What a week!

Feb 9th, 2011

Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell me…he is the CUTEST thing you have ever seen, huh!!! :) I finally got a cute picture of him with his hat that I bought (from Ebay in case you are wondering)!

We have had an eventful week around here. Last Tuesday I took Creed to the dr. for his PKU test and follow up dr. appt. Everything went well except that he had lost 10 oz. I was pretty worried, and although the pediatrician said not to worry yet, I could tell that she was also concerned. He had gone from being 7 lbs 14 oz at birth to 7 lbs 4 oz in 9 days. The dr. asked me to bring him back in a week for a weight check. I know it is normal for babies to lose some weight, but 10 oz. seemed extreme to me.

So, I started feeding him more. Turns out that when I am constantly feeding an infant, my house turns into a DISASTER, and I don’t get anything done. Ha ha. It’s ok, I know I have to “let go” like a good friend advised me to do. It’s a little hard for my control freak side, but ever since I began feeding him more, things have been going much better. Nursing is going better, he seems more satisfied, and I took him into the dr. yesterday and he was back to his birth weight. He gained 10 oz in a week. Hallelujah!

When I was telling my husband how much weight the baby had lost, he remembered the when he was weighed, he still had a bunch of his cord attached. So, I looked through my pictures and sure enough, he still had a long(ish) cord attached when they originally weighed him. So, obviously his original birth weight of 7 lbs. 14 oz. was inaccurate. I’m thinking it had to weigh at least a few ounces. What do you think?

Sidenote: I am also having computer problems! Lameness. On Monday my laptop (the only computer in my household currently) decided to boot up to a black screen. Awesomeness. So, after starting it in safe mode and spending several hours working on the thing, it has decided to work again. I’m guessing it is only temporary and the same problems will soon start happening again. Does anyone have any tips on what this could be? I have ran a ba-dillion virus scans and they find nothing. I got most of my files and pictures off the hard drive in case it takes a dive into the dumpster for good.

So, moral of the story? If I disappear for a few days…either
1. Baby number 4 is kicking my butt (which is true already). LOL.
2. My computer kicked the bucket. I hope this doesn’t happen.

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