Girl’s Night Out was an absolute blast! I could have sat there and talked for HOURS!! My favorite part of the night was when Hilari told me that her husband wanted to come! Danny, next time ok!?!?

All the girls were absolutely adorable! I was so nervous that no one was going to show up! I had a freak-out that morning (ask Mandi…I called her in a panic) because I had convinced myself that no one was going to come. I WAS WRONG, and I’m glad. 

We gave away some saweeeeet prizes. Check out the frame that Mandi gave away! Lucky Jessi won this bad boy. We gave away FOUR Swig Gift cards…an amazing drink joint here in St. George, some Durango’s gift cards (Holla Durango’s Mexican Grill), some Krylon paint (of course), and a Home Depot gift card. Aren’t you sad, you didn’t get to come.


I loved this font….and April told me that the font is called “RAGE.” And, APRIL begged us with her puppy dog eyes to come to her house. Stay tuned for a fun adventure to April’s house coming soon!

Next time, we are going to have to have a t-shirt contest! These girls were hilarious and awesome.

Here we are with April, Summer, myself, Celeste, and Mandi!

What an amazing night! We will get together again soon. You in next time?


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