Tuesday Giveaway for my amazing readers!!!

Apr 19th, 2011

Hi my peeps! I am so excited to announce a fabulous giveaway today! Every so often, I get to review products to see if I like them. I was lucky enough to get my hands on my very own personalized stamp from the Paper Cafe a few weeks ago to try out. Holy cow. I have never seen such cute stamps!

It was hard for me to choose which one I wanted. I got the stamp, and right away I. was. in. love. My brain automatically thought about the millions (ok…not millions….I’m not that popular…but it feels like millions) of return addresses that I won’t have to write this year for my Christmas cards! I have even used it over the last week on my “Thank You” cards that I’m finally getting to after having the baby 12 weeks ago (don’t judge…I have four kids now). The stamp works perfectly. I love it. I’m not just sayin’ that. I really do.

To give you a little preview of these adorable stamps…I decided to put together a collage of a few of my favorites. Do I have your attention yet!?!? Aren’t they FANTASTIC!?!?! I could not get over how cute they all were.

These stamps could be used for just about anything. Think how cute (and convenient) they would be on a wedding announcement, a card to a friend, a Thank You note, a Christmas Card, or a baby announcement!

This giveaway is sponsored by the Paper Cafe and these adorable stamps are designed by Three Designing Women. They are talented aren’t they!?!?

What to win, you say? Man, do I have a treat for you!!! One of you lucky ducks will win:

Your very own three designing women custom stamp (of your choice, of course),
Two extra colored inks,
and some coordinating goodies!
VALUED AT approx $75.00

How to enter!?!? (Don’t forget to leave a separate comment for each entry)
1. Check out the Three Designing Women custom stampers over at The Paper Cafe, and then come back and tell me  (in a comment) which stamp is your absolute favorite.
2. Follow The Paper Cafe on Twitter
3. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (include a link to the giveaway).
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Ready, set…..GO!!! Good luck! The winner will be announced on Thursday!

Oh, and by the way….this is the design I finally decided on!


  1. I love the family stamps

  2. My favorite are the fancy monogram initial stamps but they are all adorable!

  3. I love the design "3611"

  4. following The Paper Cafe on Twitter!

  5. I love them all so cute! but really loving 3606! "dressy" but fun at the same time!

  6. I LOVE 3605!

  7. The Fleur De Lis one. My hubby is from Maine where there is a lot of French influence (grandma and grandpa swear at the kids in French-ish) and he loves the symbol. Great giveaway!

  8. Shared the giveaway on my fb :)

  9. I really like CS 3239, so beautiful! I'd buy one right now if we didn't change our address every 2-3 years… but I could justify winning one! ;)

  10. I like the 3614 if I were thinking of getting one for my personal stuff and 3263 if I were getting one for the family. So many choices, it's hard to decide!

  11. Id pick the 3611 – love the names :)

  12. I love the one with the Bee {TDW Custom Stamper CS-3255}. So fun…and frenchy without being SO FRENCHY.

  13. I love the 3202 style. I would order it to have E & B in the middle for me and my husband.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. I LOVE 3603 – so different!

  15. I have been wanting to get a stamp forever! I kept putting it off thinking we might move, but who am I kidding, our house isn't even on the market, lol.
    I love how you can buy inserts to change out the design, that's fabulous! My favorite design is 3607

  16. I love the 3609 design! Although I think I'd have to have it just say our names instead of our address-we're military and move a lot and I'd want to keep this forever!

  17. I like the CS-3611!

  18. I really like the ones with return address.
    Especially 3263 and 3607

  19. Wow!! I love so many of their things but I would love to make a stamp for the cards that I make a sort of "made especially for you by me" sort of a thing….but their embossers are super cool too!!

  20. They are all so beautiful, but my fave is TDW Custom Stamper CS-3305!

  21. I posted a link to this giveaway on my facebook!!

  22. OMG thank you for this post! I had no idea they existed and thought I was doomed to go broke on PSA stamps… thank you so much!!! I am obsessed with 3602! I would absolutely love one!

  23. i'm following them on twitter! @ordyandjoon

  24. The TDW Custom Stamper CS-3239 is my fave!

    yepfinleywedding at gmail dot com

  25. http://sandytoesbride.blogspot.com/2011/04/stamp-yes-please.html

    Put up a blog post about your amazing give-away!

  26. Put a FAcebook post out there too!

  27. Swoooooon over the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3605 – I would use it for our return RSVP envelopes for our wedding!

  28. I like the 3238 stamp..

  29. I love design 3239! These stamps would be SO useful!

  30. Style TDW Custom Stamper CS-3614 is really cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I love TDW Custom Stamper CS-3603. They are all too cute, but that one is my fav!!

