The backyard plan is ALMOST done!!! I am anxious to show you how much we have gotten done over the last few weeks! If you have missed these backyard posts, you are missin’ out! I can’t even tell you how much work it has been to get the yard done! Phew!

The backyard plan was designed by my cute hubby who had a vision for the space. (Normally it’s me with the vision, but this time, it was ALL him). He LOVES yard work, and he enjoys every minute of it.

Stay tuned for the BIG reveal!!! We are getting super close!

I bought these pots at the end of the planting year a few years ago on MEGA clearance, but I wanted to add some color and spunk to the backyard. So, we started with a plain, old black pot.

And of course, I primed it with KILZ.

And bought some fun Krylon “Rich Plum” spray paint.

And sprayed the pots! Are you surprised, really?

Funny story: Last week, I was baking cookies with my kiddos, and I took some “Pam” cooking spray to coat the cookie sheet to prevent sticking. I sprayed the pan like I was spray painting! I didn’t even notice it until I got done and the pan was evenly coated, overlapping each pass of spray. I realized I had crossed over as the CRAZY SPRAY PAINT WOMAN! Ha ha.

I shouldn’t tell you this since I’ve already convinced you of my craziness, but THE SAME THING HAPPENED with spray sunscreen yesterday. No making fun, ok!?!

Stay tuned for the big backyard reveal!


  1. says

    That is such an awesome color! I totally want to do this….but I already have plants in all my pots! LOL I love the Pam and sunscreen confession…..funny funny girl!

  2. says

    Please be aware that the spray sunblock is causing problems (sad to say since I think it is the greatest idea ever). My 5 year old niece was hospitalized after it blocked her airway causing her to loose conscientiousness. It wasn't even being sprayed near her face. Doctors said they are trying to spread the word of the harm of this product….scary as a parent. But LOVE the planter!

  3. says

    I was your husband able to make a backyard design. Do you have a program on your computer that helps? My husband and I have been in the talks about fixing up our backyard but it would certainly help if we could have a program to help design something for us.

  4. Brooke @ says

    Court and Tim: yikes about the sunscreen! Holy cow. That's terrible.

    Jess: My hubby designed it in his brain, and I designed it visually on photoshop. I'm a visual person, so he explained his vision, and I drew it up. :)

  5. Katrina says

    I love the purple on the pots, but can't help notice how different it is from the spray paint lid. Is that the case in person? Do you just have to buy and try to really know the color or does it look different in the photo than in person?

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