Two Blue Ribbon Awards!

May 5th, 2011

Every so often I love to showcase talent here at All Things Thrifty to help spread the word about those amazing, talented, super-duper bloggers out there that deserve it! Since I love to see super creative, unique decorating ideas out there, it seems natural to share them when I see them. Here’s the thing though….I don’t have a ton of time to search the web these days…ya know baby and all….so if you see something that blows you away, send me a link, will ya? I would LOVE to see!

Something that catches my attention will get a “Blog Stalking for Blue Ribbons Award.” These awards are kind of a big deal…ahem…at least I like to think they are. :)

So, drumroll please………check these two out!

This gal is uber talented! This blue ribbon award goes to Nikki at Kreative Knack. I couldn’t stop looking at her stuff. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. This desk is: To. Die. For. In fact, if you like before and afters…which if you know me, you know I DROOL over before and afters, you have to check this gal out!

This next blue ribbon award goes to Andrea over at Sisters with Flair!

I think this color combination is absolutely perfection.

I love the dresser, and the crystal knobs. Sooo much fun!

To see the rest, check out her blog! 


  1. I kinda think your blog awards are a BIG DEAL too :) You made my week! Thank you so much! And you're right on that dresser. Totally fabulous!

  2. I love them both! The room is amazing! And I love the flower pattern on the desk. Very inspirational.


  3. Ahhh! really?! made my week too :) That room is freakin adorable! Love the color combo…I'm definatley in great company up there :) Thank you so much!

  4. Such a cute idea!


  5. – Sarah is AMAZING

  6. I give you mine
    not exactly about the interiour but I display my paintings on it. They do look awfull nice in interiours

  7. Good looking out Brooke! It's always nice to get "props." Love your blog too! New follower :)

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