  32. TDW Custom Stamper CS-3605

  33. My favourite one is CS3249-330px – Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I love this stamp: http://www.thepapercafe.net/cs3291-330px.html I'm about to get married so this would be perfect for our new home address :)

  35. i'm following the paper cafe on twitter. my username is mathewsbambina :)

  36. i tweeted! @ordyandjoon

  37. following on twitter @Catrina_Mason

  38. I tweeted about it too! @gmsale

  39. 3204!

  40. i posted the giveaway on facebook!!


    Ordy and Joon

  41. CS-3291 WOW! What a lot to choose from! Love them! Thanks for sharing this link!

  42. My favorite is the CS 3220 because I am looking for a stamp for my new business and that would be perfect – classy but original!

  43. I'm stuck on keys right now, so I love 8002

  44. Shared the giveaway on my facebook!

  45. Wow, love this giveaway!!! I already have one of their stamps and have always wanted a monogram one. I love the TDW monogram Custom Stamper CS-3339.

  46. I posted about this fabulous giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.

  47. LOVE the monogram — so classy!

  48. I would choose stamp 3607. Great giveaway! :)

  49. I really like the CS-3291 but there are like 20 that I really like… Fingers crossed :)

  50. I am following on Twitter!

  51. I tweeted about it!

  52. I love TDW Custom Stamper CS-3233 – and all the monogram ones!

  53. I have wanted one of these for forever!! So many beautiful stamps, it's so hard to pick a favorite but I really like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3245

  54. my favorite is TDW Custom Stamper CS-3614!

  55. following on twitter allaboutrobin

  56. I love the CS-3614. I would love to win, they all are great!

  57. So Cute! I like cs 3291

  58. Tweeted it

  59. Sooo many really cute ones. This would be such a handy thing to have. It is so tedious writing your name and address over and over. I love the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3239! Hope I win!!

  60. So hard to choose, but I think I'd go with 3259!

  61. I LOVE 3264 because then I could put the initials of our first names in the middle with our last name on the top! So convenient for sending out things when a return address is always required…

  62. love the 3609! cute!

  63. Wrote a blog post!

  64. Posted on my facebook, too!

  65. Adorable! I am in Love with 3609! What a great idea!

  66. Love 3219 – the monogram, the swirl…very southern! Just bought a new house and it'd be a fun thing to win to bring attention to my new address! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. I think I would choose CS-3229!!!

  68. I also LOVE c36-02 that you chose… so darling!

  69. haha, cs-3602 that is

  70. I followed The Paper Cafe on twitter.

  71. My favorite design for a stamp is 3263. It looks almost like a foreign postage mark, it looks cool!

  72. TDW Custom Stamper CS-3239 is my favorite!

  73. Oh my…how do you choose?? They are all so wonderful! But I really love 3601!

  74. I follow the paper cafe on twitter!

  75. I would love almost any of them, but my favorite is 3606.

  76. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  77. Having a hard time choosing but I like 3606 and many other too! So pretty and functional!

  78. I really like this one TDW Custom Stamper CS-3608, but I also love the Embosser too!


  79. Love the "from the kitchen of" stamp with the three spoons. Cute!

  80. You're right, these are all so adorable!!
    My favorite is #3607

  81. I posted on Facebook :)

  82. I love them all, but 3606 and 3220 are really cute!

  83. Wow-great giveaway with lots of good choices-thanks so much! My favorite design is 3238.


  84. My fav is TDW Custom Stamper CS-3261 with the palm tree. :)

  85. amazing. i love. if you get a free sec please stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news and check out pictures from the fall/winter preview I attended yesterday in Beverly Hills. xoxo. Would love your support. xoxo


  86. I love these! Particularly the circular version…

  87. I tweeted!

  88. I'm also following on twitter now!

  89. There are some really great designs. It's hard to pick a favorite! But I think I narrowed it down to CS-3604.

  90. I would get the TDW Custom Stamp!

  91. I FB'd about this giveaway!

  92. I like the reindeer stamp! I'm not that popular either and just send out xmas cards so that stamp would be great. Thanks for the chance. Hope I win.


  93. I LOVE stamp 3601

  94. I tweeted about the give-away!

  95. Oh my gosh – LOVE 'EM!!! My favorite is #3609!!!!

  96. I facebooked about the giveaway! What a wonderful prize to win!

  97. Sorry I don't Tweet….I have a hard enough time with the blog and FB…LOL

  98. After visiting Paper Cafe I chose CS-3246. It is an initial in the middle with the last name and address circling around the edge – LOVE IT!

  99. Hit my blog and SHOUTED to the world about this AWESOME giveaway! Thanks for sharing!

  100. 3612! I'm in love with circles right now!

