Howdy St. George, Utah peeps, Mandi (from Vintage Revivals) and I are super excited to HANG OUT WITH YOU!!!

Tell me you can resist, after seeing how super duper psycho  FUN we are! It has been so fun getting to know Mandi better, and WE BOTH WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER TOO!

When: Tuesday May 31
Where: Pizza Factory in Ancestor Square
Time: 7:30
Cost: ONLY $8.00 
(which includes your full meal and tip)

We need a head count ASAP, so leave a comment if you plan to attend. I can’t wait to meet you in person. Let’s hang out, laugh, and celebrate our friendships in REAL life!! 


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    i have been obsessing over your blog all day today. reading all teh old posts. i can't wait to go to d.i.! i love everything you've made/done/re-made! i wish i lived in st. geezy so i could come hang out with you and mandi! i'm in utah county, so the drive is a little long. anyway, i just became your 6000th follower and am feeling cool about it. ha.

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    DANG! I think we will be in town and then we leave on MONDAY! HOW LAME IS THAT?! Uggghhh… BIG FAT JEALOUS PANTS OVER HERE! Have fun!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

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    I had NO IDEA you were in St. George. Why, the good ol' Pizza Factory is right down the street from me :) I have been obsessing over this blog for a full WEEK now and I LOVE it! You are SO talented. It would be WAY out the norm for me to just go and have dinner with complete "strangers" hahah.. A bit out of my comfort zone.. but if I don't have softball, I might come. It's always fun to meet other local "artists".. (if you will) 😀 So… if I'm not too shy I will come. I'll let you know by tomorrow if that's not too late :)
    PS. I just love this blog that much more knowing it's some local St. Georgians runnin' the show 😉

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    HEY BROOKE- I totally LIVE IN ST. GEEZY AND I follow both you and Mandi, I will so be there! TO FUN! I also am going to head back to my blog now and blog about this to get more bloggers to hopefully come. YEAHHH, can't wait!


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    Brooke I wish I lived closer because I would totally come! Sorry to miss out. I love your blog, can't wait to see more of your fun projects.

    -Ashley Francom

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