***    Hi All Things Thrifty readers… this is Natalie, Brooke’s sister.   Brooke wanted me to put a note in here to THANK ALL OF YOU for your well wishes.  Baby Creed and Mommy are doing great.  Brooke has been working SO hard on the nursery… hope you enjoy her first post!!  IT’S DARLING!!!!  But what did we all expect right????  :)   LOVE YOU BROOKE and BABY CREED!!!  ****  

Decorating Creed’s Nursery has been SOOO much fun! I think I’ve mentioned before that decorating kids’ rooms are my VERY favorite! :)

I’m going to show you a fun, SUPER-DUPER easy, and of course THRIFTY way to create some unique wall art for a nursery!

Items needed for this project:
2 Vintage Windows (I got mine for FREE from a friend, but thrift stores and garage sales are great places to find them)
Black felt (or whatever color you want)
An old-school overhead projector
1 Transparency (with design choice printed on it)
A piece of chalk to trace the image
Fabric Scissors
Glue Gun

Let’s get started! :)

Step 1: Print your image onto your transparency.I had stretched the images in Photoshop because I wasn’t sure which ones would fit the best on the window glass area. Plus I couldn’t decide if I wanted my owls to be asleep or awake.

Here is a before picture of the window!

I started by taping the black felt onto the window because I wanted to make sure that the design would fit onto the glass area when all was said and done.

This is what it looked like with the image projected onto it.
Caution: Be careful not to bump the projector…let me re-phrase that. Make sure your kids are not around. Lol. My three year old kept bumping the projector during this project! It was a pain because every time she bumped it, the image would shift and I’d have to realign it.

I wasn’t sure what would work best to trace the image onto the felt. So, I tried all sorts of markers and pens. I finally used a piece of chalk, and it worked the best. As you can see, I decided not to include the tiny circles around the owls eyes. I thought it would look just as cute without them.

Next, I laid the traced owl onto another piece of felt. I wanted to cut both the images out at the same time. This ensured that both images were EXACTLY the same. I used my good, sharp fabric scissors for this task.

Next, I laid the owl onto the window as a preview, decided where I wanted it to be, and began hot gluing him in place. I chose hot glue because I wanted to be able to remove the image later if I wanted.

I was THRILLED with the end result.

I love the character of the windows too! Plus, I will be hanging these bad boys on a colored wall in the baby’s room, so I was digging the white frame on them.

I can’t wait to hang them up!

Total cost of this project? Ummm for me….nada…zilch….ZERO dollars and ZERO cents. I had all of this on hand from previous projects. :)

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  1. Lori@KitchenFunk says

    Natalie, this was cute. I've really been into owls this winter, painting several on canvas for friends who have children. I might have to give this a try. Making two was a great idea, they'll look great together! Glad to hear Brooke and the baby are doing great. ~Lori

  2. says

    I have had a slight obsession with owls for about 3 years and I LOVE LOVE these! And even have a new baby coming and a nursery to decorate, how perfect! Thanks for the post.

  3. Sharon says

    Love this idea. Can’t tell but did you hot glue the black side of owl to the back of the glass so the owl is under it. Cannot see the glue, I was thinling it would show?


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