  101. I'm following them on twitter =)

  102. And I posted on my twitter about the giveaway.

  103. Following Paper Cafe & All Things Thrifty on Twitter

  104. I tweeted about this giveaway

  105. I posted a link for this giveaway on Facebook

  106. My favorite stamp…well I can't decide between 2. I am deadlocked between #3263 and #3255. Lets hope I win, and then maybe I can decide!!! :-)

  107. Loving this giveaway and not only because I got to lust over all the stamps…I found something new to put on my wish list. I never knew these stamps existed! My favorite, which after several hours of choosing is #3291.

  108. I really liked the stamp cs-3252. They are very creative women.

  109. I really liked cs-3214, but if I won this would be for my hubby who is a elemntary school teacher and has been wanting something like this to put in his books and various other items, and I don't think he'd like the girly one like I do!!:)

  110. love 3607. just moved. need a new address label.

  111. Not-So-PFT says:

    I already have one of these stamps from Three Designing Women, but oh, how I love it! The store that I ordered it from has closed, so thanks for sharing a link where they can be found. Love your blog, by the way!

  112. I realy like the # 8002 Key stamper…Sooo purty!

  113. I really love 3606! We are about to close on a house in a little under 2 weeks – this would be perfect!

  114. Tough decision, but I love the 3216, 3291, and the 3252 the most…I think :)

  115. I love the 3241 stamper. Its fun, and nice.

  116. Auburn Soul Photography says:

    So cute! I'm so glad you blogged about this. I totally need one. Hope i win!

  117. ThatGirl in Tattoos says:

    I could really use one of these for my store. I really like # 3276.

  118. I love CS-3605!

  119. I luurvvve custom stamp #CS-3202!!

  120. Following on twitter :)

  121. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  122. Posted giveaway on facebook!

  123. 3607 and 3601 are pretty great in my opinion!

  124. Now following The Paper Cafe on Twitter.

  125. I like 3612.

    anderson dot elizabethm at gmail dot com

  126. Ooooh la la. I like CS-3606! Classic and cute.

  127. love the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3233!

  128. Great give-a-way!

    I love 3605 and 3291…decisions decisions!

  129. following on twitter!

  130. Posted it on my FB page. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=63800633

    anderson dot elizabethm at gmail dot com

  131. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  132. Just blogged about it at my blog, FTM.


    anderson dot elizabethm at gmail dot com

  133. Love them all! but TDW Custom Stamper CS-3229 is my favorite!

  134. My fav is cs-3607.

  135. Michelle says:

    I like this stamp: TDW Custom Stamper CS-3263

  136. Love them all. My favorite is cs-3611!

  137. My favorite stamp is CS-3239! Thanks for the giveaway! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

  138. I am a follower on Twitter! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

  139. I tweeted at http://twitter.com/#!/SuzieButtons Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

  140. I posted about your giveaway at http://www.facebook.com/suziebutton
    Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

  141. I love the 3238 stamp!!! Hope I win:)
    kurtessa at yahoo dot com

  142. I posted your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog with a link back! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

  143. I like the Happy Hanukkah with the star. Hard to find! :)

  144. I like 3207!!

  145. I like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3614 super cute, but not little kid cute!

  146. Illuminations Design Studio says:

    SO many to choose from. My favorites are 3604, 3605 and 3233. Thanks for sharing, what a great idea.

  147. They're all so cute! I guess I'd have to pick #3607.. not too formal and it's fun!

  148. I like this one: TDW Custom Stamper CS-3611

  149. Kathy Pierce says:

    Love 3607! Such a clean design!

  150. I am LOVING 3602!!! think how fancy my letters would look would this gorgeous return address!!

  151. loving all of them especially the 3242!

  152. I posted a link of Facebook!

  153. Love the contest and your blog! I love the 3607 stamp!

  154. I love the stamps with the address! I wish I owned my house so I could get a stamp with my address! It would be silly to get it with a rental . . . =(

  155. My Favorite Stamp is TDW Custom Stamper CS-3233: I could see using that as my business stamp.

  156. I love so many of them! I like 3242, but I also might like to design one :)

  157. The Yoder's Four says:

    I love 3603! I've been wanting an address stamp for a long time.

  158. Put an entry on my sidebar on my blog linking to this post: http://lisagatz.blogspot.com/

  159. The Yoder's Four says:

    I posted about this on facebook. Pick me to win!! :)

  160. other-option says:

    I couldn't love TDW Custom Stamper CS-3245
    TDW any more! It's so chic.
    - Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  161. My favorite is #3251. I love the polka dots on it!
    missmelissaf at yahoo dot com

  162. I really love 3607. So cute!!

  163. Blogged about the giveaway!

  164. I really love the 3252!

  165. weekly planner pads

  166. My favorite stamp is the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3204. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  167. I followed The Paper Cafe on Twitter!!

