Can you believe that it has already been three months since I had baby Creed? Time flies!! I wanted to share a few updates since I’ve had a few requests. To those that may not know, Creed was VERY colicky. Yes, I said “WAS.” YIPPPPPEEEE! It was the weirdest thing ever. One day he woke up and was a completely happy, content baby. I’m in heaven! He is the best baby I’ve had yet. HE loves to smile and is starting to coo at us! HOW FUN!!! I had to share a few pictures that I snapped of this little cutie pie. I couldn’t help it!

Don’t you just want to snuggle him?

Isn’t he the most handsome little guy you’ve ever seen!??! The only issues I’m working on right now is that he won’t take a binky or a bottle. What on earth am I going to do? I finally got him to take a bottle today, but it took two hours. Yep TWO hours. I’m glad that he is nursing so well, but I need him to take a bottle so that I can have a bit of a break every so often. Any suggestions?

I finally feel like I’m starting to feel normal again. It depends on the day and it depends how much sleep I’ve gotten in the night. :) I’m not one of those Moms that can just get back to normal in a snap. I’ve learned that it takes a bit to get my mojo back. I’m still working on it. How about you?


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    What a beauty!! He is so adorable!! My babies were all bottle fed so I can't help ya, but hope your little man starts taking the occasional bottle for you soon! Best wishes!

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    SO cute! The only way I could get my oldest to take a bottle at first was to stretch the time between feedings a bit right before he got the bottle, so that he was HUNGRY when he got the bottle (we are talking a kid that nursed 30minutes on 30 min off, so I'd stretch it to a hour before I'd feed him with the bottle. Good luck!

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    He's a doll! Glad he's not colicky any more. On the bottle thing…could your hubby try to give him one? Mine would just not take one from me at this age. Also might try a different kind of nipple…my 2nd baby would throw a fit if he even saw bottle and it took several tries to find a nipple he liked. No advice on the binky…my littlest guy took one for about a month and then just stopped??? Enjoy that sweet little guy! They grow up too fast!

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    Precious little blue-eyed man! It's been a while since my babies were babies, but I think the suggestions for having someone else try giving him the bottle sounds like a good one. So glad for you that his colick is gone – life is good again!

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    He's beautiful, Brooke! We never had issues with the bottle, but mine never took a binky….much to our dismay. We tried all different nipples, brands, etc. Not a binky boy! Good luck!

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    Oh be still my heart. He is just precious. Makes my insides just melt. I have been wanting another baby so badly lately as my babies are turning 10 and 12 this summer…but I keep getting a big fat no! LOL!

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    Love your blog, but have never commented before. But I had the same issue with my little one and my mother in-law suggested adding a little sugar in the bottle of formula. It worked! I know that's not really a long term solution, but maybe it could get things going for him?…

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    Try a big wide bottle like the Tom Tippie ones (not sure on the spelling.) The nipple on the bottles is large and wide as well. If your like me and most ladies we have some big milk filled boobies that take up our kids whole faces!!! Lol he will most likely take the bigger bottle with the bigger nipple. Oh and have someone else give it to him, not you!! I can't believe I just wrote boobies…lol

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    He is SO cute!! I also had a colicky baby for my first, and he was such a dream when he hit the 3 month mark. :) (The second one is a different matter, over a year old and still hasn't slept through the night…sigh) For my babies a big wide bottle nipple worked and for my second he would ONLY take the bottle from me…yah, weird. It took about a month before he would take one from anyone else (mind you, he only got 1 bottle a day). Best advice…try, try and try again – he will take it eventually…or try to teach him to drink from a straw in another month or so (both my kids did at 5 months).

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    He is so dang cute!! Yay for you that his colicky days are behind him. And don't feel bad, my baby is 15 years old and I only catch glimpses of my mojo every now and then.

    I'm a fellow St. Georgian and was just wondering if I could come hang at your house and bask in all your wonderful creativeness….maybe it will help me find my mojo and hold on to it for awhile!! 😉

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    He is gorgeous!
    I had the same issue with my daughter not taking a bottle. So I had my Husband feed her a bottle every evening. He probably wont want to nurse with you holding him because he knows you have what he really wants. So try having some one else give him a bottle and then you can give him a bottle when he starts to drink from one from some one else. Hope it works for you.

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    Try giving him a bottle while no one is holding him. It works sometimes with our bottle averse baby. When you hold her she tries to turn to nurse but if you prop her in her boppy on the floor she will sometimes take the bottle.

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    oh my oh my that is the cutest little guy ever!! i would have dad try bottles when your not in the room (my middle boy would only take a bottle if he was laying against my skin like he was nursing.) keep poppin the binky in evventually you will hve to pry it away 😉 yeah for no more colic!

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    Oh my goodness!! He is absolutely adorable! Definitely one of thee cutest baby boys I have ever seen!!! Hope if I ever get a boy he is that cute! :)

    Ggood luck with bottles, my daughter is 16 months old now and obviously is done with nursing but I was NEVER able to get her to take a bottle! She refused!! We tried several times but it would take an hour to get her to finally take an ounce and she would be MAD MAD MAD until we gave in. She knew what she wanted and was stubborn. I think we spent more than $50 buying every type of bottle and nipple out there but no luck. It is definitely nice to have a break every once in a while. Good luck!

    PS I started reading your blog a month or two ago and I AM ADDICTED!!! I check your blog daily and I have SOOOO many projects I want to start of my own! Thanks for sharing your talent!!

