This dresser is to. die. for! Great job Tia!

Check out this changing table transformation by Megan:
Megan refinished this dresser for her sister! She transformed this bad boy into a changing table! Man….what a sista!!!


 After: Perfection!

This $5.00 night stand was refinished by Cicelie Keller

 What a cute idea to choose a contrasting color for the hardware! FUN!

The next Feature Friday goes to Angel Lindsey and her sister for redoing a $20.00 hutch they found at their local Goodwill!


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    I want to paint my kitchen table and chairs a dark black/brown, but don't know where to start. Do you have a post that might walk me through what I need to do and what the easiest way is to do it? I follow your blog and know you've done a lot of projects like this! Right now it's an awful light brown color. I would appreciate any help you could give me on this project! Thanks…

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