  168. I liked the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3513 Merry Christmas. That would be fun! Thanks!

  169. Man, it is hard to choose, but I think I like TDW Custom Stamper CS-3603 best.

  170. I love the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3614
    This would be great for my baking business!
    Thanks :)

  171. CS-3263 is my favorite. THere were several that I really liked tho :).

  172. Ack! There are so many cute ones. The first one that I lingered over for some time was the "Whitman" one (CS3611)

  173. I have wanted to order one of these stamps for soooo long now! I like so many….3606, 3239…it would be hard to choose! PICK ME!! :)

  174. 3605 might be nice!

  175. I Tweeted!

  176. I followed on Twitter!

  177. I posted on my blog!

  178. Oh man I would love this! They have so many choices I don't know which one I would choose but if I have to pick just one I would say CS-3248 So cute!!! Hope I win!

  179. The Robinson Family says:

    I really like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3220! These are so cute!

  180. I LOVE #3611!!!!

  181. There are really so many that I love but if I had to choose one it would be the family one(9705). So cute!

  182. Oh Em Gee I LOVE the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3609!!!! AMAZING!!!!


  183. I would pick the awesome one, oh wait that's all of them :)


  184. I'm following on twitter!


  185. Danielle says:

    I'm just starting a new business and CS-3268 would be perfect Thank you stamp to put on the packages!!!

  186. I love the monogram stamps!
    gardner.an @ yahoo.com

  187. Definitely TDW Custom Stamper CS-3611!!! LOVES IT!

  188. I like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3606 . . . and the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3239 . . . hmmm, and the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3609. There are so many great ones!

  189. I put a link on FB!

  190. Oh My Gosh….I am in LOVE with these stamps! My fav is CS-3611. I agree that there are so many great ones!

  191. I have been a fan of paper cafe… Been a twitter follower back then…

  192. I have just moved and was actually looking at this very thing! I need one of those…and my favorite is TDW Custom Stamper CS-3225. L.O.V.E. it!

  193. The Fischer Family says:

    Oh my how to choose! I just love the family stamps…especially #9705. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  194. The Fischer Family says:

    following now on Twitter!

  195. The Fischer Family says:

    Just tweeted about the giveaway!

  196. The Fischer Family says:

    Just posted the giveaway via Facebook!

  197. OOOOhhh…..theses are really cool! I really like TDW Custom Stamper CS-3265!

  198. OOOooohh these are really cool! My favorite is
    TDW Custom Stamper CS-3265.

  199. So many awesome choices, but today I'm feeling the simple font of the address on this one: TDW Custom Stamper CS-3607. Gorgeous!

  200. There are so many cute ones! I love the family ones and the monogram ones! So cute.

  201. I must have TDW Custom Stamper CS-3602

  202. I shared on Facebook!!!

  203. I love the family one CS 9705

  204. Oh man, so many cute ones! I love #3611 :)

  205. My absolute favorite is CS-3291! These are awesome! They give me so many ideas!

  206. LOVE 3289….the middle font is very much me!!
    but there are lots of others that are darling too :)

  207. Loving this stamp, CS-3204. I have always wanted one of these!!!

  208. The stamps are sooo cute! I love the custom design one "From the kitchen of" with the cupcake…I'm always baking and giving things away! A custom one for my home business would be awesome too, so the interchanging of them is an awesome, more environmentally friendly, idea!

  209. I like 3607, though the little stick people in some of the other ones are adorable!

  210. I shared a link to the giveway on facebook.

  211. My favorite is the CS-3304…My husband are still in College living in an apartment so I would want to get one with just our initials so we can use it forever! :-)

  212. Stamp 3229 is cute!

  213. I love the CS-3614 stamp!

  214. 3257….would be a nice one to make a stamper for my Gold Canyon Candles catalogs!

  215. I DO still write lots of letters and send cards. I'm thrilled with this new resource. Can't wait to get some of these. As far as which I'd get first, it's a toss up between CS-3283 SQ and CS-3610. A girl just NEEDS to have a couple of these for different purposes!




  219. Ohhh how to decide. There are so many neat ones, but I'm drawn to the CS-3251.

  220. i love the happy birthday to you stamp or any monogrammed one! I love mongrammed designs!!! very cool stamps!!

  221. I love the 3251 stamp!

  222. Ooo so many to choose from but some of my favs include the Fluer de Lis. I'm lovin' CS 3258.

  223. Posted on my blog http://www.themudmom.com and linked it back to your gorgeously fun blog :)

  224. I'd choose TDW Custom Stamper CS-3275 to put in my jams! :)


  225. 3611 is my favorite!

  226. Jen Harrison says:

    TDW Custom Stamper CS-3609 Love these!

  227. Jen Harrison says:

    following on twitter!

  228. Jen Harrison says:

    Posted on twitter!

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