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    So cute! My colicky, extremely sensitive baby girl would not take a bottle for a long time. She is hard to feed in general, but here are some things that have worked. Sometimes I have to swaddle her or rock her or be in a quiet room with white noise going (or all of the above). Latley, she really likes to lay next to me or my husband while she takes a bottle. And sometimes she lays next to one of us and watches tv or plays with something in her hands. Good luck! I know it can be frustrating! We are still struggling with this one at 8.5 months.

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    I am with you on the takes a bit to feel like I'm getting back to normal. I wish I had ideas for you for the bottle thing. My little one went from breastfeeding to the bottle but then wouldn't go back, so I pumped for months while she ate from the bottle!! SIGH** But my sister in law says that if you offer the bottle same time every day until they do well with it, then you can start giving them a bottle at random times of the day. Hope it works for you!!

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    What a cute baby. Good luck with the bottle thing. Both of my kids NEVER took a bottle. IF we wanted time away, I had to time it between nursings. I hope you'll get a few hours break, I'm sure you're ready.

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    My 1st wouldn't take a bottle either. Have you tried different brands? I know walmart will let you take the bottles back even if they have been opened and used w/ a receipt. I think we tried every brand and now I cant even remember which one he took. I think it was AVENT. I feel your pain….good luck!

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    Try an Avent bottle they have a little fatter nipple. My baby wouldn't use any other bottle at first (but I only nursded for 4 weeks). Good Luck!

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    My baby turned 6 months today and I feel like I am just NOW getting my mojo back. I love doing projects around the house and it has taken me for EVA to get that desire back.

    Love his pictures. He's definitely a handsome little guy!

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    My 4th son had colic too. It was wonderful when he woke up one day a completly different baby. I'm so happy for you! He's beautiful!
    It take me about a year to get my mojo back.

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    Oh I didn't know you had a baby, so first congrats! Second, he is so cute!! Look at those big blue eyes! You should have him modeling. Glad to hear that your baby has finally gotten past the colic. I can relate with a baby with colic. Hope you get more rest soon.


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    He really is so adorable! Yeah! for the end of colic too!!! I think it gets harder and harder to bounce back the more babies you have as well. My fourth took me much more time than I am used to. None of my boys did ver good with a bottle but they did better with certain nipples and also if whoever is feeding him will rub his cheek, while putting the bottle or bink in his mouth works really well, then they think it is boob because of the skin on skin . . . takes some coordination, but seems to help a lot. Good luck!

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    HI Brooke!!

    He is darling, you guys definitely have some beautiful kids. On the bottle thing, I bought every bottle under the sun, and the only one Dominick would take and still nurse well were Tommee Tippee bottles. They are wider and I guess mimicked more of what he was used to with me? I have no idea exactly what the reason was, but that was the only one that worked for us. Good luck… Dominick also rarely took a binkie, but he would take an Avent binkie here and there.

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    He is adorable!! Mana had the same problem and wouldn't take a binkie or a bottle but breast fed just fine. Then we realized that his tongue was too attached underneath. As soon as we got his tongue clipped (they cut that thing under your tongue just a little bit) he started sucking on both a binkie and bottle and still loves his binkie to this day!! You may want to check this out because it can cause future speech problems as well.

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    My daughter wouldn't take a bottle at all! We went right from nursing to sippy cup! It was horrible! Not that I didn't like the time I got with her but not being able to do stuff on my own was hard! But we tried and tried and tried… I bought a million different bottles… I would only let my husband try when I wasn't around… nothing worked for us. So needless to say with #3 coming in July we will push the bottle more! :)

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    Oh my goodness, your little man is adorable! Look at those sparkly blue eyes and that perfect skin with those cute little wet lips. Aw I love the little outfit he is wearing too. Very mature looking. 😉

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    He is precious!!!!!!! I can't be of any help because all 3 of my kids took a bottle without any problem. Even with my daughter not getting one till almost 5 months. I agree with some of the other comments in saying have someone else give him the bottle. I have def heard of that working.

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    i love those pictures! wow!!!

    my first was colicky too, and had reflux, and was basically a nightmare. thank heavens she was the first though. :) my second wouldn't take a pacifier or bottle. i tried and tried, especially the pacifier, b/c there are just so many times it's needed! but alas, it wasn't to be.

    re: the bottle – when my daughter went through a nursing strike, LLL suggested trying nursing when she was sleeping. their instinct is to suck, so they'll do it. so maybe a dream feed in the middle of the night, before he wakes up, pop a bottle in there, and see? or naptime? i agree on having his dad try. just keep at it! don't give up! you'll need that break away! :)

    (and i'm totally with you on needing time to get myself back together. whew!)

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    totally love that cute baby face. It took me forever to get myself back together after the last baby was born, but I promise that it does happen. they grow way too fast!

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    My little man has the exact same color eyes!!!!
    He was also SUPER colicky, and then one day a month ago just….stopped. He's so good now.
    We had a hard time finding a pacifier he liked, as well. We finally found some wonderful (and adorable!!) pacifiers by MAM. Jax LOVED them from the first time he used them, and it made nursing easier and less painful. I've recommended them to a few other moms who were having similar problems, and all of them said they worked.
    The bottle is beyond me. My son is nursed, but if he see a bottle he goes nuts and tries to escape my arms to get it.

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    Gorgeous baby!!! I remember having the same problem with my now 10 year old and I would put something sweet on the bottle nipple. Worked like a charm! You could make a sugar/water syrup and put some on the nipple. You don't need a lot, just a dab, but it was enough to get my then-baby interested!

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    they say colicky babies turn into the best babies. i had a baby boy 19 years ago that proved that theory true!! it's a tough few months but seems to be worth it:)

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    I don't have any idea on this. So, I can't suggest anything to you but as the baby is looking so cute that I can't stop myself from writing that his smile is very cute and sweet.

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