I’ve been reflecting lately on the reasons why I blog. I try hard to have worthwhile content for my readers, and the reasons are pretty simple:

I blog because of you!
I received an e-mail this week from a reader who explained that she has been struggling with depression for months. She went on to tell me that my blog brightened her day. It made me smile.

This is part of Sara’s e-mail (I have asked for her permission to post it).
“I have been struggling with some depression for the past 4 months and I have been aimlessly searching for something to turn it around and get me re-enthused about life and all the beauty it has to offer, something that allows me to express myself but isn’t confined by the bounds of convention or a need of serious money.  Well, God works in mysterious ways and your blog is pointing me in the right direction.  Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiration with the world.  It’s allowing me to break free of the holds of depression that I’ve been experiencing so that I can jump back into life!  Keep your inner fire alive!  You are rockin’ it, girl!”

I’ve received a handful of e-mails like this one in the last two years. When I read positive messages like these, it gives me motivation to keep going. It helps me to see that people appreciate what I do. Thank you to those that are positive in your messages to bloggers. Not just to me, but to ALL bloggers.

Thank you for reading!

I blog because I love to decorate!
Blogging is a great way to share what you love, and I LOVE to decorate. I might be obsessed. When I watch movies, I’m looking at the decorations during the movie. I constantly find myself wondering what color of paint is on the walls in other homes. I have a creative brain, and I love to create unique rooms.

I blog because of my family.
I blog to help with money. I am lucky to stay at home with my kiddos. I have a wonderful husband who works VERY hard for us. I like to help out. We’re just like any other family out there. We’re making it…barely.

I use blogging for a creative outlet.
I was blessed with a creative brain. I’m happy to say that blogging helps me “exercise” that creative brain. I love to come up with new projects, and I’m constantly mulling over hypothetical projects. I love to create new things.

I blog to document my projects.
I use my blog as a journal to document my growth as a decorator. It is pretty fun to see how my style has evolved over the years.

Are you a blogger? Why do you blog?


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    Thank you for what you do. I started my blog to find something other than my 5 years of infertility to think about. It has been a blessing for me. I love finding inspiration out there and it has opened a whole new side of me. XO

  2. says

    Great post! I love your blog and find myself looking at things that I previously might have thought of as junk in a new light!

    I blog to help me reach my goal of someday writing a book about my funny childhood memories. It allows me to do a little at a time, and, like you, reader feedback keeps me going!

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    My husband is currently deployed on a 14 month deployment to Iraq. I blog as a creative outlet and coping mechanism to get me through this deployment. Please feel free to check out my blog..I have set a goal to do 100 projects by the time my husband comes home. It makes this deployment much easier to cope with. I am at project 81, and have 8 weeks to get the last 19 done! Pressure is on!

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    Good post! I blog so I can have somewhere to put everything that's running around my head. I'm afraid if I didn't I'd be blabbering endlessly to everyone I know.

  5. says

    I love blogging!! It is such an amazing release… I think most women would agree but it's one of the only things that I do JUST FOR ME!!!

  6. says

    As a fairly new blogger I guess I started because I wanted to learn how to do something that I put in a search. That lead me to one blog and then it blossomed from there. I thought "Hey…why not do one of these myself" I think it is fun! But I have to say I so enjoy looking at everyone elses blogs more. I think everyone is amazing and talented and just well AWESOME in general. Some day when my blog grows up I hope to be as good as all the blogs I follow!!

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    I blog for a lot of the reasons you explained. I'm also trying to put together a portfolio for my business and i would like to eventually work with a upholster and gain some more experience in this field. you know how it goes when you finish with a degree but can't find a job because you don't have the experience? Thank you for blogging!

  8. says

    I blog for many of the same reasons you do. I love to hear from readers/friends that read my blog and how it has inspired them to do something. I love to be used by the Lord and sometimes it's through a blog post. Thanks for inspiring and blogging!!!!
    Blessings to you!

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    I started a blog just last month for similar reasons. Your blog was a huge inspiration for me to start mine. Thank you so much. (I'm still new and will someday learn how to give your site proper credit)

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    I want to blog so badly. I love finding bargains, mainly at Goodwill, that I want to share with others. My dear daughter set up a site for me and I have yet to learn how to post and add pictures. I'm hoping she'll find the time to help me soon. I LOVE reading everyone else's blogs.

  11. Michelle says

    I started my blog last July. I blog to share the money saving tips I use daily and to post all the great deals you can find online. People always asked me "How do you find these deals and vacation packages!?" So I decided to show them. :) It's been fun watching my blog grow and to hear how it inspires people. ATT was the first blog I followed way back when you 2 started. (now it's only Brooke) My blog hasn't grown as fast as All Things Thrifty, but it's been fun (and a TON of work) so far!

  12. says

    Let me just tell you that up here in Canada we are all checking the goodwill stores and the like trying to find cool furniture to repaint. We are spray painting with Krylon and glazing like crazy up here all because of you!!! And we are loving the results. You blog for us! Thank you!

  13. says

    I blog to keep a journal. I'm a terrible journal keeper but typing it all up makes it so much simpler. Besides, it helps when you have an audience.

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