Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell me…he is the CUTEST thing you have ever seen, huh!!! :) I finally got a cute picture of him with his hat that I bought (from Ebay in case you are wondering)!

We have had an eventful week around here. Last Tuesday I took Creed to the dr. for his PKU test and follow up dr. appt. Everything went well except that he had lost 10 oz. I was pretty worried, and although the pediatrician said not to worry yet, I could tell that she was also concerned. He had gone from being 7 lbs 14 oz at birth to 7 lbs 4 oz in 9 days. The dr. asked me to bring him back in a week for a weight check. I know it is normal for babies to lose some weight, but 10 oz. seemed extreme to me.

So, I started feeding him more. Turns out that when I am constantly feeding an infant, my house turns into a DISASTER, and I don’t get anything done. Ha ha. It’s ok, I know I have to “let go” like a good friend advised me to do. It’s a little hard for my control freak side, but ever since I began feeding him more, things have been going much better. Nursing is going better, he seems more satisfied, and I took him into the dr. yesterday and he was back to his birth weight. He gained 10 oz in a week. Hallelujah!

When I was telling my husband how much weight the baby had lost, he remembered the when he was weighed, he still had a bunch of his cord attached. So, I looked through my pictures and sure enough, he still had a long(ish) cord attached when they originally weighed him. So, obviously his original birth weight of 7 lbs. 14 oz. was inaccurate. I’m thinking it had to weigh at least a few ounces. What do you think?

Sidenote: I am also having computer problems! Lameness. On Monday my laptop (the only computer in my household currently) decided to boot up to a black screen. Awesomeness. So, after starting it in safe mode and spending several hours working on the thing, it has decided to work again. I’m guessing it is only temporary and the same problems will soon start happening again. Does anyone have any tips on what this could be? I have ran a ba-dillion virus scans and they find nothing. I got most of my files and pictures off the hard drive in case it takes a dive into the dumpster for good.

So, moral of the story? If I disappear for a few days…either
1. Baby number 4 is kicking my butt (which is true already). LOL.
2. My computer kicked the bucket. I hope this doesn’t happen.


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    He is so cute, you are a lucky woman. :) My nephew had lost a lot and kept losing and not gaining at all. I remember when I went with my sister to one appt, she said he should be gaining we generally do not like to see them with their skin hanging like this. My sister almost lost it in the car on the way home crying. She was on the couch 24-7 before the appts. breast feeding him. I remembered what my Mom said about the difference between my sister and I (I am 5'11" tall and my sister is 5'4"), that we were totally different on feeding. My Mom breast feed me and supplimented with rice. When we got home I made a little formula with a pinch of rice and that kid sucked that bottle down. I even had to cut the nipple because he was getting so pissed he could not get it fast enough. Ever since then he is above his percentile on length like I was. So now my sister follows what my Mom says on how my feeding schedules were. LOL He was eating mushed solid foods at almost the end of his 3rd month.

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    What a DOLL! My kids both lost weight from the time they were born, until the time they went home from the hospital. After one week they were both not quite to birth weight yet, but close. I wouldn't worry about it much, especially if he is gaining now. Seeing a little one like this makes me want another. :-) This is the most precious time ever!

  3. says

    Hi Brooke,

    I think your computer may be having overheating problems. My computer was doing that when my fan got really dirty. It was a desktop, but it may be the same cause.

    Your baby is cute. It's hard to take a step back from regular life to enjoy those precious moments when they are so young. You'll be glad you did though. My baby is 13 and 6' and trust me when I say that it goes far too quickly.

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    He is adorable!!

    The link should work now, please leave another comment on the post if it doesn't work for you! Thanks, Suzanne

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    Perfect! Brooke he is adorable but its obvious! Hope mom is resting!!! please do tell sometime how you got your logo on your sons picture I hate to have people be able to steal pictures of my little guy.

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    He is adorable! We had the exact same thing happen with our son. Also watch to make sure that the nurse or medical assistant weighing him does not put their hand under his head for support…lifting their noggin just a little can result in a drastically lower weight.

  7. Lorie says

    Brooke, that is such a beautiful picture. He is gorgeous! Don't worry about the weight, I am sure that cord had something to do with it.

    Take good care of your baby and I can't wait to see more pictures!

  8. Heather says

    Hi Brooke, Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! Love your blog. I'm always looking for thrifty ideas.
    Would love it if you would come and visit…

  9. Abraham + Marci says

    What a cutie!!!
    I totally understand your computer problems! Mine did the exact same thing this week. I just bought it from Costco in November and they have a 90 day return policy so we ended up taking it back and getting a new one. Good Luck!!!

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    He is so precious!! I have a 7 month old. She was 8lb 15oz (not including cord!) and lost 11oz her first week. I know how you feel, it worries you sick!! But they are so puffy and retaining a lot of water when they are first born. You will look back and wonder why you were so worried, but it is heart breaking to think your baby isn't thriving!! Hang in there, you are doing awesome!!!

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    How lame about the weight, I am glad he picked it back up. My baby was 7 lbs 9 ozs at birth…she lost a lot, almost a pound and it took her a month to get it back. At eight months old she only weighed 12 lbs 11 ozs. It has been a struggle to get her to gain weight and much stress. She is the best baby in the world, but four has definitely kicked my butt :) Good luck to you. He is such a cutie!

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    He is absolutely precious. That picture just makes me smile.

    I'm sure he will have gained a few ounces by his next weigh-in. Try not to worry too much.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. says

    Hi! He is really cute! Congrats!

    As far as the computer thing, do you have Windows Vista? After I did the new Service Pack updates, my computer did the exact thing. And I googled it, and it happened to many others! I even had to do mine in safe mode! Hope it doesn't die on you!

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    I'm a random poster to your blog but also a lactation consultant and I wanted to encourage you with the breastfeeding. When I work with mom's whose baby's have lost a lot of weight and aren't up to birth weight by their 2 week check-up, almost without fail the reason for the weight loss is just a minor positioning issue with the baby. I hear mom's tell me that they are nursing their babies constantly and yet they lose weight. I know Creed is your 4th and you are probably a very experienced mom, but just as a friendly tip… it is super important when Creed nurses that his chin is not tucked at all – he should look up when he comes onto the breast – start with you nipple at his nose and don't put your hands on the back of his head – just support his upper back and let his head fall freely. Also, make sure both of Creed's cheeks are touching your breast when he eats – if only one touches that Creed, to some degree, has his head turned to the side and isn't directly "facing his food". If you put your chin on your chest or turn your head to the side and swallow you will see that it is harder to do. When newborns eat like that they tend to burn a lot of calories and they also fatigue faster – this can really impact your milk supply if not corrected. I'm happy he is gaining that weight and that you have dug deep and fed more often – it is a lot of work, I know! LOVE the sweet ebay hat – adorable baby and really cool baby name! I have been a "blog lurker" of yours for some time now… Take care and enjoy your sweet boy.

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    I love your blog!!! And your baby is super cute :)

    As for the computer problem, Im not sure if you have a windows or a mac but last year my computer opened up to a black screen and it was my graphics display card that died and had to be replaced. Hopefully its not the case with yours since it can be pretty spendy to fix but its a possibility so I thought i would throw that out there.

  16. says

    Hi Brooke,
    Congrats on #4. I remember way back when you were just having #1. I bet your kids are getting so big. I just wanted to say HI, we miss you guys but I love to check out your blog and see you on Studio5. I am so happy that you are able to do what you enjoy! Dan is such a great support too. Good luck with the new baby!
    Marilee Belnap

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