Add character to glass furniture, the easy way!

Jun 7th, 2011

I have posted about this table before, but like any project in my home, I tend to change things over time.

When I originally bought this bad boy, it was $5.00, yes FIVE dollars. :) I loved all the nooks and crannies for glaze.

After she sat in my garage for a month, the transformation began! All she needed was a little love ? (and spray paint!).  I sprayed it with Kilz….

And then sprayed it with Krylon Ocean Breeze…

The furniture began to transform into something a lot more fun!

With a little love and glaze…it was finally getting as saweeeeet as I knew it could be. In fact, check out my glazing videos here.

When I originally bought the table, I etched the glass using a completely different technique. But, ya live and ya learn, right? This technique is MUCH much easier.

So here is what we did:

Step 1: I had the great peeps over at Jones’ Paint and Glass cut me a new piece of glass to fit the furniture. (It only cost $11.00).  Give them the EXACT dimensions. Don’t round up (even if it is only 1/8 of an inch). I learned this the HARD WAY!

Step 2: We cut some vinyl using an amazing Silhouette Machine.

Step 3: We laid the new piece of glass over the vinyl and traced around the glass with a marker. We did this to make it easier to evenly place the vinyl onto the glass. 

Step 4: With the help of someone else (don’t try this alone) I learned that the HARD WAY too, place the vinyl evenly across your glass.

Step 5: Etch your glass. I suggest to use Rustoleum’s frosted glass spray. It is AMAZING and easy. You spray it on and wait for it to dry.

Step 6: Remove the vinyl carefully.

Step 7: Place the glass back into the furniture with the etching side DOWN. If you face the etching side down, then you will have a perfectly smooth surface on the top.

It turns the $5.00 table into something with character!

Etching glass on your furniture gives such a fun creative outlet to refinishing furniture. Think of the possibilities!

It gives a subtle charm to any piece to customize your space and make your home unique! If you know me, you know I LOVE unique items!

Hopefully this post has proven that if you see some furniture at a thrift store or at a yard sale that is missing the glass, or if it is broken, then you still have hope! Buying a new piece of glass and etching it is super-duper FUN and thrifty!


  1. I have a project using etched glass that I've been wanting to do for a while, but I've been cautious because of not being sure how crisp the lines would be after using a spraypaint etch. Looks like you had no problems at all and your looks AMAZING! so I'm encouraged to try mine!

  2. dang, this turned out awesome! I pinned it, I liked it so much!

  3. Wow! Incredible idea! I am in love with this table– very good job.

  4. So cute!!! I have a coffee table ready to work on, I'm totally going to try that. It's going to be in our new Family "Game" room, I might try some game type vinyl, like possibly a checkerboard, thanks for the GREAT idea!

  5. i have a question about the glazing. i totally get the technique, im more concerned about the color. My idea is to spray a chest of drawers black and glaze (somehow) with a metallic silver. Do they even make glaze tine in silver> How would you suggest going about this?

    Any suggestions are apprciated :)

  6. Wow, that's amazing! Love the etching on the glass. All these projects are making me realize that even if something I see in a store or a garage sale isn't what I want . . . no matter! I can make it what I want!

  7. Love it! Just like all your stuff!!! :0)

  8. What a great idea! I've used frosted spray paint before but never thought of using it for etching. Looks amazing! Also, can we start calling you the glazing goddess? ;)

  9. Really great table. I always enjoy your blog, thanks for all the inspiration and ideas.

  10. Turquoise and a geometric pattern…two of my favorite things! Love it.

  11. I LOVE that! Your blog makes me want to go yard sale-ing to find some treasures to fix up!

  12. you made that a truly unique piece! really cool! i just never seem to see the cool tables or dressers!

  13. It looks amazing! Love it!

  14. This is so awesome! And, I love your living room.

  15. Love the geometric pattern. Was it one of yours or a Silhouette graphic? I would love to try this on a wall as an outer frame. Your blog has been such a terrific source for inspiration. I have done you're leaf wall tape stencil, the glazing technique, and a quartre foil pattern. When I get them blogged I will link back here.

    Thanks so much!

  16. Wow,,,,How creative,It really stunts..
    perfect for my condo here in Chicago Rentals .

  17. your amazing. I just can't see the finished thing so I pass up stuff and then i see how great you can make something i think is yuk.

  18. Great table! You made the etched glass seem so easy. Now I'm inspired to try this!

  19. I love the etched glass look on that table! What a unique idea. Too bad I don't have any glass furniture that can get etched ;)

  20. this is so gorgeous! i love that etching detail, it makes it look so fun!

  21. Love this idea, especially as I just brought some glass frosting spray!

  22. OMG I am in love!!! I've been looking for a glass etching craft but all I've come up with are jars are dispensers for the kitchen! You did so great!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  23. Absolutely fabulous….

  24. What a great idea!!! You did great! Would you happen to know the design ID for the pattern you used? Thanks!

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