Glaze Clearance!

Mar 9th, 2011

I have gotten a slew of e-mails telling me that Ralph Lauren Glaze is on clearance at Home Depot. If you don’t already have some of this stuff, go. get. some. :) P.S. I would call first just to make sure that your local Home Depot still has some in stock. I would hate for you to drive across town and come up empty handed.

Some have reported an entire GALLON of glaze for only $4.00. :) By the way, an entire gallon of this stuff would last you until the end of time. So, unless you are glazing furniture a LOT, I would suggest a to buy a quart.

I have heard from my local Home Depot Peeps that the glaze will be replaced by a Martha Stewart brand glaze. I haven’t seen any yet though.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Too funny, I was just at HD searching for the RL glaze this morning!! My store no longer carries any RL paint products and has had the Martha brand for a while. I don't know how long the RL has been gone b/c it's my first attempt at glazing. I ended up buying the Behr glaze and hope it works out okay!!

  2. Ours isn't on clearance yet, although it only gets one measly top shelf-the Martha paint cleared out the RL.

    I'm gonna look again though, now I'm curious.

  3. do you have it tinted there?

  4. Thanks for the info!! I just ran out a got 2 gallons for $10.00 each

  5. I just bought a gallon for 10 bucks…thanks for the heads-up!!
    Can't wait to try it out!

  6. Waaaah! The closest Home Depot is 4 hours away from us! So sad. I hate living in a tiny town…*sniff sniff*.

  7. Chrissie says:

    I have already gotten mine. I think the clearance price is $13 a gallon. I also found a gallon on the oops table for $5!

  8. Awesome!! So do you know if the SG Store has any in stock?

  9. what would you use glaze for? Does it come in different colors??

  10. I got the quarts for $5 each. I have one black and one brown and one I left untinted so I mix small batches of whatever color I want. I also got a quart of their metallic gold base (which I love!) for $4. Awesome.

  11. BOOOO!! I called two of our Home Depots and they pretty much laughed in my face:( Apparently they have had RL on clearance for months now and it's all gone! I guess Martha Stewart will have to work! Thanks for the heads up though!

  12. flagstaff az got mine for $10.00 ;) last can thanks for the heads up

  13. Thanks for the heads up! I just saw this on homepodge, I'll have to head to the Depot this weekend and see if they have any left (fingers-crossed!)

  14. Picked up quart for $3. They have Martha Stewart at my store, charging $15 and the paint lady told me it could not be tinted.

  15. {penny renee} says:

    They didn't have any left at my HD so I bought the Martha Stewart one and had the guy tint it black for me.
    Hope it works the same…i'm doing a table set like yours…the 5 color chair one!!! so excited!!
    Thanks for all the great tipps!!

  16. Thanks so much for the tip! $3 a quart/ $10 for gallon and lots of other Ralph Lauren "specialty" paints on clearance too! Now to find a project….

  17. $1/gal in nj

  18. Brooke, your work with bright colors is just amazing! You have inspired me to add a little color into my life! I linked back to you here…

    I hope I did it correctly – I'm new to this!) Thanks! – Lori

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