Michaels is my “go to” store. Luckily I have a store nearby. When you have projects goin’ on all the time like I do, it is nice to be able to run to the store if I forgot something. I could walk through the aisles for hours (not that I get to do that since I have four kiddos, but I definitely could). One of my favorite tools, my stencil cutter is only about $16.00 at Michaels, but if you use a 40% off coupon, it would be super duper cheap!If you want a tutorial on how to make a stencil check out my stencil making post. 

Since I have two daughters, we go through flower hair clips quickly. We can’t keep track of these bad boys. So, I make my own. It is sooooo stinkin’ easy to get some fun flowers from Michaels, add a jewel, and slap a clip on the back.

It is soooo much cheaper than buying them elsewhere.

Check out my ads today (above my header, and along my right sidebar) and snag a 40% off coupon for Michaels. Yay for saving mula! :)


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    I Micheals craft store, especially using their coupons. I know what you mean with the hair clips. My daughter and I love to make these.

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    You can get little girl flowers cheaper at haloheaven.com. You have to buy them in a set of 12 but it is sometimes cheaper buying them in bulk, plus they come with the jewel already in them!!!

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