5! I am so excited! If you live in the area, the show starts at 11:00 am! I am too close to having baby #4 to travel, so she agreed to go for me and represent All Things Thrifty.

I posted about Etching the glass on this $5.00 thrift store table back in MAY.

I thought it had a lot of potential.

So, I panted and glazed the bad boy.

I thought it needed a little more character, ya know, a little BOOST in style. You can’t see very well in these pictures that the table has a piece of glass in the top. So, I decided to etch the glass.

I did it the HARD way back then so, today I’d like to give you my top 8 etching tips!

1. Try out etching on a piece of furniture that you aren’t attached to. This way you won’t be heart broken if you are not happy with the result. My $5.00 thrift store table is a GREAT example of this.

2. I made my own stencil back then with painters tape….I wouldn’t recommend doing it that way. Make sure you use CLEAR contact paper to make your stencil. This way, you can lay the paper right on top of your pattern and trace it with a marker.

3. Etching can be a GREAT way to make your furniture unique. It can create the focal point in your room.

4. Remember that Etching is EASY, but it is permanent if you use an etching cream. So, keep that in mind.

5. Temporary etching products have popped up. So, don’t be afraid to etch the glass around your home. I know a lot of people cannot commit to a permanent change, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Rust-oleum carries this frosted glass product that comes off with acetone or paint thinner. 


Plus Silouette has a product that is a Frosted Glass vinyl. This stuff is AMAZING! I used it to put some cute embellishments on my front window. PLUS it is completely REMOVABLE!!

6. You can create ADORABLE stencils from a Silhouette or Cricuit. This saves a lot of time and effort!

7. When you place your stencil onto your glass, make sure the edges are pushed down. This will prevent the etching cream from bleeding.

8. Go BOLD or go HOME. Don’t be afraid. Especially if you are using one of the temporary techniques described above. In my opinion, people LOVE a huge statement. Plus, if you get sick of it, just remove it and change it to something new!

Glass etching is yet another way to create an ultra unique home decor item for your home. Having a 1 of a kind piece of furniture that no one else has is so much fun! Plus, you can create these items for CHEAP! Check out my previous post about Glass etching HERE. 


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    Love the window , I may have to do something like that on mine as I have a thin window like that by my front door ! Adorable !I love glass etching , guess I have always done it with the old way with etching cream , the spray type I have used for more quick projects !!

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    I really enjoyed your sister demonstrating how to etch on your TV show. I have two glass end tables I repainted Ivory and planned to etch this past summer. My projects got a little back logged and I had to move forward with all intentions to come back to it. After seeing the fabulous etching you did on your show has inspired me to go back and now etch my tables. Thank You for sharing with us.

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    Beautiful table! I was curious about what color blue that was? I love it and would love to incorporate that into my living room. Thanks for any help! ~Maggie

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