You may have missed the previous post about when my hubsters brought these chairs home for me from a business trip. I was ecstatic, and over the last few weeks in between nursing the babsters and taking care of the other kiddos who are home for summer break, I have found a few hours here and there to work on transforming the chairs into my style.

Believe me, when I get a new piece of furniture with this much character, I don’t take the decision lightly on what to do with them. I contemplated leaving the chair wood, but I concluded that it wouldn’t fit my style. I know some may not agree with me about painting the wood, but ultimately, I want my home to be MY style.

So, the before picture (below) shows the potential. Holy cow, I was soooo pumped when he showed up with two of these HEAVY, sturdy chairs. What a hunk! (referring to my husband…but it seems to fit as a nickname to the chair also). Ha ha.

Next, I primed these bad boys with KILZ and sprayed them with Krylon Ivory Gloss. I have decided that spray painting properly takes practice, and over the last two years of refinishing furniture, I have become more and more confident in my skills.

Next, I glazed the chairs, and to demonstrate this technique, I videoed the glazing process to help all you amazing readers to visualize how to replicate it at home.Check out the glazing tutorial.

Check out the difference of the chair with out glaze compared to the chair with glaze. What a HUGE difference!

The next dilemma began. Where should I put these bad boys!?!? I concluded that they were PERFECT to go at the head and foot of my dining room table. They are extremely comfortable chairs, and since we already had a mismatched theme going on, they would fit right in.

In case you forgot what my kitchen looks like, here is a photo. Yes, I have an orange and brown wall.

I bought this orange and brown fabric a few years back at Home Fabrics (my favorite fabric store) located in Las Vegas. Sidenote: Shopping online does not do this store justice. You must check it out in PERSON. This store does not sponsor me in any way. I just REALLY like their stores, so I choose to share my opinion with you. 

The fabric matched my kitchen to a T, and was a perfect choice for the look I was trying to achieve. I reupholstered the seat using the same technique I’ve shown in the past when I turned a sofa table into a bench.

It now reflects my style and it matches my kitchen PERFECTLY!

Now, I can sit and play ROOK in comfort. (Rook is our FAVORITE game and is a huge family tradition in the family).

I’m pretty proud of the end result, I’m not going to lie.

I am completely done with one of the chairs, and soon I will have both done to go on both sides of the dining room table! YAY!!!!


  1. says

    I actually got to the end of this post and said "oh wow" so obviously I am impressed!

    Really though I love it, the cushion fabric is FAB-U-LOUS!

  2. says

    Really "ban clothing"?? you're not crazy about the couch? And do you think she CARES? Why on earth would you think you were justified in saying that? If you don't care for something on SOMEONE ELSES BLOG….move on! Seriously, have a little class!

  3. banclothing says

    It is awesome that your husband picks stuff up for you! Can't say my husband would do the same. I like the mismatched dining chairs; not so crazy about the couch though.

  4. The Yoder's Four says

    I LOVE the material on the cushions! I want to steal your fabric stash!! :) The chairs look fabulous!

  5. says

    Oh I really love your dinning table and the chairs and couch. I really want to get a couch or something like that for part of a dinning table. Or just have really comfy chairs. But my dinning room isn't big enough. It all looks so comfy and ready for dinner and a night of games.

  6. says

    I'm still really interested in what a glaze would look like if it were a color OTHER than black! Pink glaze on a yellow chair? Brown glaze over white? Turquiose glaze of lime or kiwi green? Red glaze over a white or black table? Is this possible????!!!

  7. says

    totally inspired from your dining room set! that's been something i have envisioned since Friends! what kind of chair is the biggest one? i want to be on the look out for that kind of chair and how much fabric did it take to upholster? thanks again!! love it!!

  8. says

    I was rambling around the internet and stumbled on this post … OMG! … I have those chairs! Well, to be more specific, I have the entire dining room set; two arm chairs, four regular chairs, table. Solid wood and monstrously heavy. You were right in calling them "hunks". My husband and I purchased the set 10 years ago and it still looks brand new. I would dearly love to paint the chairs and the bottom part of the table but sadly, the husband has a thing for the wood. Still, I plan to reupholster the seats sometime in the Spring – something fabulously turquoise!

  9. Brooke @ says

    The color is called "Summer Heat" by Behr. Hopefully they still have the same color for you! :)

  10. gapeachmom2 says

    How did you get inside my head & see what I envision?! =) I love your blog and stumbled here via a Google search. Thanks for the ideas! I will be a regular follower from now on.

  11. gapeachmom2 says

    You are inside my head, dear! LOVE love LOVE your blog! Thanks for some more ideas… I am sure the hubby will love to hear that. lol

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